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Who is the Father to Gray Wing? by Dewfeather

Art by NightmareSparckle

Dewfeather tries to figure out who Gray Wing’s father is!

Hello! Dewfeather is here to solve the missing mate to Quiet Rain from Dawn of the Clans. There are spoilers so be careful. I was reading something and it said no one knows who Gray Wing’s father was. Because I am always curious about this stuff I did some research. It is possible that the father died, but then the cats may be talking about it. If they were carried off by an eagle it is very possible some cat would say “watch the sky so you don’t end up like name of the cat” So here is all my research but be careful, spoilers have made a den here.

1. I looked at all the pelt colors of the Quiet Rain family

Quiet Rain- sleek furred speckled gray cat with blue eyes and white specks around her muzzle
Fluttering Bird- Brown, yellow eyes
Gray Wing- dark grey with gold eyes
Clear Sky- light gray with ice blue eyes
Jagged Peak- grey tabby with blue eyes

So I looked for the stuff that probably didn’t come from her. She was gray and so are all the toms in this list. The only odd thing is the brown fur and the dark grey fur. I made a list of what to look for.

Gold/yellow eyes
Fluttering Bird’s brown fur
Maybe dark grey fur?

2. I compiled a list of all the males available at that time minus the old ones like Lion’s Roar. (How do they know what a lion is?) Well, our star cats are…

Shaded Moss
Moon Shadow
Twisted Branch
Shattered Ice
Cloud Spots
Stone Song
Jackdaws Cry
And Sharp Hail

All of the toms seem around Quiet Rain’s age yet none are seen interacting with her. Quiet Rain seems like a reserved cat.

3. Then I took away the males with mates thinking they would stay loyal. Hopefully they would. Anyway, that left us with…

Shaded Moss
Twisted Branch
Shattered Ice
Cloud Spots
Jackdaw’s Cry

So I took away Jackdaw’s Cry because he is too young to be the father of Gray Wing. Gray Wing is seen as being older than him.

4. Next I looked at pelt colors

Shaded Moss-black and white with green eyes
Twisted Branch-brown with amber eyes
Shattered Ice- gray and white with green eyes
Cloud Spots-black and white with blue eyes

I eliminated Shattered Ice and Shaded Moss because they had green eyes and I needed yellow. That left me with Cloud Spots and Twisted Branch. Well, Cloud Spots was black and white while I needed brown. He had blue eyes but Twisted Branch was brown and had amber eyes. I chose Twisted Branch because he looked like Fluttering Bird.

So, I think that Twisted Branch is the father of Gray Wing, Clear Sky, Jagged Peak, and Fluttering Bird. He doesn’t have munch interaction with Quiet Rain but none if the other toms do either. I can’t tell if he mourned deeply about Fluttering Bird, because that scene was very short. He has the same pelt as some of the Quiet Rain family and the same eyes as some of them too. Maybe this was a Spiderleg and Daisy thing.

Hopefully you agree and I didn’t miss a cat. Otherwise, the results would change drastically. Thank you warriors.fandom.com or else this article may not be here.

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