The Worst Thing about Warriors by Night-tail

Night-tail shares what they think is the worst idea in Warriors. Do you agree?

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Hi, I’m Night-tail. This is my first article on Blogclan, so please take it easy on me. I’m going to talk about the worst thing about warrior cats. (in my opinion so please don’t scream at me for it!)

Here’s the worst thing about warrior cats. Wait for it wait for it… is it Bumblestripe? Is it the Appledusk is evil controversy? Is it Ashfur? Is it Bramblestar? Is it all the Tigerstar clones? Is it the fact Thunderclan is like, the center of attention? Is it the moon blocking the sun? The last one, yes.

Why? To be clear, that is when Sol predicts a solar eclipse (because Midnight the badger told him) and it happens, leaving the clans in darkness in the middle of the day, while they’re fighting. So, what is so wrong about it? Well, they used up the only chance to use it in future arcs. And, they used it on a small villian, who may have been cunning and genius level intelligence, he never got that high into the books. He was there, and then we forgot about him.

If they tried making another solar eclipse, it wouldn’t be accurate in real life. Sorry, I really like accuracy. It takes a very long time for a solar eclipse to happen again in the same spot. VERY LONG. Very long even for us! Imagine how long it would be for Warriors! UGH I can’t use it in my fan fiction or I’d feel guilty. It doesn’t make sense to be worried for accuracy in Warriors, but I just am like that.

Sol does not get enough attention. They used up a solar eclipse for him. ARGH!!! A solar eclipse is a big deal! Maybe I need to calm down about it, but it’s kind of sad. I really wish I could just accept the fact that it’s warriors and nothing is impossible but I physically cannot.

I’ve never actually seen a full eclipse like that before. So I feel like those cats are extremely lucky!!!

So, that was my first article. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • they probably used a solar eclipse for sol because, well, his name is SOL instead of any other surprising/bad/confusing thing. Thats just my opinion. nice article

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