Worst Parents by Dewfeather

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Dewfeather explains who some of the worst parents in Warriors are

Hi! Dewfeather here to talk about some of the worst parents here. Worse PARENTS. They are in no particular order, and most people agree with this. If you haven’t read Power of Three, Crookedstar’s Promise, Dawn of the Clans, Tallstar’s Revenge, or Yellowfang’s Secret there are spoilers ahead! Let’s start with…

1. Spiderleg
I don’t really have much for him. He was just a terrible father in general and doesn’t really have an excuse. He ignored Daisy but she was still caring for him. Listen to this

Daisy: “Spiderleg, what’s the matter? Are you ill?”
Spiderleg: “I’m fine. I just wish every cat would stop fussing.”
—Daisy concerned for Spiderleg when he has a cough Long Shadows, page 233

She still cared for him. He ignored her and his kits. Maybe he had a secret love like Onestar and Smokey. Or maybe he was afraid he was going to fail. For whatever reason he was still a terrible father.

2. Rainflower
She just doesn’t have a reason for this. Everyone hates her because she hates her son. Why I think she’s terrible:
1. She just honestly despised Crookedstar and didn’t care to hide it.
2. She rejects him, he was once her “brave, handsome warrior.” Now its Oakkit she loves
3. She changed his name for no reason. What was wrong with Stormkit!?!
4. She forced Hailstar to make Oakkit’s mentor Shellfur.
I could go on and on but I’m going to keep it short.

3. Palebird
I haven’t read Tallstar’s revenge in a while so some of this may be wrong. Okay, so Finchkit dies but that isn’t a reason to ignore her remaining kit! On Warriors Fandom it says that Tallkit wondered if Palebird would rather have Finchkit alive and he dead. I don’t know way she chose a new mate after Sandgorse died, but it depressed Talltail. Did Palebird hate Sandgorse after they were mates and didn’t want to break his heart? When Talltail left she didn’t wail and beg for him to stay, she shrugged it off. It would be interesting to have a novella about her choices, maybe Palebird’s Kin?

4. Lizardstripe
She just overall hates kits. She rejects her own litter. If you don’t want kits, don’t take a mate! I’m surprised that her kits didn’t turn out meaner because of rejection.

5. Clear Sky
Okay how many mates and kits did he have? 12.
1. Star Flower-Loved
2.Bright Stream-dead, loved
4. Flower Foot- loved
5. Dew Petal- loved
6. Thunder star- rejected
7-10. Tabby kit, pale grey kit, two unnamed kits- All dead
11. Tiny Branch- Dead
12. Honey Pelt- loved

How many family members has he not yet rejected? 5, not including the dead unnamed ones. Most people hate him because he killed a lot. Well, he did lose several family members. Maybe he went crazy and killed because he wanted to protect his loved ones. I would understand. The reason he is on this list is because he rejected several family members. His brothers, Thunderstar, and several others. He was crazy and deserted Storm when she was about to have kits. I think he makes this list because of how he rejected most
of his family not just his sons.

That’s all for now! Do you agree with all of this?

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  • To be fair on Palebird’s side, she was probably mentally damaged by her kit’s death and her mate’s death later on. Sound familiar?
    Yes, she was in the same situation as Sparkpelt, but why was she not on this list? Well, our PoV was an adult that knew what depression was and understood the situation. Meanwhile, Tallkit was only a kit that didn’t know anything and was confused. And about choosing a new mate, she probably didn’t like Sandgorse’s behavior to her only son, who she’d never want to lose. Sparkpelt clearly trusted her mate, Larksong.

    And about Spiderleg, I think he was just being selfish about spreading his gene pool since none of Ferncloud’s kits had any yet. Ironically, both his kits never had any of their own, so it was for nothing, and just hurt Daisy.

    Lizardstripe should have left her relationship if she didn’t want kids and her mate forced her to. If she could’ve made better decisions, Brokenstar would probably have to be cared for by Yellowfang and his mother shared with the clan, which could possibly prevent his tyranny.

    Rainflower was probably really hurt by Stormkit’s accident and felt that she wasn’t a good enough mother. She abandoned him not because she hated him, but was uncertain. She should have instead given him lots of support, instead of Brambleberry doing it for her.

    I can’t say anything about Skystar as I haven’t read DotC

    • “Mentally damaged” isn’t the best way to refer to depression considering the connotation that comes with it and saying that someone is “damaged” because they have depression can be really problematic considering the negativity people with depression already receive from depression and through societal factors as well. While I agree with your points you mentioned about Palebird and her depression’s effect on Tallkit, I’d just like to point out the power or negative implications in this case of wording.

      • Ah, I’m very sorry! I really haven’t had the experience myself, so I wasn’t sure how to best describe it. I was trying to use more variety in my words, just a habit of mine.

  • I agree with all of this except Clear Sky. Because he said he was sorry to everyone he rejected. And he lost so many cats in his life so he might not want to get close to any of them. When he rejected Thunder he was grieving for Storm and he eventually wanted him back to get to know him. He also took Honey pelt in and loved him so that shows hes not completely a bad parent.

  • If Stormkit hadn’t become Crookedkit, what would his name be. Stormpaw,Stormblaze. Reason:he was brave and energetic(correct?) and his fur was a golden-brown.