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TOP 5’s! By Crystalstreamz

Art by xxNightfirexx

Crystal lists their favourite characters, books, and arcs!


Hello there! I’m Crystal and today I will be listing my top 5’s (and just favorites) for warriors. This will be my first article so bear with me. Also these are simply my opinions, I will NEVER ask you to agree with me, and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t. A note to the moderators, I hope this doesn’t count as too many points- I mean I have plenty for each character ;p. I’d love if you comment your opinions on the characters. It’s incredibly fun hearing what other people think! So without further ado, I will begin the actual article <3

Favorite Warriors:

Runner up 3- RussetFur

Runner up 2- GooseFeather

Runner up 1- MothWing

-5- BrambleBerry

I’ve always adored this character. CrookedStar’s promise was one of my first super editions (My first was YellowFang’s secret). She was always such a dear and her sweet little jokes were just such a cute attempt to cheer up Crookedstar. It made me so happy when she was the one to invite Crookedstar to StarClan, it was an amazing manga by the way x3. For a minor character she had a very well structured personality and story. I love my little BrambleBaby.

-4- SquirrelFlight and LeafPool

I know you didn’t expect any characters to be put together but it felt wrong to separate these two. Let’s start off with LeafPool.

This girl gets lots of hate in the fandom. I understand that she isn’t perfect, but what gets me is when people complain about her like that, then complain about characters because they are perfect (AKA LionBlaze who isn’t perfect). I have no defense for her actions, she DID put her own love and self will over her clan’s care. But be aware that ThunderClan HAD a medicine cat back then, LeafPool had full rights ( in her own mind) to running away. When, eventually, she has her kits, she has to give them away. Imagine the heart ache! Years pass by, the truth comes out, her daughter tries to KILL her. I couldn’t handle it by then and started crying about my poor child. I love this character so much, and am very excited to read about her future guidance.

Now SquirrelFlight… She gets far more love and attention than LeafPool does. I love her beautifully built personality. She has a temper and sharp tongue, but doesn’t let it make her a bad cat to be around. Her super edition made me cry. Several times. It also made me hate Bramblestar just… a lot more than I used to. I really enjoyed her growth with the sisters and how she learned that the clans aren’t the only way. Perhaps we’ll see the sisters again someday. That or not, I could just go on and on about how much I love this girl.

-3- SleekWhisker

Is there much to explain? This baby bean is sheer awesomeness and evilness SMUSHED together! I love this girl to PIECES!!! She’s so much better than MapleShade as well, I mean I don’t dislike Maple but she needed work that she didn’t get. I loved her storyline after DarkTail as well, the whole YarrowLeaf thing with SkyClan was one of my favorite things to read about. Her not believing in StarClan was really cool as we’ve only had like two other non believers in the books. Definitely the most interesting warriors villain in my eyes.

-2- LionBlaze

Hooo boy am I gonna get yelled at. I am not ready to deal with the amount of hate the fandom has for this character. Wish me luck…. To start off, many say that he is overrated apparently? This isn’t true in the least. To be an overrated character you (usually anyways) need to not be largely important to the storyline. LionBlaze was given a POV in TWO not one but TWO major arcs in the series. On top of it to be overrated, they have to actually be LIKED by the fandom. When you search LionBlaze one of the first things that pops up is some meme about hating on him. So yeah. Totally overrated. I’ve been talking a lot in his defense and not why I actually like him so I should probably do that Xp. First of all, his plain corniness. He’s just so dorky and unaware and it makes me want to SQUISHHH HIIIIM!!! Second of all, he’s a good family member. He can deal with Jayfeather’s grumpiness and CinderHeart’s ya know… reincarnation problem. The scene where CinderPelt leaves CinderHeart’s body is really heart-touching and I’m glad LionBlaze was there to witness it and comfort Cinder. And last but not least- his power wasn’t over used. We didn’t hear “OH I REALLY FEEL LIKE KILLING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!” Every few seconds. The rest of the three didn’t really get to control when their powers were used or not I mean with Jayfeather it was sorta ehhhh. LionBlaze wasn’t CAREFUL with his powers but he didn’t feel like he was missing out on anything. He also didn’t really have to be careful because ya know… he couldn’t really be hurt. He could however hurt others, and I really loved watching him grow from it. He started off pretty evil and grew into a mindful, wise old kitty. LionBlaze will always have a place in my heart. :c

Hope you liked it! Have a good- HAHA YOU THINK I’M DONE!? NO! Have some more of my opinions…


5- Telephone, LeafPool and Squirrelflight
4- Everything moves, Sol
3- I’m a star, FireStar
2- Blame, CinderPelt
1- Work This Body, Shipping MAP

Arcs in order! (1 being most favorite. I don’t actually dislike any of them but I like some more than others.)

8- Dawn of the clans
7- Power Of Three
6- The New Prophecy
5- The Prophecies Begin
4- A Vision of Shadows
3- The Broken Code (might end up being higher or lower once we continue in the books)
2- Super Editions
1- Omen of The Stars (y’all weren’t expecting that >:3)

My favourite books are CrookedStar’s promise, Shattered Sky, SquirrelFlight’s hope, and The Fourth Apprentice.

My top 5 favorite warriors songs

5- I believe in you, Bright Guardian Akira, Mothpool
4- I’ll be Complete, Blixemi, BriarLight
3-When it comes, lynxpoint, BlueStar
2- Could never be, Blixemi, Mothpool
1- They Don’t tell you, Bright Guardian Akira, SquirrelFlight

And that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and staying with me through my opinionated opinions.

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