Is StarClan the Antagonist? by Beelight

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Beelight poses a theory about the plot of The Broken Code

Hey guys, I’m Beelight, but call me Zing if you want. I’m here to discuss my theory about what will happen in The Broken Code.

Firstly, my ideas on StarClan’s loss of contact. In the prologue, we see a StarClan cat watching over a pool with Puddleshine and Shadowsight (Shadowpaw at the time) and says he’ll forever be remembered until the clans last. This proves that StarClan was still around, but why did they cut off from the clans?

I think they’re plotting against the clans for their power. Ever since the sisters came by the lake, StarClan might believe their clans they puppet are becoming more certain about how StarClan treats them, and StarClan is worried that the power they crave so much will be lost. So what do they do? Make the code that holds the clans together be believed as the force that keeps StarClan together.

This is why they’re cutting off with the living: to make sure no one finds out their plan. They could, however, manipulate deceased clan cats (which they may have killed) to join their forces. For example, in the two months between SH and LS, Mintfur (the RiverClan one) and several elders die in between the books. StarClan could contact the dead ghost cats, and if they declined, no one could tell anyone anyway or even kill their ghosts since Tree can see ghosts. This might also make the death of Antfur caused by StarClan, trying to get recruits.

What about Shadowsight being remembered, his weird seizure dreams, and the attack at the end of TST? Well, maybe the StarClan cats saw a future where he would be able to get into StarClan’s contact. This could be a problem for StarClan, so they’re trying to flip the future they saw, by giving him the codebreaker prophecy, and also sending someone to assassinate Shadowsight for double measures. However, the true hero of this arc may be Rootpaw, if StarClan doesn’t know if he can see Bramblestar.

This is the reason they are impostoring Bramblestar: to get their support of the code. They have probably already put spies in all of the clans, maybe even during the secret meeting. Again, these spies could kill off suspicious cats, both physically and spiritually. I think this will be the real reason for the battle coming in VoS: to make an excuse for the impostor cats to kill off their foes, then probably tell them to help them. It would be interesting to see someone like, let’s say, Breezepelt (I’m sorry) was one of the many killed foe cats, but escaped and came to tell Rootpaw or Tree (If he’s alive) about the truth.

What do you guys think? Comment down your idea for TBC!

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  • I like the idea. One thing I have to say: there is a YouTuber I watch who theorises about the Bramblestar imposter and what’s going on and I can’t remember everything about it but it supposedly has something to do with Spiresight and Ashfur. The video is called ‘Warrior Cats has a New Villain’ or something like that, if you want to watch it.

  • I’ve been theorizing this ever since I got back into Warriors. More evidence (even though this is from a while back in the story and I understand why none of you may have noticed): Before the clans, there was ‘bloodshed’. I really just don’t understand this. I mean, five big clans should be worse than a few tiny groups at first glance. Though if you think about it these five clans are organized. But these five clans and their code have done A LOT of harm. This code ended up causing Mapleshade to become evil, Darktail to be rejected by his father, and many more incidents. Also, ‘if there is no skyclan, the clans will fall’ stuff is just…it just sounds so made up. I like skyclan, skyclan made my fan fiction better, but Starclan is using this for who knows what, we need to figure it out! My personal theory is they’re doing this for immortality.

  • You should watch the video ‘StarClan’ by Moonkitti. She talks about a lot of interesting things. 🙂


  • That’s a very interesting theory, but now, we know that that is not true. StarClan is still gone, but not an antagonist. Rootspring wasn’t able to see Bramblestar’s ghost because he got stuck in the Place Of No Stars.
    Bramblestar’s impostor is the one who sent Shadowsight his false StarClan visions and is MAINLY guessed to be Ashfur or Sol. (Sol said that he’d come back, but he has yellow eyes, so no.) According to my sources, many people also think that Spiresight may be critically involved in this mess as an antagonist.

    I personally guessed that the impostor was Ashfur even before I read about other reader’s opinions, and now we will just have to wait for the fourth installment of TBC, Darkness Within. 😀

  • 🍰 Strawberrykit can’t comment or hit the reply button! The comment button is gone. says:

    This is a theory that makes sense! I 100% agree with this