The Top Five Saddest Deaths In The Dawn of the Clans by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw lists some of the saddest deaths in DoTC

Hello BlogClan! As you probably know from the title, my name is Turtlepaw/ dapple. Most people call me Turtlepaw or Turtle, though. And this is an article about the top five saddest deaths in the Dawn of the Clans era IN MY OPINION. (The Dawn of the Clans era is the Dawn of the Clans arc itself, plus Thunderstar’s Echo, Moth Flight’s Vision, and Shadowstar’s Life.) This article will contain spoilers for Dawn of the Clans, Thunderstar’s Echo, and Moth Flight’s Vision. So if you haven’t read those books, you probably don’t want to read this because of SPOILERS FOR DEATHS.

But anyway, let’s begin!

5. Rainswept Flower: It was so darn sad when Rainswept Flower died! Killed by Clear Sky, her own former Tribemate! Rainswept Flower is one of my favorite Dawn of the Clans characters, and her death- I did NOT see it coming. It was pretty sad. I didn’t cry, because I’m not really the kind of person who cried when fictional characters die, but I was sad.

4. Micah. POOR MICAH! He just wanted to help Moth Flight help WindClan! But then CLEAR SKY (glares at Clear Sky) was all, “No Micah! Don’t help Moth Flight! Who cares if she’s trying to help her Clan? Red Claw, come over here!” And then the stupid BRANCH fell and… KILLED POOR MICAH! Micah’s death was really, REALLY sad because… he and Moth Flight were SO PERFECT for each other! Micah was one of the only cats who really understood Moth Flight. RIP, Micah.

3. Lightning Tail: Lightning Tail! Brutally killed by dogs. So sad. So… shocking. I mean, I did NOT expect him to die! So when he did… that made his death all the more sad. Poor Thunderstar! He lost his BEST FRIEND. Lightning Tail was like a BROTHER to him. I have to admit, I cried on the inside at this death. Because Lightning Tail did not deserve his end via a couple of dogs. Also, I ship Lightning Tail and Thunderstar, so yeah.

2. Gray Wing: Oh my god. Gray Wing’s goodbye to Slate, Black Ear, Silver Stripe, and White Tail at the end of Path of Stars… I almost cried, it was so sad. I mean, Gray Wing was probably like, four when he died? He could have lived longer if not for his coughing! Gray Wing’s death actually DID make me shed a tear. And that’s really saying something, because I’m the kind of person who watches the movie Titanic and doesn’t even shed a tear.

1. And the saddest death in the Dawn of the Clans era (in my opinion, of course) is…

Turtle Tail’s death was SO SAD! And it’s all Tom’s fault! If he hadn’t kidnapped Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur, Turtle Tail wouldn’t have had to set out searching for them. Then the monster would have never hit her. Actually, it was only after her death that I realized Turtle Tail was my favorite Warriors character. She’s the reason I’m Turtlepaw.

So those were what I consider to be the top five saddest deaths in the Dawn of the Clans era. What deaths did you find sad? Tell me in the comments. Turtle out!

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      • Newtpaw/runner-[he/him]-[apprentice to the a-Maze-ing Rootclaw]-["Great, we're all bloody inspired" Newt maze runner page 328]- says:

        we know, buuuut it was still sad, there were unborn kits too..

  • I think the number one would tie for Storm’s death and Gray Wing’s death. I was a bit young reading Dawn of the Clans, so I had no idea what was going on in Storm’s Death. Then I realized what happened as plunged my face into a pillow. :'(
    Have a great rest-of-the-day!

  • I think Gray Wing’s death is the saddest- he was my favorite character in DOTC. But, like you, I didn’t cry. I don’t really cry easily.

  • I think Gray Wing’s death is the saddest- he was my favorite character in DOTC. But, like you, I didn’t cry. I don’t really cry easily. BTW my cousin and I are opposite, lol.
    I laugh very easily while my cousin cry very easily.

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