Happy Birthday, Fawnspots!

It’s time for a party!

Drawn by the amazing Pine! Ahhh it looks so good…

It’s Fawny’s birthday! 💚


We’ve got a lot of birthday cheer going around today! You’ve got not only one but two amazing pieces of art on your birthday 😉

Look??? At this??? Some absolutely stunning art made by Clo!

Hey, Fawny! It’s time for you to bare your soul to us about today. Not really, but we’d love to get some details from you about your special day. For example, whether or not you’re eating cake today, or if you’d like to hypothetically share it with all of us 🎂

BlogClan adores you, Fawny. You’re kind, funny, and all-around awesome. We hope your birthday is a fabulous one! 💚


✨ Cheetahspark ✨



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