Clans Through the Ages, part 3: Riverclan! by Moonpaw

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Moonpaw takes a look at RiverClan’s history

Hey! It’s Moona here, back with another article! I hope you enjoy Clans Through the Ages, part 3, Riverclan! I’ll start with Crookedstar and end with Mistystar.

Crookedstar(CS) era:
Crookedstar was my favorite RC leader, because he didn’t let his past dictate his future, and strived to achieve his dreams, whatever it took. During this era of RC’s history, the sunningrocks battles with TC became more frequent and heated, as CS didn’t believe his predecessor, Hailstar, put enough importance to the matter. RC didn’t go through many crazy happenings during this time, that more started in Leapordstar’s reign. I really can’t find much to critique about this era.
Leapordstar (LS) era:
Oh boy. Here we go… I have A LOT to say about this era. First off, LS was generally snippy and hard to work with most of the time, so Mistyfoot had to act as the diplomat in any of those situations. Plus, at gatherings, she was quite hostile and liked to place blame and go overboard, such as when she joined Tigerstar to form Tigerclan, which was basically run by Tigerstar, and LS just kind of sat there until somecat else got in there to clean it up. Not great leadership skills there, LS! In the very beginning of OOTS (Omen of the Stars), she claimed the entire lake, during the drought! The rest of the clans were expected to drink and collect water only under supervision, and they weren’t allowed to fish! This is why LS’s era is my least favorite.
Mistystar (MS) era:
This era, so far, is okay, but I have a feeling it will be ending soon, as we have no prior evidence of cats being immortal, even leaders! I’ve found that MS has been seeming fairly paranoid recently towards the other clans, hence her closing off the borders multiple times. I feel like MS also had a large personality change from deputy to leader, most likely due to stress and a stereotype and certaint qualities she may have felt she had to conform to. As a deputy, she was strict and curt, but kind and understanding at the same time. She was sort of like LS, but less paranoid, just she lost some of her friends in other clans and her more kind side.

That’s all for this article, hope you enjoyed it! Moona out!

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