Why Dovewing Shouldn’t mate Bumblestripe by Night-tail

Night-tail shares their opinion on Dovewing and Bumblestripe.

Art by gasuaska

This time I’m going to talk about a tiny topic that hopefully nobody will yell at me for. Because next time I’m getting into a heated argument. This is: Why Dovewing Shouldn’t mate Bumblestripe!

Ok, first off! Bumblestripe has been crushing on Dovewing forever now and been coming up to her. Dovewing obviously hates him doing this, and tells him to stop, and rejects the idea of ever being his mate. You Bumblestripe fans are totally angry at me right now for saying this, I know. But I mean, Dovewing has no interest in mating him. Wouldn’t you want to date whoever you want? Dovewing wants the same. It’s pretty obvious. And then Bumblestripe uses his popularity to get Dovewing to mate him.

Cats are now pushing Dovewing towards him and Ivypool doesn’t want Dovewing mating Tigerheart, so she pushes her towards Bumblestripe too. (Excuse me Ivypool, breaking the code to be with Tigerheart is way better than you murdering cats) I never really cared about DovexBumble. I just thought, wow he’s annoying. Then forgot about the ship and was all like, Tigerxdove! I think I liked Tigerheart and Dovewing together because they both broke the code to be together. Dovewing has even joined Shadowclan for him! They really love each other. Saying Dovewing is mean for rejecting Bumblestripe is overreacting. This happens all the time in real life. Either yell at everyone in the world when they reject someone or give Dovewing a break. And if you still don’t believe me after all this, you’re just part of the bandwagon.

Really, I can’t blame Dovewing for rejecting him. He could have took it slow and waited for her, but instead he continuously annoyed her by asking her too much about it. He was like, “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?” “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?” “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?” “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?”. The dude was just too annoying. “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?” “Dovewing! Do you want to mate me?”. DUDE, STOP.

Please give me your opinion and give me criticism. Don’t worry I won’t take it personally!

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  • Tiger x Dove forever except… DOVEWING IS SO UNGRATEFUL TO THE PERFECTLY NICE CATS WHO RAISED HER AND JUST ABANDONED THEM FOR… one, two, three, four cats. Shadowsight, Lightleap, Pouncestep and Tigerheartstar. DISGRACEFUL SOUL. But still, Bumblestripe is too annoying for Dovewing. They’re both whiny and annoying so it wouldn’t work out.

    • Dovewing literally wanted to be with the family she was raising, is that a crime to want to be happy? She clearly still loves her mother and father, as well as Ivypool. Ivypool literally pushed her to leave ThunderClan in the first place with her atrocious behaviour in Tigerheart’s Shadow (“I’m not going to talk to my sister even though I know she’s planning on leaving ThunderClan while pregnant because she’s still with you, and I won’t do so until you break up” = blackmail, she’s petty and manipulative imho). Dovewing even wanted to visit her family sometimes, but knew she had made her choice and Bramblestar said she wasn’t allowed to outside of Gatherings, anyways. Tigerheart had literally just become the leader of ShadowClan, who might I remind you is the father of her kits, and if Dovewing had stayed in ThunderClan she would be raising her kits without their father, and she wants to do what is best for her family. Dovewing wold still love Tigerheart in ThunderClan, and she doesn’t want her kits to grow up without a father. She moved to ThunderClan because it was the best choice and she wanted to be happy.

      …is being happy really a crime now? Because I swear everytime someone says something like this about Dovewing it makes me think that there’s some kind of law that prohibits wanting to be happy and at peace in life

      • *I meant ShadowClan, I just woke up a few hours ago and have been multi-tasking all day

      • please think about this in ivypool’s vision:would you like it if your sister goes off for a guy she met in the street and leave your family?no man,just,no.and she should have never been mates with tigerheart It’s against the code UwU

      • YES.
        Dovewing deserves to be with who she’s happy with. <3
        PoppyfrostXBriarlight forever!

    • Honestly, I don’t like Tiger x Dove. They both broke the warrior code- like you said was good (forgive me) but that just annoys me! Plus, why did Tigerheart want Dovewing? I mean she was like a toxic character to be honest. She treated both Bumblestripe and Tigerheart badly. Why do they keep pushing for her? Why? Just WHY!? Anyway, why do people like Tiger x Dove so much? What was the point? Reading the journey when they went to find the beavers he was so cringy and basically said “I love you,” to her face I mean dude- “I will protect you…” BRO! Also, at first when they met again after the journey, Dovewing was acting like it was fine that they were meeting each other. Did they first have feeling for each other at the end of the journey? I have so many questions. And then Tiger x Dove was so fast! Honestly, I think Tigerheart was the pushy one! He forced them to meet up and like ERG! Anyway BUMBLE X DOVE all the way!

    • Bumblepoop is Graystripes son, but… Millie is his mom. I hate Millie, and I hate Bumblepoop. I guess it runs in the family. Anyway, Bumblepoop is always pestering Dovewing. The poor she cat!

  • Just like Ashfur isn’t entitled to Squirrelflight’s affection, Bumblestripe is not entitled to Dovewing’s. Everyone has a crush that never likes them back in life. It happens. It doesn’t mean you can just get your friends to peer pressure her into being with you. That’s manipulative and a relationship between Dovewing and Bumblestripe is toxic and abusive. I don’t ship her and Tigerheart either, but that doesn’t mean Bumblestripe is her automatic pairing. Screw you, Bumblestripe.

    • There is no scene that Bumblestripe MAKES his friends peer pressure her into being with him.You say Bumblestripe makes his friends peer pressure Dovewing,but its just His friends saying to Dovewing that he likes her so pls don’t be mean to him,and Bumblestripe might not even know it!
      Bumblestripe,Your great!

      • Bumblestripe is NOT great. He DOES pressure Dovewing into being his mate, AND into having kits.
        PoppyfrostXBriarlight forever!

  • The reason why I don’t like DovexBumble is because Dovewing didn’t love him and she wasn’t into him at all. She only got with him because she wanted to remain loyal to her clan but she didn’t love him at all it’s obvious. Bumblestripe was too busy chasing after her though

  • Everyone is saying either TigerxDove or BumblexDove or saying that they don’t ship either. But i’m here not knowing what to choose because I haven’t finished reading OoTS. But so far I don’t really like Tigerheart/star. Please help me. ;(

  • I think BumblexDove would not work. Here’s why:
    He is like berrynose
    She needs a cat to match her fire. (I know, Squrrelflight)
    He is a furrball. Sorry false. He is trying TO hard to get her as his mate.
    She wants freedom in her life.

  • Dude. Really!? Ya know Tiger heart could fall in love with Ivy pool since the went to the dark forest together(Though Hawk frost had a crush on Ivypool, then died).Anyways If Ivypool and Tigerheart were mates, Dovewing and Bumble stripe could still be together. But If I was Ivypool I feel bad for Bumblestripe, I would probably teach Covering a lesson. So I feel like when Ivypool found out Covering left to go to ShadowClan, I would be like” man, Dovewing is a Disgrace to ThunderClan.

  • I agree! although its not like Ivypool WANTED to kill cats. She did stay loyal to her clan while Dovewing snuck off with Tigerheart. (amazing article, by the way!!)

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