BlogClan Art Collab: April Art Contest Winner + More!

The 2020 BlogClan Art Collab is officially two weeks away from completion – WOOOOOOOOO! 😄🎉

This is your final reminder that the last day to submit your purrsona is May 31st. No entries will be accepted beyond that date.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner of the April Art Contest. (The prompt being the background for the Art Collab.)

And it’s . . . . .


Congrats on your stellar win! 😀 Your prize: an emoji on livechat! please let me know in the comments what you’d like it to be (must be mod-approved, so nothing too funky 😜 )

You can see Mapledrift’s incredible background below:

Collab Background Contest by MapleLeafSunset

It was a close race – so much so that I’d like to give our runner up, Pineblossom (!!!), an emoji of their choice on live chat as well. Effective for one month! 🙂

A HUUGGGEEE thank you to everyone who submitted entries – they were all absolutely phenomenal! Im eternally grateful for them! 😭❤️ Choosing just one to be the background for our BlogClan Art Collab was NOT an easy task!

Here’s a list of all the purrsonas I have for the Art Collab – rather than confirming that your name is there, please let me know if it isn’t listed when it should be because you submitted an entry before May 17th. 😁

Archkit, Asp, Asterstorm, Beaconlight, Blackshade, Bluebellpaw, Blueheart, Brackenlight, Bramblefire, Brambleheart, Briarpaw, Brightfur, Butterflyflower, Cakestar, Cheetahspark, Clo, Cloudy, Crystalshine, Crystalstream, Dapplemoon, Darkpaw, Dewfeather, Dewlight, Doe, Eagleflight, Echomist, Emberblaze, Emberblossom, Emberspirit, Fallenshadows, Falling Feather, Fawnspots, Flamecloud, Fluttering Ivy Leaves in the Spring Breeze, Foxpaw, Foxtail, Frostfire, Galaxia-Lifey, Goldenberry, Goldenfawn, Gooseshadow, Hawkthornclaw, Ivystone, Junipermoth, Kat, Lightcloud, Lightningkit, Lilyfrost, Lionfire, Loneheart, Lupinetail, Mapledrift, Mistystream, Monkeyfur, Moonbreeze, Moonleap, Moonspirit, Owlfeather, Pastelblossom, Pearkit, Pebbleglow, Pebblepaw, Petalstream, Pineblossom, Pinestripe, Plumeflake, Puddleshard, Purple Dusk, Purplesky, Quietstream, Rainshine, Ravenmist, Rosepelt, Sandfrost, Shadefrost, Shadowmoon, Sheeptuft, Shiningpool, Silverfrost, Silverlight, Snowbreeze, Spiritpaw, Spiritsky*, Starblossom, Stormberry, Sunbreeze, Sunwhisker, Swanfeather, Swiftnose, Treelight, Turtlepaw, Viperfrost, Wavesplash, Willow that Sways with Breeze, Willowkit, Willowstep, Winterbreeze

*Spiritsky – I got three different entries for your purrsona! Please let me know which one ya want to have featured in the collab ASAP. Otherwise, I’ll choose one at random for you 😀

(long list of names, eh? 😉 )

I leave you guys with a parting challenge: post an image of a cat in the comments section below that represents your mood for today (I’ll go first 😜 )


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