Is Graystripe Really a Good Friend to Fireheart? by Vixenstalk

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Vixenstalk discusses whether Graystripe was a good friend to Firestar

We all know (or most of us do, sorry for any spoilers), that Graystripe goes off with Silverstream in Fire and Ice. The pretty silver tabby saves Graystripe from drowning early in the book. Graystripe thanks her and flirts. As they get back the run into Tigerstar, known as Tigerclaw back then, and Cinderpaw lies, by telling him that Graystripe was teaching them how to catch fish, but fell in. As leafbare set in Fireheart noticed that Graystripe was frequently disappearing. One day Fireheart followed him and realised Graystripe was meeting Silverstream in secret.

At this point, the authors express that Graystripe was disregarding the warrior code as a small boundary. Fireheart had tried, repeatedly, to convince Graystripe to stop. Graystripe doesn’t listen. But the bad thing about this, is that Fireheart, as a good friend, is covering for Graystripe. But Graystripe wants almost nothing to do with him. Desperately Fireheart tries to convince Silverstream to stop meeting Graystripe. Fireheart has a right to do this as covering for Graystripe would get him in big trouble if anyone ever found out.

Graystripe is furious when he found out. He even ATTACKS Fireheart. This is a big indication that Graystripe doesn’t care, and/or think about the fact Fireheart could get in BIG trouble for covering for him, as I said before.
“(He) felt lost and alone without his old friend, though he could barely recognise him anymore. He wondered if they could ever be friends again,” – Fireheart’s POV, Fire and Ice. See what I mean??
Graystripe is terrible to Fireheart. By Fireheart is still loyal to him.
“Graystripe’s gone?” Firestar whispered. He sat down, drawing his tail around him. Leafpaw’s legs trembled. Her father had never seemed so far away, so far beyond her reach to comfort him.” – Sunrise, Firestar.
“I’ve lost Graystripe; I don’t want to leave another friend behind.” Ravenpaw shook his head. “My home is here, but I’ll never forget you, I promise. I’ll be waiting for you always.” – Ravenpaw, Dawn.
You see, his greatest friends stick by him even when he leaves. This shows they have more dignity, loyalty, and honour that Graystripe ever had.

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  • You had some good points in this article, Vixenstalk. I personally think Graystripe was a good friend to Fireheart/ star.

  • I think that article was amazing, but honestly, you forgot all those times that Graystripe was by Firestar, and that he was determined to help Firestar in any way possible. When Graystripe was lost, he thought of Firestar, and that is how he got through being lost(Okay, not counting Millie).

  • I think Graystripe was OK to Fireheart(star) I think he could have been better though. I mean really I think it’s a bit stupid they ran off from his friend to view Silverstream, a RiverClan cat. I know she’s beautiful and all, but honestly, that’s completely against the warrior code.

  • You only put in evidence from one book for why Graystripe was a bad friend. I don’t want people to think you’re lazy for doing so. Look farther and you’ll see more people will believe you.

  • Are you crazy?? Graystripe is the most loyal friend Firestar could ever have– better than Ravenpaw, definitely. He was just going through a rough time at that certain point– are you saying that’s never happened to you?

    • So every time you go through a rough time you act childish to every one around you and attack your best friend? Not to mention this happened throughout many books. He wasn’t even loyal to Silverstream, he went and got a mate in twolegplace, not to mention Millie is a jerk to EVERYONE but briarlight and Graystripe…

      Anyways this is a GREAT article and I LOVE it….

  • I think that Graystripe and Fireheart were only friends because they were around the same age (therefore spending more time together, training together, and rescuing Windclan together). Then when Graystripe meets Silverstream, Graystripe disregards the feelings of his clan and Fireheart (a loyal friend). Overall I think that Silverstream was just a bad influence (clan and loyalty wise).

  • Good article, good points. I still thing Graystripe is a great friends but that’s my opinion. Who misses Ravenpaw??

  • Bad friend, he has forbidden love, fights fireheart over it.Then, he goes to riverclan and becomes disloyal there, he is a bad friend, watch bright guardian akira’s episode on it to see what I’m talking about.

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