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The most wrong Warriors names I can think of by Lightningkit

Lightningkit shares some strange names from the series.

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

There a lot of cats with weird names and I am going to name a few.

How can you call a cat Deadfoot?!! That’s rude and offensive and makes it apparent that the cat is lame in one foot.

So this one’s funny, but also weird. It basically gives the impression that Runningnose has a permanent cold. Really, Yellowfang? I guess it’s a good reminder medicats can’t cure everything.

This cat is glutton. Seriously. Or it has no stomach or something like that.

Honestly. This cat is another glutton. And it’s always complaining that they’re hungry. Whoever named Hollowbelly and Loudbelly really needs a list of names that aren’t so weird.

I’m guessing this is a used-to-be-kitty pet cat. Really. How can you just add ‘brook’ to the prefix ‘Harry’? Next time give the cat a different prefix.

Same as Harrybrook. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. How can that work?

That is an offensive name. Seriously Cedarstar? Is Foxheart really a fox-heart? I don’t think any cat deserves that horrible name.

What?? A twig and a branch are literally the exact same thing. I get the excuse but seriously? You could call a cat Bramblethorn or Dapplespot and it just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

Rainflower is the most fox-hearted mother to ever have existed in the Warrior Cats universe. Why? She was all over Stormkit, calling him things like ‘My handsome little warrior,’ until he fell and broke his jaw, when she went all hate on him, changing his name to Crookedkit without asking and going off with his brother, Oakkit and calling Oakkit her ‘handsome little warrior,’! She completely abandoned him when he needed her love, not hatred most.

He has claws in his face. Seriously. REALLY? What was wrong with Raggedstar? It’s horrible to name a cat Clawkit, but Clawface?

Yes, Brightheart did have her face practically destroyed by vicious dogs which were used by Tigerstar (TPB), but, Bluestar, no need to turn on StarClan and to rub it in! Brightpaw had suffered enough already, so don’t make it worse! Those dogs could have killed her like they did Swiftpaw!

I’m done with the rant. There. Over. I hope you liked it and if you don’t agree you can your own opinion and post it in the comments down below!

Lightningkit out. 😉

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