Top ten favourite cats by Moonmist

Moonmist lists their 10 favourite Warriors characters. Do you agree with their list?

Hello! This is my first article so don’t blame me if I don’t get it right.
So my favourite cats are…
10. Purdy
I think Purdy doesn’t get as much love as he deserves. He got the group of cats to the sun-drown place, however long it took. But they were all annoyed by him and he was just trying to help them. Purdy was also a very important cat in Clan history. He fought in the Great Battle. So give him some respect, for StarClan’s sake!
9. Cinderpelt
The poor apprentice that was struck by a monster. She didn’t want to be a medicine cat, but I suppose it was her destiny. But I still hold a grudge against Firestar because he didn’t try to stop her.
8. Onewhisker
Onewhisker, not Onestar. Onestar is a pain in the tail.
Retrieving WindClan was one of Fireheart’s first warrior duties, and when he and Greystripe went on the quest, Fireheart came home with a friend in WindClan. Onewhisker wasn’t hostile when all of the rest were. Did I mention I hate Onestar?
7. Ravenpaw
A nervous apprentice who was scared out of his mind by his mentor, Tigerclaw. He was taken to the farm to live with Barley, and now he is not nervous. It’s a happily ever after.
I don’t know why he is seventh. I have just always had a soft spot for the terrorised apprentice.
Firestar and Ravenpaw were very close. It must have been hard to leave him behind when they left in the Great Journey.
6. Bluestar
The graceful leader who’s mind shattered after Tigerclaw’s betrayal. The cat that brought Firestar into the forest (Firestar betrayed her at one point). The cat that had to give up her kits. She gets to be sixth because I feel bad for her.
5. Crookedstar
Ooooh, halfway there!
Crookedstar was the greatest leader the Clans have ever known. But it cost him a lot. He broke his jaw, and his mother (Rainflower) didn’t love him any more. But he became RiverClan’s leader, so she is a mouse-brain. I quite like Crookedstar.
4. Tigerclaw
Not Tigerstar. Tigerclaw.
The unsuspected senior warrior. Always quick to leap into battle, and judge kittypets, of course! He tried to murder Bluestar to become leader. The evil cat’s ambition was bloodthirsty, and he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He was mentored by Thistleclaw, making it the mentor’s fault that he was evil. He killed many, many cats. Annoying furball.
3. Mapleshade
Okay, Mapleshade? You might be thinking, “Why is Mapleshade number three on your list? She shouldn’t even be on your list!”
I know, but if Ravenwing hadn’t been a mouse-brain, and if Frecklewish hadn’t been a badger-heart, and if Appledusk had kept his mouth shut, she wouldn’t be in the dark forest. She would be in StarClan. She would have lived longer.
So it’s their faults, not hers! ALL SHE EVER TRIED TO DO WAS LOVE! Oh, and it’s Perchpaw’s fault too for killing her. She is quite clever. She tricked Crookedstar and that is quite hard to do.
2. Greypool
I have always loved the old she-cat that foster-mothered Bluestar’s kits. She was killed by Tigerclaw (how many cats were killed by him?) to find out who the real mother of Mistystar and Stonefur was. She told Firestar about Mistystar and Stonefur; how they weren’t her kits. She was Crookedstar’s mate’s sister, making her a very important cat in RiverClan. She deserves it.
And finally, in first place…
1. Yellowfang!
The she-cat that suffered so much as she watched ShadowClan be destroyed by her own son. She was banished by him too. That is cruel. But he didn’t know that she was his mother. It is breaking the medicine cat code to have kits. Oh, and the son killed the father. Harsh.
Anyway, ThunderClan took her in as prisoner, but she died a medicine cat! Another happy ending!
Not her death. That isn’t happy.
She also mentored Cinderpelt (if you want to know more about her, go to number nine).
Bye for now!

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  • Nice! I also like a lot of these cats. I have to disagree with you on Mapleshade though, I think that nothing that was done to her justifies murdering three cats, yeah she was treated badly, but it was her recklessness that got her kits killed, and I don’t think she was justified in the whole “murder revenge” thing, if Mapleshade was a person it wouldn’t matter if she was cheated on, thrown out, etc, she would still be in jail for murder

  • Thank you!! I totally agree, especially with Mapleshade and Purdy. Also, for your first article, that was really good!!

  • I agree with every cat on your list! Except I don’t like your reasoning for liking Mapleshade. I love Ravenpaw! One of the main characters in my fan fiction is Ravenwish, which I named after Ravenpaw. Yes! Onewhisker’s the best! Then Onestar. Pfft. Stop trashing personalities, Erins!

      • And she’s still awesome. I think all three cats deserved it. Also, we need some murder our in life. 🙂

        • Eh, did they though? 😛 Sure, revenge is satisfying, but she did much more than kill those three cats. I personally believe she always had that evil in her and it probably would’ve come out eventually, even without the kits. She definitely was not a good cat in the Dark Forest. Crookedstar was the great-grandson of Appledusk and Reedshine and didn’t do anything to deserve to be manipulated and targeted like he was. Sandstorm had everything she’d ever wanted, so she deserved to die. She took her anger and directed it to cats that had done nothing wrong.

          We can say that every single cat in the Dark Forest could have gone to StarClan and lived a long, healthy life if they hadn’t done such horrible things. But they did, and nothing can take that back. I find Mapleshade super interesting and do love her character. But she shouldn’t be absolved of responsibility from her actions. 🙂

  • I don’t know if I’d agree with Crookedstar being the BEST leader ever, but I do think he was good leader.

  • Out of these…
    I love: Ravenpaw, Purdy, Tigerclaw, Crookedstar, and Yellowfang!
    I really, really like: Onewhisker and Graypool!
    I also hate Onestar.

  • Honestly I totally agree with you on onewhisker. He and Fireheart were gonna be “BEST FRIENDS FO EVA” (Sorry cringe) then when Onewhisker became Onestar he flipped on Thunderclan and became so annoying! Honestly if it’s possible I think we should split Onewhisker and Onestar into separate cats send Onewhisker to Starclan and Onestar to darkforest on account of annoyingness.

  • I agree about Mapleshade! She doesn’t deserve so much hate. It’s all because of Ravenwing, Freckle wish and Appledusk. I really hate Appledusk because he had another mate in secret and he lied to Maple. And he even rejected Mapleshade when she wanted to join RiverClan after her kits died.. I mean, it’s really a sad story.

  • Purdy- he’s ok
    Cinderpelt- eh she’s overrated
    Onewhisker- I hate him
    Ravenpaw- he’s ok
    Bluestar- I like her
    Crookedstar- I sort of like him/neutral
    Tigerclaw- I hate him
    Mapleshade- I hate her
    Graypool- she’s ok/neutral
    Yellowfang- I hate her and I hate how she told squirrelflight a huge lie just so she could take Leafpool’s kits. Yellowfang is horrible

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