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My Top 5 Favorite Warrior cats! by Grayshine

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Grayshine lists their top 5 favourite characters! What are your thoughts?

Hey Warriors-lovers! I’m Grayshine. This is my first article in Blogclan, and had put lots of effort in! (:
5. Firestar.
Okay, I know that this great leader is hated by many people. But still, he was a great leader, helping the clan to survive to hardship, and leading the clan well. He is one of the best leaders in the Warriors history and deserves to be on this list.
4. Ivypool.
OMG I love her!…well…not exactly, but I feel so angry for her for what she went through. That flea-bitten, fox-hearted Dovewing! How could she turn against her clan and fall in love with that also flea-brained cat, Tigerstar/heart and later go to live with him? Yeah, I know that there are lots of other cats who had fallen in love with another cat in another clan but still! Ivypool is brave to go to spy in the Dark Forest in OOTS, even more important than Lionblaze and Dovewing at that Great Battle, I think. Personally, I think she deserves lots more love than Dovewing and was extremely happy for her when she had kits with Fernsong and can still be a warrior.
3. Jayfeather.
He played a big part in many situations as a medicine cat. His blindness shouldn’t be treated differently at all bc he is a strong cat, deserving respect. I love his sharp tongue and can relate to him in this characteristic he has ouo.
2. Hollyleaf.
LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING! I can relate to her a lot. To her, loyalty to the warrior code, to the clan, to everything, is important. I hate the fact that she is actually half clan, and that she was lost to her clan for so long. In the Great Battle, she died bravely, protecting Ivypool, and understanding that Leafpool (I would’ve hated her if Hollyleaf hadn’t forgiven her…) did her best to help her and will continue to love her kits although they continue to hate her. Overall, I think she is a great cat and doesn’t deserve to die.
And……finally…….the first place!
1. Graywing. (DoTC)
I could write a whole article about him XD. If you read my biographical thingy you must’ve known already. Also, I have to admit that my personality cannot at all relate to him (TT-TT). He loved many cats in his life and is loved by many cats. She-cats, for instance. Brightstream and Storm had both been loved by him but was snatched by his fox-hearted brother, Skystar, or Clearsky. Brightstream, Strom, along with Turtletail, had all been killed in DoTC, and I felt sad for him, a lot, and was happy for him when he finally got a mate, Slate. He was chosen as the best father in the Warriors website, and the place was for him from the start, in my opinion. He fathered Pebbleheart, Owlstar/eyes, Sparrowfur, Thunderstar, Blackear, Whitetail, and Silverstripe (What a long list of cats…). OMG, I love him.
So… that’s all! I think I’ll be posting more articles such as “Why Graywing is my favorite cat.” or “My top 5 least favorite cats in Warriors”, let me know which you prefer to read in the comment area! Also, thanks for reading (:

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  • Awesome article Grayshine. I love every cat on your list Ivypool, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and of course Graywing. I like firestar like you said he was a great leader he is just not in my top five because i prefer other cats. Yay someone else who has Graywing number one on their list he is my favorite character too, he is the best i love him and he will always be my favorite. You should definitely do an article about him i would love to read it.

  • I personally dislike Ivypool but that’s a whole other story because I don’t feel like explaining why 😛 However I love her name and general appearance lol. I favor Dovewing over Ivypool for many reasons but as I said I won’t go into that.

    I do however love both Hollyleaf and Firestar! ^^ As for Gray Wing and Jayfeather, I’m neutral for both. I believe both were great characters (I cried at Gray Wing’s death) and have amazing story lines and personalities, but they aren’t at the top of my list 🙂

  • I love all these cats too, Grayshine! Especially Gray Wing.🙂Here’s my top five list!
    1. Turtle Tail
    2. Gray Wing
    3. Graystripe
    4. Yellowfang
    5. Pebble Heart

    And I don’t get why people hate Firestar either. He’s a great cat.
    Nice article!🙂

  • 1. Ivypool 4evah
    2. Gray wing
    3. Sparrow fur
    4. hollyleaf
    5. Crookedstar (i cried in crookedstars promise)

  • I 100 percent agree with you. Especially with Jayfeather, Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Graywing. All of them are just SO awesome! Personally, I think Jayfeather is the VERY best, but this is your list, of course. I think Ivypool is WAY better than her sister and Graywing is just amazing though it is really sad how he died.

  • In my opinion, dovewing is a fleabitten, mousebrained, foxhearted pile of mouse bile