Unnecessary events in the main arc by Quietstream

Art by Ashkey

Quietstream talks events they believe weren’t necessary to the series. Do you agree?

Hey, I’m Quietstream. Today I’ll be looking at three events that I think were unnecessary. Thanks for clicking! (This is all in my opinion!)

1.Ashfur-attemted murder. Ashfur was a non mainstream character and was mostly in the background in the first and the start of the second series. He was a quiet and loyal warrior to Thunderclan and was very beneficial in the support of Firestar. His love for Squirrelflight was evident in the second series, his hurt when Squirrelflight turned to loving Bramblestar huge. I feel like it faded away until the third series when he committed attempted murder. It came when there was a fire in camp and he cornered Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. With no other option, Squirrelflight revealed that they were not her kits and thus she did not care for them. Fearing he might tell everyone, Hollyleaf killed Ashfur at the Windclan border. Later on, Jayfeather sees Ashfur in Starclan and asks Yellowfang why he is there, she replies with “His only fault was loving too much”. The attempted murder was overboard, who is going to kill their former lover and their former lovers kits?

2.Longtail-Rejection. Once Tigerstar is leader of Shadowclan, he feeds a pack of dogs and tries to lead them to kill Thunderclan. Longtail sees this and tries to tell Firestar. Fireheart dismisses him. Longtail goes to tell Whitestorm while Fireheart realizes he should have listened so he goes over. Longtail is very bitter but he accepts Firehearts apology and continues to tell them about the pack. This information proves crucial to the protection of Thunderclan. Had Fireheart just listened to Longtail then they would have much more time to plan against the pack and possibly stopped the death of Bluestar.

3.Larchkit/Hollykit-Dying. When Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Feathertail, Stormfur, Tawnypelt and Crowfeather go on the journey to sundrown-place, they leave their clans without knowledge of what will happen to the forest. Once they are gone, the forest gradually gets destroyed by monsters and the clans start starving. The starvation continues until the group comes back with news that they must leave the forest. After convincing the leaders, right before they go Hollykit and Larchkit die. This was unnecessary because it’s just needlessly killing kits that could have added much more to the story than just dying.

Thanks for reading!

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