Favorite/Least Favorite Characters by NightSenna

Art by Dominique Ramsey

NightSenna lists their favourite and least favourite characters. Do you agree with their list?

Hello! This is my first article here, and I guess I just wanted to share some of my favorite characters and least favorite characters in Warriors, and a few honorable mentions—with reasons, of course. Just keep in mind that these are my opinions as of right now. I’m only on Shattered Sky and I’ve only read books in the main series. This does have spoilers.

I’ll start with my least favorites!

#5: Tigerheart

First of all, he’s Dovewing’s mate. I mean… why Dovewing? She’s just an annoying, whiny Mary Sue. Tigerheart is kind of like Lionblaze. He’s all “I’m a big strong handsome boy, I can never be hurt, I always win, look at me!”, etc. When Dovepaw told him about Jayfeather’s herb patch, he went and told ShadowClan, so they kept Ivypaw hostage and refused to give her back until they got the herbs. Apparently he realized out of nowhere that his Clan is more important than Dovepaw and basically rejects her, and then begs her to come back.

The other reason I hate him is because when Dawnpelt accused Jayfeather of murdering Flametail, Tigerheart sided with her, even though he knew it wasn’t true. He decided he had to agree with her just because she’s his sister. I still hate Dawnpelt for that and now she just ignores Jayfeather like nothing happened. I get that she wanted to blame someone for his death rather than just ice, but she’s plain stupid for believing that. She and Tigerheart only made a fool of themselves. Tigerheart just has a terrible, unlikeable personality.

#4: Yellowfang

Sorry, but why does everyone love her so much? She’s just a stinky old cat who yells at everyone and everything. I do respect her for dealing with her exile and having to go through the pain of killing her own son, but I just don’t like her. After her death, it felt like she was overused. She was always coming to check up on Jayfeather and scold him for using his powers. In every chapter featuring StarClan, she was there, arguing with Bluestar or Spottedleaf. I feel bad for Cinderpelt.

#3: Mapleshade

Another cat who everyone is obsessed with. People say she’s a “queen” for doing what she did, but she was wrong. She was a horrible cat. She broke the warrior code by having Appledusk’s kits, and let everyone believe they were Birchface’s. Frecklewish, Birchface’s sister, was grieving over him and only wanted to help raise his kits. She was a kind cat. When Ravenwing revealed the secret about Mapleshade and Appledusk, she was banished from ThunderClan for good reason. She decided to take her kits to RiverClan and raise them there with Appledusk. Despite what people say, it is 100% Mapleshade’s fault her kits died. She tried to take them across a RIVER. They drowned. What did she expect? She found that Appledusk had moved on to a new mate in RiverClan (good for him!) and Darkstar didn’t want her in RiverClan, obviously, because she had just been exiled from ThunderClan. So then she got all mad and killed three cats to avenge her kits. Avenge them? Even though SHE killed them? Those poor cats were only doing the right thing. And I seriously don’t get why everyone hates Appledusk so much.

#2: Breezepelt

I can’t even tell you how much I hate this guy. Why do people like him so much? I have no idea. Despite the authors’ attempts, his actions were NOT justified and they never will be. Nothing can change my opinion on Breezepelt. Crowfeather didn’t care about him, so he decided to take it out on everyone else. He blamed Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf for everything their PARENTS did before they were even BORN. He tried to kill a medicine cat at the Moonpool, and why? Because his dad is stupid.

He knew how evil the Dark Forest cats were. He didn’t care. He fought alongside them and wanted to kill innocent cats for no good reason. His personality is awful. I feel bad for his kits, but I don’t care about Heathertail at all. She chose this guy as her mate. She’s stupid. She’s a terrible cat too.

Before I reveal my least favorite cat, a few honorable mentions:

Dovewing: Mary Sue who whines about everything. We’re sick of hearing about your love life.

Needletail: Literally put Violetkit’s life in danger when she brought her to the Kin so she wouldn’t be lonely.

Sparkpelt: A huge show-off. She only made Alderheart feel bad about himself and always judged him.

Leafpool: Pretty much abandoned her kits to be raised by her sister so she wouldn’t get in trouble. Nothing can justify that.

And here’s my least favorite cat. 🙂

#1: Jayfeather

Yeah. I know everyone loves him. I don’t care if people scream at me. Jayfeather didn’t let other cats help him, and made himself look like a total idiot. He chooses to be annoying and crabby. He makes other cats miserable. I have no idea why. I don’t know why they had to make him the most special cat ever.

The fandom only makes him worse. They throw ships at him (like Jay x Stick) that make no sense. Jayfeather is the worst character in Warriors, so much so that I can’t even think of any more reasons.

Anyway, here are my favorite cats of all time.

#5: Stonefur

He was a good guy. I don’t know what else to say. He sacrificed himself to save innocent kits from being killed, and that’s the bravest thing a cat could ever do. There’s something about him where you have many reasons for loving him, but for some weird reason you can’t explain them.

#4: Hollyleaf

I’ll admit. I hated her more than any other character throughout PoT and wanted her to burn in the Dark Forest. But after her return in The Forgotten Warrior, I really liked her personality. I think she redeemed herself and I respect how she basically exiled herself. I used to love Hawkfrost for some reason and ever since Hollyleaf’s death, I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about him. I wish Hollyleaf could have stayed longer. If they were going to bring her back just to kill her off again in the next book, then why even bother? Hollyleaf was a really dedicated character. Her not being a part of the Three made the storyline so much better, and now that I look back at it, I can’t blame her for being jealous of her brothers.

#3: Beetlewhisker

I feel like Beetlewhisker was completely forgotten after his death. He was one of the bravest characters in Warriors, in my opinion. Despite being tricked into training in the Dark Forest, I feel like he redeemed himself. As soon as he realized the Dark Forest cats were pure evil, he decided he wanted nothing to do with them anymore, unlike Breezepelt. He helped shape the Great Battle when he was killed. If he had lived, more and more cats would have followed in his footsteps and left the Dark Forest, and they would have come up with a new plan. They would have ultimately destroyed the Clans. But some cats wanted to leave and knew that they couldn’t, so they pretended to still be loyal to the Dark Forest. In the Great Battle, the cats of the Dark Forest thought they outnumbered the Clans, but then their recruits turned on them in the heat of the battle, ruining their plan.

#2: Crag Where Eagles Nest / Stoneteller

I freaking love Crag, but I kept reading his name as Craig for some reason. He’s just a nice ball of fluff. I hate Jayfeather with all my heart, but I thank him for choosing Crag as the next Stoneteller. He’s a big strong boy who’s willing to protect his Tribemates and I know he’d be a good Healer, much better than the Stoneteller from TNP.

Before I reveal my favorite cat, a few honorable mentions:

Graypool: I have no idea why I love her so much, but I do. No one seems to remember her.

Cody: She’s a really great cat for helping Birchkit cope with his siblings’ deaths and ThunderClan during their darkest times.

Blossomfall: I fully understand why she trained in the Dark Forest, and I feel terrible for her. Millie is a bad mother and should at least pay a little more attention to her other kits.

Twigbranch: I feel like her sister doesn’t truly care about her anymore. I’m kind of mad that ThunderClan didn’t want to search for her father. They were all surprised when she left to do it herself. What did you think was going to happen??

And finally, here’s my favorite character in Warriors:

#1: Crowfrost

Most of my favorite characters were forgotten or extremely underrated. Crowfrost is one of them. He was an honorable warrior and knew when he had to take over leadership when Rowanstar was sick. I think he made the right choice releasing Twigpaw. Hostage or no hostage, WindClan would have refused to help them, and Crowfrost was the only cat who seemed to realize that. He knew that keeping Twigpaw any longer would only spread the sickness to her. He refused to let an innocent cat get killed. When his own kits left to join Darktail, he was ready to fight them. Despite them being his kin, he knew his Clan was more important and treated them as his enemies.

I’m still pretty mad about his death. Crowfrost had so much potential. He could have been a great leader, but they just killed him off in between chapters. He didn’t even get a death scene. The only information we got was “Crowfrost had died,” like it was no big deal.

Well, that’s it. I might update this later on if my opinions change, but I hope you guys liked it, I guess.

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  • I’m very late, but great article!

    Tigerheart(star)- I don’t like him

    Yellowfang- I hate her but I hate her for different reasons. I hate her because she told Squirrelflight she was barren which was a huge lie. Like.. really? Your gonna manipulate her into taking Leafpool’s kits?! I loved her in life but I can’t stand her anymore.

    Mapleshade- I so agree!
    Breezepelt- I also agree

    (Dishonourable mentions)

    Dovewing- I love her so much, and uh if she’s whiny and annoying then she’s not a Mary Sue.. Dovewing is a really caring and kind cat. She shouldn’t get this much hate.

    Needletail- I also love her, she sacrificed herself for Violetpaw, helped give away the herbs to Mothwing and Alderheart, and she didn’t eat, giving all her prey to the RiverClan prisoners. She’s so hated and misunderstood..

    Sparkpelt- I love her and I feel like I’m the only Sparkpelt fan. I didn’t like her too much in AVOS but my opinion defo changed on her in Squirrelflight’s Hope and the latest broken code book: “the place of no stars”.

    Leafpool- I’m sorry one second. *breathes. BREATHES. BREATHES* ok I’m fine now. wha? Leafpool gave up her kits so they could have a better life. FOR THEM. Not for HERSELF. She knew that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw could do a better job of raising them. It broke her heart to give them up, but she did it, so they could have good lives.

    Jayfeather- I don’t care about him, thank you for putting him on here. I don’t think he deserves to be the most loved cat in the fandom and I liked him way more before people starting showering him with gifts and praises

    Stonefur- neutral
    Hollyleaf- I love her, in my top 5 favs
    Beetlewhisker- I like him a lot, and I just am like NOO every time I read his death. He’s not one of my favourites though.
    Crag- neutral
    Graypool- neutral
    Cody- I like her/neutral
    Blossomfall- I love her
    Twigbranch- also love her
    Crowfrost- I like him!