Why I think Firestar is overrated by Windstream

Windstream shares their opinion on Firestar.

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Alright guys I am Windstream a RiverClan She-cat and the cat who is crushing on Hawkfrost. This is my first post so if it is horrid then please do not hate on me. Anyways let’s get to the point. I think Firestar is overrated. (Sorry Firestar Fans but I just had to). I will tell you a few reasons why I personally think Firestar is overrated.
1. He had his day in the prophecies begin. He had a whole series to himself. Then the Erins just had to make him the fourth cat. Look Firestar had a lot of battles with Tigerstar and he doesn’t need anymore. He was 96 moons old for crying out loud, (I had to count). So in my words, Firestar flame has run out. I think Bluestar should have the respect Firestar has but, that is a whole other article. 2. Firestar helped rebuild SkyClan. Now of course Firestar did help but there were like always other cats that helped Firestar but of course he had to steal the spotlight all for himself. Lets take Sandstorm for example, She was the temporary Medicine cat for SkyClan and she still functioned as a senior warrior of ThunderClan. That is amazing, in my opinion she did more then Firestar when rebuilding SkyClan. 3. Battle of the rats,(Firestar’s quest). I know he did kill the leader of the group of rats but he still lost a life and Sandstorm who only had 1 life because she was not a leader did not even die so let us give credit to who it is due and say that the spotlight in this situation should shine on Sandstorm not Firestar the quote on quote “special cat”, (taunting voice). See there are other cats who are more special and capable then Firestar. I know it seems like I am roasting him ( well I kind of am) I am just saying that you should respect and pay more attention to other characters that deserve to be liked and possibly overrated. 4. The three are Firestar’s kin. This is the last but not the least reason why I think Firestar is overrated. The Three Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are Leafpool and Crowfeather’s kits and of course Leafpool is Firestar’s Daughter making Firestar the three’s Grandfather. (I know Dovewing is the actual third cat but you guys know what I mean). So of course because they are related to Firestar the are so popular. Also do not forget about uncle Brambleclaw and Great uncle Tigerstar. As much as Tigerstar is evil he is still a popular character, he is even one of my favorites besides Hawkfrost. So that also makes them popular because of Lionblaze thinking that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are good, making the three popular as well. Thank you for reading and look out for the next article. Bye, and if you see Hawkfrost tell him to see me.

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  • oh hmmmmm i respect your opinions but just defending firestar…
    1.yes,he had all the series by himself.but about being the fourth cat…..he has to be the fourth cat.the fourth cat should die,and Firestar had lived long enough.i think that’s why the erin’s made him a the fourth cat.
    2.he did not have the spotlight for himself.there is not in the books that says only firestar did a good job and things…
    3.I’m being respectful for Firestar cause,yeah,sandstorm had 1 life.but its FIRESTAR who killed the leader of the rats..not her.
    4.why do you think they should NOT be?Brambleclaw is way too old to be one of the three and brambleclaw and squirrelflight is mates so it would come up on firestar’s kin anyway.and Twanypelt?i would HATE if they did that if the three was flametail,dawnpelt,tigerheart i would have died(i hate all three of them ESPECIALLY Tigerheart)
    only my opinions.

  • I totally agree that Firestar is overrated, although I would defend him against Needlepaw (tail) saying that it would be Firestar who told the medicine cats about the shadow prophecy, since Thunderclan is my favorite clan

  • I disagree but I respect your opinion. Also I think it makes sense for him to be the fourth cat. Firestar and Tigerstar have always had a long rivalry and also Firestar had to die it was meant to be. And it makes sense that Firestar was the one to kill Tigerstar.

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