Tigerclaw or Brokentail: Who is really the bigger villain? by Sagekit

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Sagekit compares Tigerclaw and Brokentail – who was really more evil?

Greetings, BlogClan. I am Sagekit, and I’m here to discuss the nursery tales you grew up with, and how they change based on perspective. The question is: Who is the bigger villain – Tigerclaw or Brokentail?
Before we go into detail, let’s take a look at what logic would tell us. Tigerclaw killed about 8 cats, although there are probably more due to the battle with BloodClan and other unmentioned battles. Brokentail ‘murdered’ a huge handful of kits and apprentices, and in battle he was a formidable opponent. Though I don’t know the exact number, Brokentail is responsible for a great number of deaths – perhaps even more than Tigerclaw.
What do the books say? Brokentail did have more authority in the Dark Forest, but Tigerclaw isn’t his deputy; more like a second leader, His ruthlessness and strictness to young cats would have made him an evil yet effective mentor and leader. Tigerclaw seemed to have a role to manipulate young cats into joining the Dark Forest, while Yellowfang’s son had more of a general rule over the Place of No Stars.
However, we have yet to learn about the opinion of cats who were present during the terrible times of Tigerclaw and Brokentail. Let’s look at each Clan individually, and how they were affected by these two cats.
We’ll begin with ThunderClan, and go in chronological order. When it comes to Tigerclaw, ThunderClan seems to have suffered the most. Betrayed by a seemingly trustworthy deputy, who had won the hearts of most of the Clan. When, in reality, Tigerclaw was planning a treacherous attack on his own Clan along with Brokentail. Even from a young age, Tigerclaw had earned the respect of the wary Clanmates around him, who seemed to fear him more each moon. He was – according to many sources – partly responsible for the death of noble Firestar, although some cats do think Firestar was killed by a falling tree. Brokentail, on the other hand, only seemed to affect ThunderClan during the end of his lifetime and while he was dead. His existence tormented Yellowfang for a long time, even before she joined ThunderClan. While Brokentail was inside their territory, he plotted with Tigerclaw about overthrowing Bluestar as leader and taking over the whole forest. Even blind, Brokentail was a formidable opponent, as told in the Prophecies Begin.
What about ShadowClan? Between these two cats, they seemed to have suffered the most. However, to ShadowClan, Tigerclaw must have seemed like a gift from StarClan during their leaderless period. Brokentail, however, pushed the Clan to its limits and killed underdeveloped kits and anybody else in his path. His bloodshed was known to all, while many trusted Tigerclaw and even doubted whether they should fight against him. Tigerclaw was a strong leader and his treachery did not change that.
Now for WindClan – and I doubt there is much of an argument here. Tigerclaw never seemed to affect the Clan, on any sort of level. But it seems that Brokentail is a hated name in WindClan. He, along with a band of rogues, forced the Clan out of their territory and left them not wanting to return for fear of being hurt or killed.
RiverClan seems to be the Clan least affected by Tigerclaw or Brokentail’s reign. They lost Stonefur to the paws of Blackfoot, who killed him on Tigerclaw’s orders, and of course they were part of TigerClan for a short while, but none of the cats seemed to be mistreated, even though they lived in less-than-hygienic conditions.
I won’t include SkyClan. They weren’t there to witness the horrors Tigerclaw and Brokentail inflicted upon the four Clans, and they even managed to steer clear of the Great Battle, where the two dead cats returned.
To be honest, I don’t think I could give a clear answer. The two cats have been described as evil in different ways, with Tigerclaw being ‘treacherous’ and Brokentail ‘murderous’. My opinion? Definitely Brokentail. I remember being horrified at the way he lied his way through the ranks, as well as killing kits and even his own father. I felt pity, for the way Brokentail was regarded as crow-food to the ShadowClan queens, but that vanished as he grew up to be a killing machine. Tigerclaw never seemed as truly villainous as Brokentail was. I respected him throughout ‘The Prophecies Begin’ even when Fireheart suspected him of murder. His ambition fuelled his evil – if he had been patient, and led his own Clan when the time came instead of trying to take over all off them, maybe Tigerclaw would be regarded as one of the greatest and most noble leaders the forest had ever seen.
Of course, Tigerclaw having Thistleclaw as a mentor didn’t help.
– May StarClan light your paths,
(Note: I called the two cats ‘Tigerclaw’ and ‘Brokentail’ instead of ‘Tigerstar’ and ‘Brokenstar’. Having the suffix ‘-star’ is a sign of immense respect, and these two will have never earned that. I hope you agree.)

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  • I honestly don’t know which one is the most evil in my opinion.
    I don’t know much about Brokentail because I haven’t read the super edition yet.
    *makes mental note to read that as soon as possible*
    Tigerclaw is just rude.
    He mistreated Firestar and called him names
    He was going to kill Ravenpaw
    He lured Cinderpelt onto the Thunderpath
    He plotted to overthrow Bluestar
    He brought the dogs and BloodClan
    He killed Brindleface and many more(she was one of my favorites)
    He was SO rude and greedy and at last he achieved his ambition.
    Ok I’m done with my rant now

    • I agree, at first I HATED Tiger’claw bc he killed many of my fav characters. However, after I found out more of his past I got to understand him a bit better. He’s still a villain to me but not the top ever since I found out about him.

  • Brokentail/ star is the absolute worst character in Warriors. He is FOR SURE worse than Tigerclaw/ star. But Tigerclaw/ star is pretty bad too…

  • Yeah, they do not deserve the star title at all those lying, cheating, murderous cats.
    Though personally, I think Broken Tail deserves the Worst leader ever award. Tiger was a good leader, yet let his evil twist everything around him

    Purple Dusk

  • I think Brokentail is more evil he affects the clans more and accomplishes more than TigerStar. And he was BORN evil not like Tiger Star.Also he makes FLIPING apprentices At 3 MOONS I
    TELL YOU 3 MOONS OLD. Although for people who haven’t read YellowFangs secret then Tiger star dose bad thing to he kills RedTail and try’s to kill Ravenpaw to shut up.He attacks his leader.Becomes ShadowClans leader and leads dogs into Thunder clan territory and kills Brindle face while Swift paw gets killed for stuipd ness. He ally’s with RC.Leaves RC to rot and gets Sourge while Sourge just kills him in a few minutes.
    I mean both are very bad but for me it might have to be BrokenTail.

  • You forgot to add that Tigerclaw sent the dogs which killed Swiftpaw and Brightpaw left brutally injured and he killed Gorsepaw too. He killed a cat to even lure those dogs their. It was cruel but I do agree that maybe Brokentail was much more brutal and murderous.

  • Totally agree… Brokentail was probably the worst cat in Warriors, in my opioin. Your right, he definetly does not deserve to be called Brokenstar. Also, I agree about Tigerclaw. I looked up to him even when Fireheart thought he was a murderer. Another bad cat was Mapleshade, I don’t think she was fully evil but simply misguided.

  • I actully think that Tigerclaw is the worst, because, Brokentail was neglected when he was a kit, and was treated poorly, but Tigerclaw is just evil.

  • Ehhhhh, this is a hard one, I know this isn’t really a thought out answer, but Tigerclaw’s pretty evil. He nearly got Fireheart killed by Leopardfur, he wanted to kill Bluestar, thinks kits are pretty stupid, (he thinks children are dumb and useless), and has no sympathy, for ANYONE, (this is just my opinion though 😅)

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