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Official spoiler page for The Broken Code #5: The Place of No Stars.

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It’s here! This page will remain a discussion page until we get closer to the release date and/or Darkness Within is released. Have fun!

October 20, 2020: Some people got a little impatient, so I went ahead and changed this to a spoiler page. Happy discussing!

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  • Kate, long time no see
    I was reading The Broken Code books and I can’t wait for A Starless Clan. The books of he Broken Code are ok-ish BUT the spirit related nonsense with possession and identity crisis mystery case is confusing to young reader and nonrealistic at most. I HOPE in A Starless Clan that warriors start going back to there roots like dealing with clans border fights and invasive predators like foxes, dogs, and badgers (I miss those days & we haven’t see them recently) Will we have a break from StarClan spirit business for once?

    Final Question: Do Stoneteller can have mates? Because in A Light in the Mist ending, I hope if Shadowsight would be better off living in the Tribe since he was actually happy there (remember Tawnypelt’s Clan) than in the clans and maybe becoming mate with Breeze That Rustles the Leaves (what do you think?)

    • But we LOVE starClan business!
      Do you really think Shadowsight would be happier away from his kin and Clan?

      • But Kate, you kinda went overboard on the spirituality nature too much like possession & The Sisters that cause alot of problem with the Clans.

        For Shadowsight, I just want him to be happy & find love because he having a terrible time this series with his clanmates and other clans (it too depression for character development in Shadowsight case)

  • IT- IT ENDED LIKE THAT??? WHAT AUTHOR IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD END IT LIKE T H A T ? A good one that’s who but KATE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? I mean I know he’s not gonna die but I don’t KNOW it, you know? Well, you do probably know, since you’re an Erin and things, but WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYY??? If you can’t tell, I’m really invested in these characters 😀 especially Shadowsight but EVERYONE ELSE TOO!!! Although I gotta admit I wish I could write ending lines like that xD (if you can please do actually respond to this)

  • I’m excited for Frostpaw, the next RiverClan medicine cat. (I named myself after the medicine cats) I’m guessing that we are just getting another apprentice because after Willowshine died, we are just left with a pretty old medicine cat. I’m guessing Mothwing will die shortly after Frostpaw becomes a medicine cat? I hope she gets named after Willowshine, since she died trying to save the clans from Ashfur. I’m really excited for Frostpaw’s perspective, but I hope they don’t just forget about Willowshine. I hope Frostpaw’s name is either Frostwillow or Frostshine. Also, Kate, if you see this, will we be able to vote on any more warrior’s names on the website like before anytime in the future, like what happened with Rootpaw? It’s probably the editors that get to decide that, but I really liked having input. Also, all the ThunderClan apprentices will probably be made warriors soon, so I would like to predict some of their names.
    Bayberry or Baywhisker
    Finchsong or Flamesong
    Finchwing or Finchflight
    Still trying to think of something that would go with Myrtle

  • Am I the only one who feels like the protags haven’t really changed over the series? I was thinking about it a little last night because I find it hard to see that they’re all supposed to be adults. I think the only one who’s really grown was maybe Rootspring, but even then it wasn’t really in a natural way. It would at least make sense with Shadowsight at the very least, though, it’s a lot harder to grow and change when your entire Clan is unsupportive of everything you do.

    and then Bristlefrost was more or less squashed into the role of the love interest despite the entire situation being a lot more important than being romantic

  • I was rereading TPONS and Lionblaze was being a complete I D I O T so my friend and I made this thing in defense of Shadowsight xD (Ashbriar is her OC and Grasspaw is a character we made up) It’s split into two parts b/c it’s VERY long

    Lionblaze: The truth is, if Shadowsight or the impostor he’s protecting were dead, we would all be better off.
    Tinystorm: *materializes*
    Tinystorm: What did you say?
    Lionblaze: Um… the truth is, if Shadowsight or the impostor he’s protecting were dead, we would all be better off?
    Ashbriar: *appears behind him with claws unsheathed*
    Tinystorm: *pounces*
    Lionblaze: WHOA WHAT WAIT
    Ashbriar: *claws from behind*
    Tinystorm: *pins down*
    Ashbriar: *rakes claws on muzzle*
    Tinystorm: I will protect Shadowsight, Lionblaze! If you hurt a single hair on his pelt, you’ll have me to answer to!
    Ashbriar: And me, fox-heart!
    Lionblaze: What’s going on? Who are you, anyway?
    Tinystorm: The one mistake Squirrelflight ever made was choosing you as deputy!
    Lionblaze: Who would you pick instead, then?
    Ashbriar: Me, duh.
    Tinystorm: *glares at Ashbriar for ruining her image* Well no, not exactly. I’d pick Graystripe.
    Lionblaze: GRAYSTRIPE??? But he’s not even here!
    Tinystorm: He will be in five… four… three… two… one…
    Graystripe: *walks through tunnel*

    continued in next comment

  • Tinystorm and Ashbriar defend Shadowsight part 2 (part 1 is below, it was VERY long)

    Cats: Ooh, Graystripe! You should lead us!
    Tinystorm: See?
    Ashbriar: But he’s an elder!
    Here we interrupted the storyline for a bit of clarification xD
    IRL me: that’s what actually happened btw
    IRL Ashbriar: ik
    IRL me: but back to the storyline (storyline?)
    IRL Ashbriar: hes an elder which i dont understand but yep
    Tinystorm: Being an elder doesn’t make him a bad leader. Besides, he’s *definitely* better than the one you’ve got.
    Lionblaze: Okay. Graystripe, wanna be leader?
    Graystripe: Sure, okay.
    Lionblaze: Ok, PLEASE let me up now
    Tinystorm: Only if you promise to be nice to Shadowsight.
    Tinystorm: *brandishes claws menacingly*
    Lionblaze: Okay, fine! I wasn’t actually gonna kill him anyway. I don’t get how you’re making such a big deal out of it.
    Tinystorm: Well, I know all of his (and yours, I might add) inner thoughts and feelings because I read the book.
    Lionblaze: What book?
    Ashbriar: Uhhhhh, they don’t need to know that
    Tinystorm: Oh, right, yeah. Well, anyway, goodbye ThunderClan! I’ll be watching you, Lionblaze…
    Tinystorm: *vanishes*
    Tinystorm: *reappears*
    Tinystorm: Oh, just in case any of you other people were wondering, it’s not okay for you to be mean to Shadowsight either. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for the rest of you, but I thought I should probably clarify. Bye! *vanishes, for real this time*
    Ashbriar: Soooo, anyway, is Grasspaw here?
    Cats: *blank stares b/c WHO THE HECK IS GRASSPAW*
    Ashbriar: Never mind, its probably a no.
    Some cat: There’s a ShadowClan warrior named Grassheart?
    Ashbriar: Yeah, thought so. Bye guys!
    Ashbriar: *vanishes also*
    Lionblaze: Ummmm what just happened?
    Some cat: You got your butt kicked.
    Lionblaze: OK yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Kate, are people nicer to Shadowsight in ALITM? I know it hasn’t come out yet, but I really need him to be happy, so I’d like to mentally prepare if people aren’t nice (also, wow, I’ve commented a lot on this page today xD)

  • I didn’t really understand the whole “focus on the darkness inside you and it’ll lead you to the Dark Forest” thing.
    Yes, the Dark Forest preys on cats with darkness inside them! (Which is actually pretty much everyone!) But IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!
    The cats of the Dark Forest specifically search for cats with darkness in them-and “darkness” could mean anything from jealousy to anger to inferiority-and then manipulate these cats using their secret feelings; for example, Hawkfrost preyed on Ivypool’s jealousy of Dovewing to get her to train in the DF, convincing her that by doing so she would be a far better warrior than Dovewing would. (Which was actually sort of true-Ivypool knows how many battle moves?) But I’m pretty sure that by concentrating on your negative emotions you don’t wake up in the Dark Forest. Until now, anyway.

    Also: Is it likely that Ashfur, like so many before him, was also manipulated by the Dark Forest? Telling him that he deserved to take revenge on Squirrelflight…I mean when he was still alive, of course.

  • I know its kinda of nonsense, remember SkyClan cats who captured and missing while trying to find Firestar’s kin? I hope they are staying at WarriorClan or Guardian group or even ended up joining Sisters. they didn’t deserve such horrible fate like that. (especially Birdwing, who lost Snipkit who drowned and Curlypaw decided to stay behind become a kittypet)

  • Ok don’t get me wrong starclan can be fun but EVERY SINGLE ONE IS LIKE STAR CLAN SAID THIS SO DO THIS AND STARCLAN GAVE THESE WORDS SO BLA BLA I mean you get sick of it right?