Who Is The Mysterious Bramblestar? by Flamebright

Flamebright examines potential causes for Bramblestar’s odd behaviour!

Art by TheMoonfall

Hello! Today I am going to discussing clues and who might be possessing Bramblestar. If you have not been reading any of this arc please do not read further because it might include spoilers. Here are the cats I thought about in order.
1. Tigerstar
Yes, the first Tigerstar. I know he was killed but no one knew where his spirit went after Firestar faced him in the battle of the Dark Forest. He’s always reappeared before I never truly thought he was gone before. He is also Bramblestar’s father which gives him an advantage of knowing how to trick Squirrelflight and her kin aka her kits Sparkpelt and Alderheart. Evidence to this theory added when Sparkpelt was sent to a place to atone and was nearly attacked by dogs lured by rabbit blood like Tigerstar did before Bluestar’s death. More evidence supporting this theory is Tigerstar was a ShadowClan cat due to his daughter Tawnypelt and being their previous leader. He also was obsessed with the warrior code due to causing chaos in RiverClan a few books ago.
2. Thistleclaw
Thistleclaw was seen in Bluestar’s book with Bluestar when she was Bluefur, Tigerstar when he was an apprentice, and Scourge when he was a kit. He was seen spitting a familiar insult at Bluefur that this possessor hurled at Squirrelflight “You always had a soft spot for weak cats.” He was also Tigerstar’s mentor so he might have helped him from the Dark Forest before.
Thistleclaw was seen in the Dark Forest it was not confirmed he had been permanently killed.
3. Ashfur
The main suspect I’ve been seeing is Ashfur. Ashfur was heartbroken over Squirrelflight choosing Bramblestar over him which gives him a pretty strong motive to hurt Bramblestar. He had a very short life due to the secret that was going to be exposed but Hollyleaf ended up killing him and exposing it herself. I personally don’t really think it was him because they let him in StarClan with Hollyleaf and they seemed to be getting along well. To me, he doesn’t seem to be an evil cat. Even when he was caught up in a scheme with Hawkfrost I honestly think it was Hawkfrost who coaxed him.
4. Darkstripe
Ever wonder what happened to Tigerstar’s best friend and Graystripe’s kin? I have. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one doing this or as some suggested there might be two cats involved. He wouldn’t have known the new forest very well or the warriors and he was probably familiar with some insults that were said in this arc.
5. The last one I think could be is a possibility but is probably a stretch is Stonefur. Stonefur was killed by Blackstar for breaking the code for being born. Maybe he has returned to get revenge on ShadowClan.
Other cats I have seen being suggested by fans is Sol, Rock, Mapleshade, Hawkfrost, and Dustpelt. If anyone wants to talk about anything down below please do!

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  • IT’S DARKTAIL!!!!!!! He died but didn’t permanently die and he hates the clans. Plus it can’t be maple shade cuz that’s just to awkward for her and squirrelflight.

    • i cant remember if darktail believed in starclan though i know he knew what they were but we know it isnt mapleshade because mapleshade had yellow eyes and the imposter is a tom but i also want to say something that really doesnt have much to do with this but i just realized that thunderclan could have been related to the sisters somehow because goosefeather could see dead cats too.

  • But it makes sense to be Ashfur because in the veil of shadows, because when squirrelflight tells bristlefrost to tell the fake bramblestar that squirrelflight is dead. bramblestar is like he actually misses her and regrets sending her exile and Ashfur loved her so if the fake bramblestar is him, he would love squirrelflight

  • (Spoilers) I think its Ashfur. here are my reasons. 1.When Shadowsight was half-dead and waiting to heal, his spirit traveled to the imposter’s den, and the spirit of the imposter showed itself, and it was said to have dark blue eyes. 2. In the silent thaw, the imposter was shown to have favored Squirrelflight, and he acted sad when Bristlefrost told him she was dead. 3. After the battle with ShadowClan and SkyClan, Imposter was exposed and taken prisoner. He said to Squirrelflight that he had COME BACK for her. Scary, right? These are my reasons for thinking it is Ashfur.

  • It can’t be Thistleclaw. He had amber eyes, not blue! Same with Tigerstar. And Darkstripe had yellow eyes. And as for Sol, Rock, Mapleshade, Hawkfrost, and Dustpelt, Sol had yellow eyes. Rock is a name that could refer to three different cats. Did you mean… Rock, a mysterious old healer from an unknown Tribe? OR Rock, a rogue kit who joins modern SkyClan and later becomes Rockshade? OR Rock Beneath Still Water, a cave guard of the Tribe of Rushing Water? Anyhow, Mapleshade is a girl. So.. no. And Dustpelt.. he was a good cat. And he has amber eyes. So I proved wrong every cat on this page except Rock (because I don’t know which your referring to), Ashfur, and Hawkfrost, (and a few people in the comments have said Darktail). I personally believe its Ashfur, because that would explain why he “came back for” Squirrelflight, and was sad when he thought she was dead.

    (Just a reminder, I proved the cats wrong because of their eye color because the book said that his eyes were blue.)

  • Nice article! Those are all very likely, but I personally think it’s Ashfur. He told Squirrelflight “I came back for you”-veil of shadows
    And when Shadowsight was a ghost and spying on him, the imposter came out of Bramblestar, and I don’t think I’ve got the exact words but Shadowsight “Could not see his pelt colors, but he had DARK BLUE EYES” Ashfur had dark blue eyes, and from the fire scene in Long Shadows we know he’s not afraid to get his own paws dirty.

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