BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Wavesplash

In this month’s edition of BITS, the lovely Wavesplash is being interviewed!

Welcome to this month’s BITS interview! It feels nice to be doing this again. My interviewee is none other than Wavesplash! Wave is a staple member in our community, and has been around for many years—if you want to learn more about her, keep on reading!

Q: When you first joined BlogClan, which pages intrigued you? 📜 Why? 

A: I really liked a lot of the creative pages, like the fanfiction page and the names page. The name generators page was fun too, and always the tavern.

Q: If you could be any animal (besides a cat!) what would you be? 

A: Probably some kind of bird so I can fly everywhere. Winter Edit: Me too! Or maybe a panda.

Q: Who is one of your real-life idols? Who is one of your fictional idols in literature? 📕📗📘

A: One of my real-life idols is Greta Thunberg. She’s about my age, also has autism, and is so passionate and does so much for the climate. Sometimes it feels like I can’t do anything, and that nothing I do makes an impact because I’m young and don’t have much of an influence. But she reminds me that age isn’t a restriction on what you can do.
A fictional idol is probably Garnet from Steven Universe because she’s cool and collected and sure of herself. That’s essentially the opposite of me 😛 but it’s what I want to be!

Q: Favourites! Plant, season, TV show, time of day, and language besides English. 

A: Plant – Sunflowers. They grow to face the sun and are beautiful
Season – Spring because I like being warm but not too hot. Also (the end of) winterguard. Winter Edit: Spring is my favourite too! It seems like nobody likes it!!
TV show – I don’t have time to watch stuff a lot lately but Ducktales is always wonderful. When will the hiatus end and the show come back from war??
Time of day – Late morning because it’s warm and sunny and I still have energy. Winter Edit: Nooooo, midnight is the best! That’s the only time I have energy.
Language – I’m taking French right now and it’s very pretty. There are way too many tenses and irregular verbs though.

Q: What is something unique about Warriors that other book series don’t have?

A: There are so. many. characters. There are probably hundreds by now!

Q: What’s one piece of advice you have for the readers? 🌟

A: For Warriors? I haven’t read Warrior Cats in a long time but if you search it up on Tumblr there’s some cool stuff that I haven’t seen in other fan spaces. It’s Warrior Cats + that unique Tumblr vibe. (Be careful on Tumblr though.)
Along that vein, when I was in the fandom I never saw a lot of headcanons and fan interpretations of canon characters like I do in other fandoms. So that’s super cool to do idk.

Q: And finally, if you had to be stuck in a stairwell for 24 hours with two other BlogClanners, which two would you pick?

A: Oh boy that’s hard to choose because honestly I’d be happy with anybody. I love you all!! But I feel like Sunny has a lot of stories from her trip that I haven’t heard, and I would want to be with Kate because I’m always curious about the writing/publishing world and I haven’t actually had that many conversations with her 😛.

Thank you to Wave for giving such thorough and entertaining answers! And thanks to you guys for reading. I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of BITS. See you soon for the next one!

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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