Why no one deserves Appledusk for a mate by Lightningkit

Art by senely

Lightningkit analyses Appledusk’s character

NOTE: please, please don’t bother reading if you don’t like rants or if you do like Appledusk because you’ll probably take offence. Please don’t read it if you fit this criteria.

Anyway. We all know that story of how Mapleshade ended up in the the Dark Forest. At the moment I feel rather sorry for her because of how Appledusk proved himself to be a useless fox-heart and betrayed Mapleshade, his first mate. Reasons as to why I think he doesn’t deserve the luxuries of StarClan.

Good things about Appledusk:
– He swore loyalty to RiverClan
Yup, that’s about the only good thing I can think of off the top of my head.

Bad things about Appledusk:
– He killed Birchface and Flowerpaw (even if it was COUGH indirectly COUGH)
– He was secretly Mapleshade’s mate and broke the warrior code
– When Mapleshade tried to cross the river after being exiled during a flood and the kits died Appledusk blamed her even though she was ThunderClan and ThunderClan cats aren’t really made for swimming that much
– He was like Crowfeather and took Reedshine for a mate only to prove loyalty to RiverClan and not because he truly loved her

So this is basically Appledusk’s and Mapleshade’s sad story:
Appledusk was secretly mates with Mapleshade and she had his kits, meanwhile he mated with Reedshine, getting her pregnant in RiverClan. When Mapleshade’s ThunderClan medicine cat shares a sign from StarClan with her leader she is exiled for breaking the warrior code by having lots with a cat from another clan. Then, when Mapleshade tried to take her kits to their father’s clan, RiverClan, the young kits fall into the overflowing river and drown. She eventually makes it to RiverClan, where Appledusk rejects her, blaming her for the kits’ deaths after the grief and misery that she had been through. Mapleshade is furious and tries to kill Reedshine when she is pregnant, but Appledusk takes the blow, which killing Mapleshade’s former mate. Reedshine says that Appledusk’s bloodline would not die out but would live on through his kits, but Mapleshade vows to get revenge on Appledusk’s descendants, giving her a place in the Dark Forest.

To be honest, if you ask me, Appledusk is a mouse-heart and a fox-heart, and I don’t think he deserves StarClan after all the betraying he did to his first mate – blaming her for something she was unable to control, rejecting Mapleshade after all the grief she had lived through because of APPLEDUSK and taking another mate ONLY to prove he was LOYAL. And I don’t think he was actually loyal. I understand why Mapleshade turned on him and his bloodline, to get revenge. Because of all APPLEDUSK’S wrongs. NOT Mapleshade’s.

Lightningkit out.
P.S don’t take offence if my opinion goes against yours.

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  • Come to think of it, Appledusk was just being selfish.
    I have this headcanon that Appledusk is actually a psychopath and only pretended to love his mates. He knew that someone would find out soon about the kits, and pretended to love Reedshine and got her pregnant to ‘prove his loyalty’. He had no empathy for Mapleshade and likely didn’t care about Reedshine’s grief when he died. He used Reedshine for his own psychotic means, and probably treated her as a tool behind the scenes.

    • That’s not how psychopaths works. They have a high amount of reward chemicals in their brains, meaning they’ll do anything to benefit themselves. So why would Appledusk have a forbidden mate then? There’s no obvious benefit solely to himself, especially when he doesn’t tell anyone about it. Appledusk clearly shows he cares about the life of his family, more then himself: Saving Patchkit when Mapleshade allowed him to play in the river, saved Mapleshade during the flood, tried to do the same with all three kits, saved Perchpaw from Mapleshade, refused to fight Mapleshade when she attacking/trespassing and sacrificed himself to save pregnant Reedshine.

      Honestly, I see why fans hold it against Appledusk to reject Mapleshade after all their kits are dead. If it can justify her going on a murderous rampage, it can excuse his rejection. It’s a natural and valid reaction to not want to see the manslaughter of his kits? Specially when he would have to risk exile to stand up for her, someone he doesn’t even want in his home. He has cats depending on him, like his apprentice and unborn kits.

      • I agree on this part. Appledusk loved his kits so much and I understand that he’d be angry at Mapleshade for losing the kits she promised to take care of. Mapleshade and Appledusk really loved each other, and if any other people try to tell us otherwise, I’m going to barf. Ya know who caused this? (well, Mapleshade did kinda, but it was a mistake so we shouldn’t beat her up about it.) all the cats who poked their heads in where they didn’t belong! They kept pushing these two lovers away from each other, and pushed Mapleshade to become the first female villain. Remember that cat who yelled: Traitor! at Appledusk? yeah. Blame that monster! Mapleshade’s vengeance was a flop because they didn’t have an Appledusk book along with Mapleshade’s book. It doesn’t give much justice to him for what he did right and what was perfectly justified to do. (I feel like I’m the only person in the fandom who likes both characters)

  • Appledusk is mouse-brained, bat-blind and fox-hearted. (Quote from Mapleshade’s Vengeance 😀)

    • It kinda was, I mean, she could have waited for the river to settle down somewhere outside Thunderclan territory. Appledusk was angry that Mapleshade lost the kits she promised to take care of. Perfectly justified to be mad at her! (I really think Mapleshade and Appledusk are good cats, just they are put into the worst situation.) I said this earlier

      • Yeah, but he had no right to act like it was Mapleshade’s fault. It wasn’t like she PLANNED for them to drown!

        Boy, I should write an article defending Mapleshade…

          • Several people make mistakes that they regret afterwards and Mapleshade was desperate to escape before ThunderClan caught her…

            • But the thing is that Mapleshade doesn’t regret what she did. She never shows remorse for what she did and she openly says this. If anything, she only becomes more problematic as she stirs up even more trouble. She isn’t justified in killing cats because she made a bad choice to have kits with a RiverClan cat and because that choice resulted in her exile. She and Appledusk are to blame for that. No one else. But killing multiple cats and manipulating others isn’t a mistake. It was never a mistake in Mapleshade’s view either. She was deliberate in what she chose to do and when she committed her murders too. The part of her accepting her role and position in the Dark Forest shows that.

              • Ok I understands. 😉 but Mapleshade was also influenced by the cats around her and the situation because cats like Graystripe and Leafpool’s didn’t get exiled as the cats around them were kinder and not grieving for other cats.

      • you brought up the point of why didn’t mapleshade wait?
        it made me so so so so so annoyed when mapleshade crossed the flooded river.
        like what?!
        i would have at least brought the kits across one at a time.
        or i wouldv’e gone to twoleg place and raised them to hate the clans!
        just think!
        THREE darktails!

    • She didn’t mean to drown her kits, but she still has some part to blame for thinking that she and her kits could cross a river in the middle of a storm.

  • i agree. appledusk blamed mapleshade for everything. mapleshade risked her life and her kits. in the end the kits ended up dying. then appledusk rejected her. so that means mapleshade went to river clan for nothing also that her kits died for nothing as well

  • even though appledusk was a jerk and contributed to mapleshade’s path to become a serial killer, i blame oakstar because he literally exiled her AND her KITS. well, maybe he could’ve exiled just mapleshade but he exiled her moon old kits.
    and oakstar gave birth to pinestar, who gave birth to tigerstar, who’s mentor thistleclaw was manipulated by mapleshade, so oakstar started the chain.

    • Even though what Oakstar did was wrong, she still showed poor judgement by making her kits swim across a flooded river instead of doing literally anything else, and going on to murder three somewhat involved cats was her fault and her fault alone. (Also Oakstar didn’t give birth to Pinestar, one Pinestar’s a tom and two they’re not related as far as we know, Pinestar is alive a lot later in the timeline. And even if he did, I don’t see why that’s a reason he would be bad.)

      • Sorry to interrupt but as revealed in Pinestar’s novella, he is the son of Oakstar and is a half-brother to Frecklewish and Birchface. I think what Lilykit is trying to say is that Oakstar helped spawn the seeds of toxicity that occurred later in the series though, as mentioned, this really isn’t the case. Oakstar is pretty far removed and didn’t have too much influence over too many of the cats and plot later on. Now did he make a bad call in exiling kits and was that morally wrong? Yes. Yes it was but at the same time, Oakstar was shown to be an impulsive leader that acts on feelings. He felt like Mapleshade betrayed them and lied to them, which she did more or less and it was his job to punish her for breaking the code. The Warrior Code is sacred to the clans and is important to them especially at that point and Mapleshade should have considered the consequences of her actions before she had her kits. But she didn’t. She didn’t let herself see any and made her choice. She just kept making more choices and eventually it led her to more and more impulsive and poor decisions until she literally ended up killing others. That isn’t justifiable and she didn’t have to kill anyone at all. Regardless of her mental state, she didn’t. There were other ways she could have avoided her situation and she could have dealt with her grief in a more positive manner like other cats in the series did. But she chose not to. She chose and accepted her path. She never regretted it as seen when she wakes up in the Dark Forest. She wanted to be there and she did do bad things.

  • Man, Appledusk sucks. He deserves the dank faucet. I wonder if I can give him and Mapleshade the ol’ switcheroo?

  • ok so I really like mapleshade…
    he doesn’t even care that they were his children, NO CAT SHOULD BE LIKE THAT.
    mapleshade MIGHT not have ended up in the dark forest if he didn’t do that to her.
    I mean bluestar went to starclan SHE HAD HALFCLAN KITS, so mapleshade would have been a good cat to if appledusk WASN’T A HUGE JERK.
    congrats appledusk you just created the biggest female villain in warrior history.
    I’m done now…thank you for giving me a chance to vent lightningkit 🙂

  • Why he didn’t go to the dark forest is strange. He never killed anyone directly, but what he did was a thousand times worse. Tbh I think Appledusk really deserved what was coming for him.

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