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Couples that I hate by Moonmist

Moonmist shares their opinion on several couples from the series.

Art by DarkBroken

Hi! This article is about all the lovey-dovey couples (DOVEy, wink wink) that I hate. Spoilers for OoTS, TNP, TPB, PoT and Yellowfang’s Secret.
I have just finished Night Whispers and I am very angry at a certain couple. So that’s what inspired me to do this.
This is my top ten least favourite couples.

10. Berrynose & Honeyfern
Seriously? They are mates for about two seconds and then Honeyfern is killed by a snake. This is what happened.
Berry: You’re going to make a great mother.
And then as soon as she’s not beside Berrynose, a snake comes and bites her. They kind of make it sound like she can’t manage without a man beside her. Way to promote gender equality.

9. Daisy & Spiderleg
Daisy is annoying. Spiderleg is horrible to her. He was such a bad father. Poor Rosepetal and Toadstep.

8. Goldenflower & Tigerclaw
She deserved better. Much better. Couldn’t she have had kits with Lionheart or Runningwind?

7. Nightcloud & Crowfeather
Two horrible cats with their horrible son. It suits Crowfeather. He is sooooo awful! I don’t know what any cat could see in him!

6. Leafpool & Crowfeather
I liked Leafpool until she made this decision. That says a lot. How could she love that mange-pelt? It started when she HATED him. That’s the kind of relationship that I hate.
5. Feathertail & Crowfeather
Yup, him yet again. You can’t blame me though.
Basically NO ONE likes these two. He’s awful, and she’s too ‘oh, I’m so happy and optimistic all the time’. It’s just… no.

4. Breezepelt & Heathertail
I really really liked Heathertail at the start. I’ve always hated Breezepelt. But together… I resent it. I get that Heathertail is trying to make Lionblaze jealous because he ditched her, but seriously? BREEZEPELT? Why not Harespring or Leaftail? I’m sure their much nicer than BREEZEPELT. Sorry, I just really like typing BREEZEPELT like this.

3. Yellowfang & Raggedstar
Poor Yellowfang. Her life crumples around her as she is forced to become a medicine cat, Foxheart torments her, she has to give her kit to Lizardstripe to raise, her own kit banishes her and her father and mother accuses her of murder.
But on top of that, her mate Raggedstar is cruel to her when she tries to tell him about her suspicions about Brokentail, makes out that Brokentail’s mother is Foxheart and expects her to do something about Brokentail even though he is horrible to her whenever she says that ‘Brokentail is her kit’. It really isn’t fair.

2. Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight
You can shout at me for this one. I just think that they spent almost all of TNP fighting. That’s SIX books. Too many if you ask me. And then Brambleclaw gets jealous when she starts loving Ashfur. I mean, come on! If you fight with your mate that much then she is are bound to choose someone else! When you think about it, Brambleclaw’s really stupid.

At first place it’s…
1. Dovewing & Tigerheart
Tigerheart was so mean to Ivypaw. She was only going to reveal a secret to Dovewing that he should have told her anyway! A little too harsh, don’t you think?
When Dovewing kept on meeting Tigerheart, she was so annoyed about the herbs. She was like ‘oh, you were using me to get herbs’. Not even ‘how dare you do that to my sister! It’s so cruel! Just because of some stupid thing she was going to say’. She only cares about herself. She doesn’t even understand why her sister trained in the Dark Forest. IT’S BECAUSE YOU STOLE HER SPOTLIGHT, DOVEWING! YOU GOT ALL THE ATTENTION! It should be Ivypool that has the special powers. It really isn’t fair. She is the worst sister ever. Dovewing did not even listen when Ivypool told her about her dream with ‘StarClan’. She got far too much attention.
And that’s all! Thanks for reading! I will be back with another blog very soon!!!

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  • For number 8, two things. One: Goldenflower and Lionheart are siblings. Two: When Goldenflower and Tigerclaw mated, everyone in the clan besides Fireheart and Graystripe saw him as loyal and trustworthy. (They couldn’t be more wrong, but that’s besides the point.)

  • Honestly, I’m neutral on Honeyxberry and daisyxspider but Crowxfeather isn’t completely impossible, Feathertail understood Crowfeather and really brought out the good in him. Now Leafpool, who an exact copy of Feathertail, so its no surprise Crowfeather loved her. I’m kinda neutral on DovexTiger after seeing their relationship in TBC. And Honestly nightcloud and crowfeather were using each other, nightcloud because she wanted kits and crowfeather to prove he was loyal. And I can’t say anything good about heatherxbreeze.

  • everything is correct except Dovextiger
    I don’t know how to do the defense. It’s just Dovewing is 2nd place in my list of fav cats and tigerstar II is 5th(use to be 1st before the book about the sisters).

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