BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Moonbreeze

In this month’s edition of BITS, we are interviewing Moonbreeze!

Hi there! Welcome to this month’s edition of BlogClanner in the Spotlight, featuring special guest Moonbreeze! If you want to learn more about Moon, keep reading! I hope you guys enjoy this interview—don’t hesitate to comment, share your thoughts, and show your love for Moon!

Q: If you were a cat in Warriors, which Clan would you belong to? 😺 What rank would you be? Why?

I’d like to be part of Riverclan, for sure! They’ve always been my favorite, and I feel like (in general) they have less hunger issues, since they eat fish. As for the rank, probably a senior warrior – I like to imagine deputy or leader, but I think that would end up being a little too much responsibility.

Q: Besides Warriors, what are some of your other favourite book series and fandoms?

I really love The Guardian Herd series – it’s really good, it’s similar to Warriors but it’s about pegasi! I read it before I read Warriors, actually, but the back cover mentioned it was good for Warriors fans, that’s actually what convinced me to start Warriors in general. There’s also a sequel series called Riders of the Realm, which is also really good! I’ve just started The Lunar Chronicles, and I’m liking that so far, and Wings of Fire has been a favorite for a while too. As for fandoms, I wouldn’t really consider myself an active member in really any at all, but many people know I absolutely love Pokemon and musical theatre, and less people know I love Sailor Moon as well.

Q: What’s worse—wind or rain? 🌪🌧

I’d definitely have to say rain. We don’t get snow where I live, so it just rains, rains, and rains some more all winter long. It makes things cold, it means we ride in the tiny indoor arena when I go horseback riding, and you get all wet. I don’t really see many pros here. 😛

Q: Favourites! Day of the week, name of country, dessert, and planet besides Earth.

My favorite day of the week is probably Wednesday or Sunday! Wednesday is because I have a shorter school day on that day, and I get to go horseback riding. Sundays are also great, since they are the only day I can sleep in as late as I want, since I have viola lessons on Saturday mornings. I don’t know of any cool country names, sorry 😛 My favorite dessert… that’s hard. Very hard. But I’d probably have to say Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream – it’s like Mint Chocolate Chip, but with chocolate cookie bits instead of chocolate chips. Highly recommend. And finally, for the planets – I’m going to say either Mars or Pluto. Mars purely because Sailor Mars is my favorite character in all of Sailor Moon. Pluto isn’t technically a planet, but I kinda consider it so – I’m honestly not sure why I like it, it’s just cool? And Sailor Pluto is my second favorite Sailor Moon character. 😛 Winter Edit: I like Fridays and Saturdays. Generic, I know. Also I love the name Azerbaijan because it’s just fun to say. Tuvalu as well.

Q: After a stressful day, how do you wind down and relax? What methods or routines do you follow to calm yourself?

If I’m feeling stressed, I usually just throw in my earbuds and listen to some music while browsing the blog – it’s relaxing, since I don’t feel like I have a ton of stuff to do. But sometimes it actually helps me to be productive – drawing, if I feel like drawing, or writing, if I have stuff to work on. Even homework sometimes, since it feels good to just get stuff done. And since I tend to either lose my temper or get frustrated easily and a lot, I usually calm down by just taking some deep breaths, ranting to some friends if need be, and face planting onto my desk and sitting there for a minute. 😛

Q: What’s one piece of advice you have for other members of BlogClan?

Don’t compare yourselves to others, and just be you. I’m just going to put that out there – I know it may seem obvious, and I know you’ve heard it a lot… but I’ve spent too much time in the past worrying about how the rest of you guys see me, or if I’m doing this wrong, or how I can be more like so-and-so. It’s not worth it. We love you for who you are – you don’t have to behave a certain way, you don’t have to gain a certain title just to be liked and respected. (Yes, I’m talking about being a SW or a mod. Do not feel pressured to be one or the other given the chance. I don’t regret running for SW, and earning my title was one of my proudest moments, but don’t feel pressured to if you don’t want to. We don’t see you any differently.)

Q: Do you prefer TV shows or movies? 🎬📺

TV Shows, for sure. For some odd reason, I’m actually not a big fan of movies! I’m not big on TV shows either, but I do have a few animes I enjoy, and I’d never want to give them up 😛 (And they also last longer 😉 ) Winter Edit: I actually like TV shows a lot more as well! I lose interest in movies and end up wishing they would just be over. I also feel like TV shows allow more room for plot and character development.

Q: And finally, you randomly win a contest for an all-expense-paid trip to anywhere in the world for 10 days—which three BlogClanners do you take with you, and where do you go?

I love this question! For the location, probably this really fun resort and waterpark that I go to with my family sometimes, Hawaii (it’s super fun, I went a few years back!), or somewhere we can go horseback riding. A lot of horseback riding. And for the people… if we’re talking any BlogClanners, even those who have gone inactive, definitely Silv and Ottie, though I’m not sure who for the last one. If we’re talking current, active members, Shadow, Pine, and Wavey. They’re some of my closest friends, though I’d honestly love to invite the entire Blog along with me if it wouldn’t be crazy expensive 😛 Also, taking Shadow and Pine to Hawaii… all I can say is one word: “Malasadas.” They will understand 😛

Thank you Moon for being such a cheery guest with thorough answers! I had a blast. Hopefully you guys did too. I’ll see your in June or July for the next round of BITS, but until then, stay safe, take care of yourselves, and be kind to one another. Bye! 😄

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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