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5 Saddest Deaths Ever! by Brightkit

Brightkit lists 5 of the saddest deaths in Warriors

Hi guys, it’s Brightkit and you know it! Today I’m going to talk about the 10 saddest deaths. It took me hours to write this, so please take your time and read it! Please and thank you!

Number 10: Bluestar
Bluestar sacrificed herself for Thunderclan and Fireheart which makes me kinda proud of her and she was an excellent example of courage and loyalty. I think that she is noble and brave, watching over her clanmates from StarClan.

Number 9: Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf fought so bravely in the Great Battle and taught her Clan so much, and even though she killed Ashfur, I still like her complex character and I am also a hardcore shipper of Holly X Fallen so yeah!

Number 8: Firestar
Firestar is the first cat we met in the very first chapter of ITW excluding the prologue as a kittypet named Rusty. He was a noble cat who didn’t want needless battles or bloodshed and would talk rather than fight. Some see him as cowardly and softhearted, but he was brave and selfless at the same time.

Number 7: Time to admit it, Sorreltail was the bravest of all. During the Great Battle, she was fatally wounded by some cat (I forgot who it was)but she hid her wounds to protect the kits in the nursery.Go Sorreltail!

Number 6:Spottedleaf
OK, one reason why I put her on this list is because she gave up her own existence in StarClan to protect Firestar and the rest of ThunderClan from the Dark Forest and was killed, ultimately, TWICE.
Poor Spottedleaf! Now, let’s not forget that the first time she was killed, SHE WAS INNOCENT! SHE WAS JUST GOING INTO THE NURSERY WHEN CLAWFACE KILLED HER! CLAWFACE, YOU KILLED AN INNOCENT MEDICINE CAT WHO WAS JUST TRYING TO DO GOOD FOR HER CLAN! Ok, deep breaths, this isn’t a rant party.

Number 5: Dustpelt
Dustpelt was my ultimate favorite:his prickly nature, his gentleness with Ferncloud, everything about him is a mystery and I like him as a character for those reasons. A tiny bit of me blames Bramblestar for his death because Bramblestar was the one to insist that they help ShadowClan. I understand that Bramblestar wanted to help Tawnypelt but Rowanstar is too proud to ask for help. He is an ungrateful rival, and if he hadn’t insisted, Dustpelt might still be alive. I wanted him to last a little longer. But, on the plus side, at least he’s welcomed by Ferncloud’s spirit.

And now my fingers are falling off from typing, so…….Brightkit out!

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  • I’m happy Spottedleaf is on here! Go Spottedleaf!
    Also, you should add Silverstream, Stonefur, and Redtail. I don’t care where,
    She died kitting! How sad is that? I really liked her! But they killed her! Also, the whole mating with Graystripe from ThunderClan isn’t the best, but still!
    It was a completely unfair fight! Two strong, fierce warriors, Darkstripe and Blackfoot, against a weak, hungry cat, stonefur. TIGERSTAR, WHY. I really dislike him. If he hadn’t died, he could’ve become Stonestar, the fiercest leader ever in the history of the clans! (Sorry Bluestar and the other great leaders)

    I know, he’s barely in the series. But tigerclaw killed him! And, as I me toned before, I HATE TIGERCLAW. Redtail could’ve become a great leader known as Redstar, like Stonefur, and I’m a big fan of him even though I barely know him. It want his fault he didn’t see Tigerclaw! Also, another death caused by Tigerclaw. Let me list a few.
    1. Stonefur
    Died in unfair fight caused by Tigerstar/claw
    2. Redtail
    Killed for an unnecessary reason.
    3. Bluestar
    He didn’t directly kill her, but he lead the dogs to ThunderClan and Bluestar died to save ThunderClan.
    4. Brindleface
    She was killed by Tigerstar to get the murderous dog pack a taste of cat blood.
    5. Swiftpaw
    Tigerstar lead the dog pack to the forest. I guess it’s kinda bluestar’s fault for not making him a warrior, but…
    And that to name just a few.

    Sorry this comment is so long, I was bored…


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