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Brightpaw explains their thoughts on Brindleface


Hey! Bright here! I am a new member and I have only read “The prophecy begins”, “The new prophecy” “The power of three” and “Dawn of the clans”. As it is my first article, I want it to be as good as possible.
I thought talking about Brindleface. Her story, actions and some reasons why we should love her! In my view, she is very underrated, sadly.


Firstly, we met her in the ThunderClan camp as a queen. When ShadowClan attacks ThunderClan, she fought bravely, even if she is closed to kitting. Apart from that, she is also shocked when Blackfoot (later Blackstar) still kits. When Yellowfang joins ThunderClan, Brindleface is suspicious of her.
After she gave birth to four kits, one dies of sickness, Frostfur, her sister, alongside with Fireheart, brings Cloudkit for Brindleface to nurse. Frostfur says that Cloudkit cannot replace the kits Brindleface lost, but Firestar’s nephew would die without her help. Cloudkit, later Cloudtail, is accepted by Brindleface, though reluctantly, but her eyes soften and she is relieved.
When a battle with ShadowClan happen, Brindleface takes Cloudkit to safety.
Cloudkit strays away and almost gets eaten by a badger, and obviously, Brindleface is very worried about this. But Sandstorm, Fireheart and Brackenpaw save him from a badger, leaving Brindleface relieved.
The she-cat watches Cloudkit become and apprentice with pride in her chest and and yowls his name loudly.
Brindleface watches affectionately as her two kits tussle around on the ground. Not much later, Brindleface speaks with Whitestorm, telling him that she thinks her kits are ready to begin training. She wants to tell Bluestar personally, but the leader has not visited the nursery in days. After speaking with Bluestar, Fireheart goes to the nursery and tells Brindleface that her kits would be apprenticed soon. He then awkwardly asks who she would like as mentors, to which Brindleface replies that Bluestar would know best, unknowing to the fact that Bluestar had assigned Fireheart to pick their mentors. Later that day, Bluestar holds a ceremony for Fernpaw and Ashpaw as they sit next to their mother. That night, Brindleface returns to the warriors’ den.
She is murdered by Tigerstar to give the dog pack a taste for cat blood. Her body is left slaughtered just outside ThunderClan’s camp at the end of the trail of rabbits. She is carried back to camp by Sandstorm and Cloudtail. Her kits, Ashpaw, and Fernpaw are devastated when she dies, as well as her foster son, Cloudtail; Cloudtail even suggests a raid on ShadowClan’s camp in revenge for the death of Brindleface. Her kits avenge her death by helping to drive the dogs into the gorge.
When it is time for Firestar to receive nine lives, Brindleface is one of the cats who appear. Along with his life, she gives him the gift of protection, so that he can protect his Clan as a queen would protect her kits. Fireheart expects the life to be warm and calm but is surprised when the life is shockingly excruciating, showing the power of something a queen would do to protect her kits. Fireheart also understands that Brindleface loves all of her kits very much, even Cloudtail, who was not hers, but a kittypet.


Finally, my thoughts on the character. As a matter of fact, she is very underrated. Needless to say that she was the mother of Ashfur, a major character, and Ferncloud, one of the most popular queens. And mother of Tulipkit and Elderkit, who died of starvation, breaking her heart. Brindleface was mate to Whitestorm and apprentice to Stormtail, Bluestar’s father. She is kin to dovewing, through Ferncloud’s kit, Birchfall.
Though she isn’t one in my 10th favorite characters list, I think she deserves to be loved for her kindness and acts. I don’t think she made mistakes, and I feel strongly that she was one of the best mothers ThunderClan could have. Cloudtail was right to attack ShadowClan for killing her. Sadly, according to the fandom, you don’t see her that often. To the best of my knowledge, there are far more characters that are underrated, and people should point them.


And that’s it for my first article! I hope I convinced you to love Brindleface! What are your thoughts on her? Does she deserve to be underrated? Share them in the comments below! Have a lovely day! UwU

Art by: Gekkozilla

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