Why Cross-Clan Relationships SHOULD Be Allowed by Brightkit

Brightkit shares their opinion on cross-clan relationships.

Artwork by Kajathedog

Hey there, Brightkit here once again to explain cross-Clan relationships and why they should be allowed! So….. about cross-Clan relationships…..Law 1 in the warrior code basically just says “no cross-Clan relationships”.Now to why it was stupid and idiotic of the Clans even to think of this law. My first reason is: warriors shouldn’t have to have a mate in their Clan because I mean, the warrior code shouldn’t bind warriors to their Clan. Reason #2: It’s reasonable but remember that just because Graystripe loved Silverstream doesn’t mean he’s a traitor. In fact, he’s one of the best cats in ThunderClan. My third point is that cats can still be loyal even if they are, or once were, “codebreakers”. I HATE that term! Reason four—well, I decided to tell you this. Here goes: No warrior wants others jeering at them and making snide comments, but what’s even worse is a broken heart. Again, think of Graystripe and Silverstream. Wouldn’t you be crushed if you were a cat and you loved a cat from another Clan and you were judged for it? Yeah, I thought so. Fifth point is: Would you be crushed if you were separated from someone you love. Of course! At least, I would be.😋 #6:STOP USING THE “ Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu” excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaking the code is a flaw, guys. These cats are just NOT “perfect”. Oh yeah, they’re SO flawless. *rolls eyes sarcastically* Sorry, getting REALLY off track now. P.S. Only some idiots use that excuse but as a warning I put it on here so please don’t be offended if you don’t use the excuse. And don’t dare even to say Mary Sue in my presence. Reason #7: Love shouldn’t be punished. Period. And #8…… seriously, it’s simply idiotic to not leave almost any choice on the warrior. I mean, you can’t help it if you love someone. Why can’t the same be true for warriors? And sometimes, there’s reason behind the relationship.Well, this is different but like when Bluestar (she was Bluefur then) made the presumably VERY HARD DECISION to take her kits to RiverClan. And then that’s why I think that cross-Clan relationships should be allowed. Please remember that this is my opinion and you are free to have yours but don’t attack me in the comments!😉

Brightkit out!

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  • I totally agree! I kind think that sometime later on in the series, some strong, brave she-cat should make a public declaration of her love for her fiancé who lives in a different clan, and she should suggest some editions to the warrior code: like, if you fall in love with a cat from another clan, that’s just that, and you can ask your clan leader if you can go visit your mate. Another part of the edition could be something like if a queen is pregnant, and her mate lives in another clan, her mate can live with her clan until the kits are six moons old, and then the kits could choose to either be apprenticed in their mother’s clan, or their fathers clan. I, personally, am half-clan. My mother was Riverclan, and my father was Shadowclan, and I’m proud of it! (Though please do not ask me how a vicious troublemaker managed to fall in love with a fat, lazy swimmer.)

  • Yeah! Plus medicine cats should be aloud to have mates!! I ship Leaf X Crow and Briar X Jay!