The Place of No Stars Spoiler Page

Official spoiler page for The Broken Code #5: The Place of No Stars.

Official cover art by Owen Richardson

It’s here! This page will remain a discussion page until we get closer to the release date and/or Darkness Within is released. Have fun!

October 20, 2020: Some people got a little impatient, so I went ahead and changed this to a spoiler page. Happy discussing!

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Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)

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  • Hi Kate! This is an unrelated question for this book, but I was wondering, have you made any of the characters’ personality’s like yours? Like say you made a warrior cat version of you?

  • I was wondering- Not many cats have tried to travel to the Dark Forest. Obviously, lots of cats went there in OOTS, but as The Place of No Stars made clear, the rules have changed. It seems a lot more difficult to get there, a lot more dangerous to try, and now conscious, living cats can go there if accompanied by a spirit. In The Place of No Stars, Shadowsight claims he’s the only one who can travel there safely. This claim is strengthened when Willowshine dies trying to get in. However, it seems that Bristlefrost can also go there if she wants, though she’s not fully present unless Shadowsight goes with her. Which raises the question-why is Shadowsight so skilled at moving between worlds, and is he really the only cat who can go there safely? What do you think?

  • I think Spotfur will have 3 kits and that she’ll name them Stemkit (after Stemleaf), Flykit and Snapkit (after her littermates)