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Dewfeather lists some of the saddest books in the series

Hi! This is my first article so I apologize if it is bad. Anyway, here are some of the saddest deaths I have read. They are in no particular order. BEWARE: SPOILER WARNING STARTS.

1. Bright Stream

You may not know her if you haven’t read Dawn of the Clans. Her death is sad because she dies saving the traveling group. Without her, there may not be the Clans because they would have all been eaten by eagles. What makes this death even sadder is she was carrying kits. She loved Clear Sky and he loved her back. They had two kits but they were born in Starclan.

2. Bluestar

This death was really sad in many ways. Fireheart had it all going well and Tigerclaw ruined it. He fought Fireheart who then got bit by the dog. Bluestar ran in saving him. She died well, considering that she had some mental problems in the last couple of books.

3. Spottedleaf

Did you know that she was descended from SkyClan? Same with Tigerclaw. Anyway what makes this death sad is it was made in cold blood. For no reason, Clawface killed her. And then after than in Starclan she starts loving Firestar and that is when they start loving each other.

4. Swiftpaw

He deserved his warrior name. I don’t think this is Bluestar’s fault I think this is Tigerclaw’s. He ruined Bluestar’s trust which made her doubt her Clan. So then Swiftpaw thinks that if they defeat the animal stealing prey they can get warrior names. He dies in the jaws of a dog while Brightheart’s face is ruined. Which is worse? Comment below.

5. Feathertail

She died for cats she didn’t know! This is a true form of bravery. What made her death sad is she loved the arrogant Crowpaw and they could have had a relationship. It also made Crowpaw doubt himself which is real bad if he wanted to be a warrior.

6. Honeyfern

I almost cried while reading her death and I don’t cry often while reading books. I think Briarkit, Bumblekit, and Blossomkit, they like their B’s! we’re playing happily. A snake came out and almost hit Briarkit. Honeyfern jumped in front and died. This was after Berrynose said he loved her. They couldn’t stop the poison, they didn’t even try. If Lionblaze had jumped in front, he wouldn’t have been injured.

7. Snowkit

Poor, poor Snowkit. Couldn’t experience the life of a warrior either way. The last of Speckletail’s kits, he was born deaf. He was carried away by the hawk because he couldn’t hear everyone telling him to move. Bluestar even said he couldn’t be a warrior before the hawk came. It was soooooooooo sad!


That’s all I have right now, hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what I should write next in the comments. Bye!

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