StarClan Rebellion Theory by Beelight

Art by KZcat

Beelight theorizes about what’s going on in StarClan

Hey guys, I’m Beelight, and I’m here to discuss a theory on TBC’s plot, more importantly, what the heck is going on with StarClan?

If we look back at Squirrelflight’s Hope (I haven’t read it, but I don’t read SEs) StarClan is running well as it’s always been. Three months later, StarClan is probably the apocalypse. Everyone seems to think it’s AsHFuR due to how the impostor in Bramblestar is acting weIrD like iT’s goOd to sEe yoU. However, I think the impostor is just trying to act like Squirrelflight’s mate and is doing a terrible job.

I think the whole impostor thing is a large group of ghosts wanting to destroy the clans. Why? It’s possible that a little before Lost Stars, some StarClan warriors realized how flawed their old life was or some other excuse (hey it’s Erin logic) and probably massacred StarClan. I mean, I’m pretty sure ghosts can kill other ghosts.

Anyway, after the whole thing, they left the alliance of StarClan, and they are now on a mission: to fix the clans’ flaws. It would be pretty nice to see the whole thing as just anti-heroes. So that’s how the StarClan was destroyed, but what about the clearly evil Bramblestar impostor?

What if, a cat survived the massacre of StarClan, and are trying to flip their plan over, by using possession to make the clans go their way. They could also use the massacred StarClan as an excuse to follow the flawed code. Why? So the loyal StarClan cats don’t lose their power over the clans. Maybe StarClan has some sort of energy needed from the clans to stay powerful.

With this idea, Bramblestar’s impostor could the leader of Starclan’s survivors besides the rebels. But why would they attack the other clans? Maybe the battle that will happen in VoS will happen because the rebels are stealing their bodies, and are really just trying to kill their foes. They also might have the goal of killing the cats who are suspicious and worried they may support the rebels, as spies could probably be hidden in all the clans.

So is there a bigger battle in StarClan? We only can W.A.S!

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