Should the Clans Merge? by Dewfeather

Dewfeather wonders what would happen if the Clans merged! Do you think they should?

Hello everybody! This is Dewfeather and I am answering a question that may solve everyone’s problems or make more. Should the Clans merge? I am pretty torn I have two sides to this.


There wont be any border disputes or unnecessary deaths. The elders would be well cared for. There would be less battles and the queens can nurse their kits in to one Clan without worrying about them dying anytime soon.

In Leaf-bare no cat will have an empty belly. There will be enough hunters each will different skills. All their skills combined will ensure that every cat will at least have something.

When cats like Darktail come they could be easily driven away. When animals like badgers, foxes, and dogs come they’ll wish they’ve never been born. Each Clan has a certain set of fighting skills that they could combine to easily drive out something.

No sickness is too much! With a merged Clan, there will always be at least 5 medicine cats. That’s is plenty to go around and cure every ailment. They could combine all their knowledge of herbs and cure almost anything! The herbs that grow only in marshlands or only on moors, every herb is reachable. That would help everyone for sicknesses.

I personally think there would be less evil cats because they are surrounded by cats who would care for them. They wouldn’t often see cats leaving for battles never to return.

You are surrounded by kin who left to join another Clan. You would have all your family and could take any mate you wanted.


Their skills is what makes the Clans so great and the Clans the CLANS. They can fight a certain way, hunt a certain way, and do a lot of stuff their own way.

I don’t think Starclan would approve. The Clans left being one Clan because of what they were best suited for. Windclan didn’t want to live in the trees, they need to always see the open sky. Thunderclan wouldn’t do so well on the moor, there aren’t any hiding places that make them feel safe. The clans are best suited for their territory.

What do you think? Comment below! Should they should they not? Should they keep it and quarrel less?

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  • They should merge into 2 groups. Everycat would get to choose which clan to go to. The kits would stay with there moms though. But when old enough they choose. The clans would be called Treeclan,and Waterclan. Treeclan would like climbing trees. They would hunt birds and squirrels. Their camp is in a cluster of big trees that have branches spreading out, forming a semi-flat area in the middle for nest. They would take over Thunderclans and Shadowclans hunting grounds. Waterclan would take over Riverclans and Windclans hunting grounds. They hunt fish and rabbits.They camp in a large hollow with a pond in the middle. The pond has mini streams dividing the camp. The nests are biult into the hollows walls like caves. Skyclan hunting grounds are herb grounds now and are netural in case the clans need herbs, more food, and time to get used to trees if going to live with treeclan.

  • I think they should stay 4 seperate clans, but be less strict over borders and allow any cat to have any mate.