My thoughts on the Clans by Moonmist

Moonmist analyzes some of the Clans’ strengths and weaknesses

Hello! I’m back with a new blog! I have only done a few so please don’t be mad if I don’t get it all right.
I will be writing about the six Clans and their leaders and stuff. Yeah.
RiverClan is the Clan that is best at grace and skill. AKA swimming. RiverClan isn’t my favourite. And I really hate Willowshine and Mothwing.
Crookedstar is great. When I read Crookedstar’s Promise I nearly cried because he had such a bad life. I’m really sad that he died but he was old. No cat lives forever. Except Heavystep. He dies twice but let’s not go onto that. Crookedstar was shown as weak though. In the Gathering when Brokenstar demanded hunting rights in the other Clans territory he gave up the river without a fight. But ShadowClan can’t hunt fish so it was quite clever actually.
Leopardstar is a bit annoying. She joined TigerClan just because she was crushing on Tigerstar. That’s a real sign of weakness if you ask me. Also she was just generally defiant and annoying, so you know. And I am pretty sure she refused to get wet or something. Some RiverClan cat she is.
I haven’t read past Power Of Three so I don’t know about Mistystar. Sorry.
As the sixth Clan in the forest, it’s StarClan’s job to send omens. Therefore I have A LOT to say about them. They are reasonably nice. Reasonably.
I don’t think that ‘there will be three, kin of you’re kin, that will hold the power of stars in their paws’ should appear in Firestar’s Quest. There is a whole bunch of books about it so you don’t need any more. You can’t say that you don’t understand what I am saying.
I think it’s really cruel to not let cats into StarClan. If they did let them in the nice cats could help them to be nice. I think that could work. Maybe.
StarClan doesn’t really have a leader. I think that it would be Thunderstar, Shadowstar, Riverstar, Windstar and Skystar. But I don’t know.
I also am very angry that StarClan didn’t send an omen when ShadowClan didn’t believe in StarClan and Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze had to fake one themselves. But it’s against the Warrior Code to fake an omen. That’s not good.
They are known as ‘the weakest Clan’ and are shown to not be able to look after themselves.
Tallstar is a nice leader, but not great at defending his Clan. But he had terrible parents and Shrewclaw wasn’t exactly kind to him, so you can’t really blame him. And Heatherstar was a pretty rubbish leader, so he didn’t have a great role-model

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