Happy Mail: It’s Gonna be OKAY!

Kat here to remind you that things will be alright

Hello dear BlogClan! Kat here with another Happy Mail for you.

ANOTHER happy mail???

So, we’re winding down on the end of this school year, though most of us are still in the midst of quarantine. For a lot of us (cough: Kat you’re talking about you), this was a really hard school year academically, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Maybe you’ve slacked on assignments, gotten some bad test grades, or have been doing fine but are still wrought with worry over whether or not it’s been enough.

Kat stop pretending this entire Happy mail isn’t just you reassuring yourself

Well, I’m here to remind you that it’s gonna be okay. Even if you fail every single class, you are going to live. That’s all that matters. You are going to get through it, and soon that failed class, that bad grade, will be nothing but a memory (that is, if you haven’t forgotten about it).

you are going to LIVE

Your grades are NOT your worth as a person. Imagine if you said any bad thought about yourself to another people. For example, “ack I failed this class-I’m such an idiot” becomes “wow Kat failed this class, she’s such an idiot.” Would you say that to me? Why not? Therefore, you shouldn’t say that to yourself.

hopefully you don’t hate Kat so you’re like “oh wow I have no issue saying that to her”

Also, know that almost EVERYONE will be sympathetic if your grades dropped this semester. If your teacher is not going to be lenient with grades (which maaaany teachers will likely be), anyone looking at your report card will NOT think less of you if you fell off the wagon. They’ll say: “Oh, that grade was during remote learning,” and move on.

you are COOL as HECK

This semester is going to be over soon. Quarantine is going to be over when we’re all ready. We definitely will be dealing with some difficulty in the wake of all this, and to know that it will be a memory is not asserting that it’s meaningless and forgettable. Just know that it will pass.

all things must pass

Please don’t forget to take time for yourself. Your grades are not everything. Take a moment to lie down in your room and just rest, or maybe spend an hour working on your hobby, watch a YouTube video of some skill building for something you’ve always wanted to master, put on Netflix for an hour and eat some popcorn. You owe it to yourself to recharge.

you must RECHARGE

This has been Happy Mail, wonderful BlogClan. Know that everything will be okay; we’re here for you, and we’re here with you. Love to you today and everyday!

punctuating this post with one of my favorite pictures of all time…just…imagine being there…in a gondola, with a chunky cute Akita lookin’ at you.

Good day, BlogClan, and good mental health.


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