Thunderclan deputies as leaders by Moonpaw

Moonpaw examines how different deputies would have been as leaders, had they gained their nine lives!

Hey! Moona’s back for another article! This time I’ll be looking into some Thunderclan deputies that died or stepped down before they were able to become leaders, and how they would have done. I’ll start with Lionheart and end with Graystripe!

Let’s start with a little background on Lionheart and how he became deputy. So, after Tigerclaw killed Redtail, Bluestar chose Lionheart as deputy, even though everyone expected Tigerclaw. Lionheart was a brave, loyal, and fair cat. Honestly I can’t find many flaws in him. Lionstar would have been a great leader of Thunderclan. I find that he has many of Firestar’s traits, except that he would have been more firm and sure of himself in the beginning of his time as leader. His death was definitely a loss for Thunderclan, but it did allow Firestar to happen, so Lionheart living would be a problem in that sense.
The next deputy after Lionheart was Tigerclaw. He made up a whole story about Oakheart and Redtail’s deaths, just to become deputy. He co-lead his clan with more fear than respect and loyalty. He was kind of that mean popular kid who basically rules the school. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, “but Moona, we KNOW how Tigerclaw acts as a leader!” Yes, I’m aware that he was leader of Shadowclan, but I think things may have been a bit different had he not been exiled. First off, I think Ravenpaw would have died, because Tigerstar would have sent out search parties for his “dear missing apprentice” and said that his body was never discovered and that the storm wasn’t severe enough to kill. He likely would have ordered them to search outside of clan territory, then when Ravenpaw died soon after, he might have framed Fireheart. Of course, these are all assumptions and he may very well have acted the same as he acted with Shadowclan. Also, I think he may have tried to keep his clans trust, while Shadowclan was plenty aware.
Last, we have Graystripe!
I think Graystripe would have been a good leader, but perhaps Brambleclaw was the better choice, since he knew how the clans changed during Graystripe’s absence. But, back to Graystripe, I do think he would have lead the clan down a different, not worse or better necessarily, just different path. Graystar would probably have been more willing to help other clans, and more laid-back than Bramblestar, due to his fun loving personality. He may even up the hunting patrols due to the.. larger… appetites😛
Hope you enjoyed! Moona out!

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  • Hi Moona! Nice article. I personally think Graystripe would make a great leader, and so would Lionheart. Honestly, Tigerclaw sorta had POTENTIAL for being a good deputy/leader, but unfortunately he took his mission to become deputy/ leader a little too far.

  • Ooooh, you should do another one and add cats like Whitestorm (I LOVE WHITESTORM SO MUCH) and Redtail, and cats outside of ThunderClan like Russetfur and Mudclaw and Deadfoot!
    Cool article!
    And oh, my gosh, what a hypothetical situation! Ravenpaw is one of my favorite cats. I wouldn’t have wanted him to die young. That’s honestly completely frightening to think about! lol

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