A Warrior’s Choice Spoiler Page

Official spoiler page for the compilation of Daisy’s Kin, Blackfoot’s Reckoning, and Spotfur’s Rebellion!

The page title says what it says! This discussion (and eventual spoiler) page will be the discussion/spoiler pages for all three novellas included in the compilation. That is, this page will be the discussion/spoiler page for Daisy’s Kin, Blackfoot’s Reckoning, and Spotfur’s Rebellion!

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March 11th, 2020: This page will remain a discussion page until we get more detailed blurbs for each of the three novellas contained!

October 20, 2020: Some people got a little impatient, so I went ahead and changed this to a spoiler page. Happy discussing!

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  • I really hope that Smoky and his kits join Thunderclan in ‘Daisy’s Kind’, grow up with Spotfur’s future kits, and maybe one of them will get a POV in the next series! It just seems like something that will happen.

    • I really hope this happens, but it appears that the events of Daisy’s Kin are during Darkness Within so I don’t know if it will

      • Well, as far as we know, Daisy doesn’t come back during Darkness Within, so it could happen.

  • Kate, will we ever get a book on Riverstars life? I read the mini story in Thunder Risijg, and I feel like a book about his life, backstory, etc, would be great!

  • Hi Kate, what is actually your favorite novella? Will there be another novella collection, and would you have any ideas about who? And good luck with Leopardstar’s Honor, I hope your having fun with writing!

      • Ohw haha, I can understand that you don’t have the time to read it all! Would you like more villian origin stories? So far we’ve only really had Mapleshade’s Vengeance and I want more! I’m thinking of The Dark Tails (word play haha) and those are three novellas about Snowtuft, Silverhawk and Maggottail. But I don’t know how you feel about that? I would love an evil medicine cat story, I know Cherith wanted one, do you?

  • The quotes for A Warrior’s Choice just came out! I think this quote “They’d cared about nothing but themselves. And I happily followed them both.” I think this is Blackfoot talking about Brokenstar and Tigerstar. I found that one pretty obvious. Next one, “So you’d follow Bramblestar no matter what he did?” Either Spotfur to Bristlefrost, Stemleaf, or maybe one of her family members or Daisy to Berrynose. The first one is more likely. Next one “What in the name of StarClan are you thinking? These kits are dying!” Really this could be from any of the novellas. At first I thought Daisy’s novella but now I’m not so sure. Next one, “I want to trust, and I need to. But what if I’m wrong again?” I personally think this is Blackfoot talking about Sol or Tigerstar. In my opinion Sol is more likely. Does anyone else have any other theories?

  • Hi Kate, the new books are very exciting! So nice to see that we are learning more about the characters’ families. Do you know how many kitsSpotfur has had and what they are called/look like?

  • Hello Kate!

    In “Blackstar’s Reckoning” it was revealed, that Toadskip is the Father of Nightstar and Clawface. I just wanted to ask, if their mother is is mate Nettlespot?
    Sadly it was not named if she is their mother or if Toadskip took another mate.
    I would be happy about an answer!

    • He was also mates with Poolcloud, and I feel like she is more likely the mother of Nightstar and Clawface because they would have been born not too long after Cloudpelt and Littlekit, and Nettlespot had a tough kitting with them. Tbh it’s gonna bother me if we don’t find out their mother though lol

      • Although I did always think of Crowtail as Nightstar and Clawface’s mother, even though she mentored Clawface (it’s not unheard of for parents to mentor their kits). It would explain Nightstar’s coloring, and all the times Crowtail was listed as Cloudpelt’s mentor in allegiance lists instead of Raggedstar. What if she was his original mentor, but moved to the nursery with Toadskip’s kits and then Raggedpelt took over as Cloudpaw’s mentor? I think it would be funny if Toadskip is this total playboy with 3 litters in a row with 3 different mates!

  • Did anyone else wish that Daisy either stayed at the barn or that Smoky, Coriander, and Little Daisy went back to ThunderClan with her? She just seemed so much happier with them.

    • Yeah, it would have been an interesting twist for her to stay, and I was really hoping that Smoky and the kits would come back to Thunderclan

  • Kate, Finleap was originally described as looking exactly like his father, Sandynose, as a light brown tom with ginger legs, and he was pictured as this in the manga in Hawkwing’s Journey. But he has since been listed as just a brown tom in a lot of allegiance lists, and in Spotfur’s Rebellion he is described with brown paws. Do you know what Finleap actually looks like?

    • They are currently unnamed with unknown genders and there is an unknown number of them. All we know is that during the time of Daisy’s Kin, she gave birth.