Who is Possessing Bramblestar? by Night-tail

Art by Dawnmist

Night-tail theorizes as to who is possessing Bramblestar!

Hi! I’m Night-tail, with an article! I’m going to take on a very serious question.
Who is possessing Bramblestar?

I’ll just give you the facts and the theories for now.
Number one. Ashfur
This is the most popular theory. Lots of people hate Ashfur, and here is their reasoning:
1. One of the Erins hinted at the return of a controversial character
2. Starclan is silent, that’s where he went when he died
3. He has a quarrel with Bramblestar
4. Squirrelflight is the one breaking the news about who’s possessing Bramblestar
5. Shadowsight’s vision had ash floating around
Number two. Sol
This is less popular, but still has a few people supporting it.
1. Sol has been gone for a while now. What has he been doing, learning how to possess?
2. He knows the clans pretty well
3. Good at tricking
4. Doesn’t know who Dewnose is
Number three. Tigerstar
Most people say: it’s impossible! He’s dead! Like Moonkitti. But let me tell you: anything is possible with the Erins.
1. Knows his son in and out
2. He’s always hated half clan cats. Makes sense that he’d want to get rid of codebreakers too
3. Wanted to make clans stronger
4. Erins love bringing him back even though they let him get killed by a tiny cat
5. Probably has leftover anger over failing miserably twice. He didn’t even kill Firestar, it was a tree that killed Firestar!
Number four. Darktail
He seems likely because he just died and he was a big villain.
1. Wouldn’t care who Dewnose is
2. Getting rid of all codebreakers would send the clans into ruin. Perfect opportunity for him.
3. He gave Bristlefrost the power to assign cats on patrol, like how he had trusted Violetshine
4. Has Violetshine talked to the possessed Bramblestar? Then maybe he hasn’t because she’ll see right through him…
Number five. A tom from the sisters
Maybe it’s a completely new character. One who wants revenge on the sisters for throwing him out…
1. A good time for another new villain
2. The sisters are very important if they just got introduced. Why are they here?
3.The sisters can see ghosts. What other powers do they have?

I think the cat possessing Bramblestar is Tigerstar. What do you think?

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    • Same but I’m honestly not sure it’s popular but I think it’s sol or Darktail

      Even though I hope it’s a new villain cause we need more.

  • Ashfur. because he was trying to get all close to Squirrelflight when he was alive, and the possessed Bramblestar was trying to get all close, cuddly, and warm with her but then he exiled her. S o I think it’s Ashfur.

  • Think about this. Sol swore to return to the clans. If he would have died since then it would have tied him to the mortal world as he had unfinished business. Plus with skyclans return it would be perfect. As for Asfur. I just don’t like the idea. It makes sense but something about it doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Did you guys see the Broken Code Book 5 cover and blurb release? It’s called The Place of no Stars and it has Ashfur on the cover i think. Sol doesn’t have blue eyes, and Tigerstar cannot come back for sure.

    • HALLELUIGH SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME! it is so hawkfrost!! i think hawkfrost and tigerstar are working together bc tigerstar was always the mastermind.

  • Honestly, I will be so surprised if it isn’t Ashfur. I mean, everything points to it. He was sad when he thought Squirrelflight was dead. Remember how he loved her when he was alive? At first I was thinking that he would never do something evil like that, but then I remembered what he did to Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, to get back at Squirrelflight for not loving him back.