The worst cats in Clan history by Moonmist

Artwork by Coinn8

Moonmist tells us about the worst cats in the history of the Clans

Hello! Today we are going to see how awful some cats can be! (In other words absolutely terrible).
Tigerstar’s Trial
Tigerstar held a trial against Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Featherpaw and Stormpaw, (who later became Mistystar, Feathertail and Stormfur) for being halfClan. Stonefur was killed in the process. Not fair at all!
Mapleshade’s Murder
Mapleshade killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk in vengeance for her deceased kits. Appledusk was her mate, and when Ravenwing found out that Mapleshade was breaking the warrior code, he told Oakstar and Oakstar was told by Frecklewish to exile her. She went to join Appledusk in RiverClan, but her kits died and Appledusk blamed her for their deaths. That is why Mapleshade killed the three of them. I can understand why she did it, to be honest.
Leopardstar’s Limitations
During the drought, Leopardstar commanded that no Clan would be able to drink from the lake unless supervised by a RiverClan warrior. That’s just cruel. Really cruel.
Tigerstar’s total betrayal
Tigerstar (still Tigerclaw) got a group of rogues to attack ThunderClan camp so that in all the chaos he could kill Bluestar and become Clan leader. But he didn’t succeed, thank goodness. That goes against EVERYTHING in the warrior code.
Rainflower’s Ridiculous Naming Ceremony
After Crookedstar broke his jaw, his mother, Rainflower, didn’t love him anymore. He was called Stormkit at first, but Rainflower believed that he was ugly, so she changed his name to Crookedkit. Then he went to find Mapleshade and promised that he would be loyal to his Clan above everything else, and that promise is what killed Rainflower, so she is a stupid furball.
Lizardstripe’s Lies
Yellowfang had to give Brokenkit to Lizardstripe to bring up and Lizardstripe didn’t like it. She said that he was stealing milk from her actual kits, and those kits (Tanglekit, Deerkit, Runningkit) were bullying Brokenkit. I think that was what made him such a ruthless leader.
Brokenstar’s Battles
Brokenstar sent kits as young as three moons into apprenticeships and sent them out as warriors at five moons. Many were killed in the endless invasions and battles that Brokenstar declared. Of course, it wasn’t really his fault. It was a punishment for Yellowfang for having kits. It would have always been that way.
Thank you for reading! I will post another blog very soon! Bye for now!

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