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Why Ivypool Deserved to be One of The Three Instead of Dovewing by Silverfrost

Silverfrost shares their opinion on why Ivypool should’ve been the third cat of the prophecy.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hey, it’s Silver! Thanks so much for taking time to read my very first article! (This article is my opinion.)
So, we all know what the concept of The Three is. Firestar received a prophecy from the elder Skywatcher. “There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.” When Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf were born to Leafpool, Firestar’s daughter, thus “kin of his kin,” every cat assumed they were the three. But they were wrong. Yes, Lionblaze and Jayfeather were part of the prophecy, but Hollyleaf was not. Instead, Dovewing, daughter to Birchfall and Whitewing, was the third cat meant to complete the prophecy.
Ivypool was always pushed into the ginormous shadow of her perfect sister Dovewing. Every cat believed Dovewing was the best. Whenever an apprentice was paired with Ivypaw (Ivypool), they were disappointed that they weren’t with Dovepaw (Dovewing), who was the better hunter because of her hearing skills.
But while Ivypool didn’t have superpowers, she was always more deserving of being one of The Three. For starters, Ivypool had to make more tough decisions in one book than Dovewing had to make in the entire series! She had to decide whether to kill Flametail or blow her cover, if she wanted to spy on the dark forest, and most importantly, whether she wanted to switch over to the dark side and kill her clanmates.
Ivypool was also much braver than Dovewing. She lied and tricked cats whom she knew were more than capable of murdering her! Meanwhile, the scariest thing Dovewing had to do was expand her hearing to the Dark Forest. During the Great Battle, Ivypool was the one who showed the most bravery. She turned on cats who had trusted her, even though she knew she could be killed. She was also equally ready to sacrifice herself for her clanmates. I mean, Ivypool was the main reason the Dark Forest attack failed!
Finally, Ivypool’s most visible trait, her undying loyalty. By spying for her clan, she turned down the opportunity to fight for the Dark Forest and possibly be able to rule over the clans alongside her evil accomplices. However, Miss Perfect Dovewing over here left ThunderClan for TIGERHEART. I kid you not, Dovewing betrayed her clan for a little forbidden romance, while Ivypool refused to betray her clan, not even for lots of power.
That sums it up pretty well. I think we can all agree that Ivypool really shows her selflessness, bravery, and loyalty, while Dovewing shows she really seems to care about herself and her love life. Dovewing isn’t a bad person, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me on the fact that Ivypool was just more deserving than Dovewing.

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  • i luv Ivypool,my fav character.I honestly hate Dovewing,she’s a good cat but kind of a mary sue and hasn’t always been loyal to her clan.and only my opinions but….i first loved Dovewing,i thought she was perfect.but as time went by,she complained almost about everything when people loved her first.i think that’s the main reason why i became to hate her.and the spice added is because i hate Dovewing x Tigerheart/star,my least fav ship and about the treatment she gave to Bumblestripe.

    • Personally, I hate Bumble. He’s terrible to Dovewing, at one point asking her to have Kira with him at Purdy’s funeral. “You would make a great mother” He’s just a bad guy. Go reread avos, and see for your self

  • this is a great article!!
    it really got me thinking.
    if Ivypool was apart of the three/four and she had super powered senses then would she still be the brave awesome cat that had to make hard decisions, would Dovewing be the one risking her life every night if Ivypool was chosen instead of her.
    its very hard to determine what a cat/person would do if they were put in a different situation from the start.
    we all start fresh, we might inherit personality traits but put in the right position from birth and anyone could form a different personality(in my perspective this is how I see it)
    so its hard to for me to say that Ivypool should have been part of the three/four
    but this was a great article overall!!!

  • Why does everyone love Ivypool so much?! Please take note. DOVEWING IS NOT A MARY-SUE OR PERFECT! If she was perfect, would she have broken the code for Tigerheart? Yes, she did leave ThunderClan for Tigerheart but she did try to break her relationship with him. And Ivypool? She is a jerk because when she found out that Dovewing was with Tigerheart, did she tell her/him nicely to stop being together? Instead, she yelled at Dovewing and gave her the cold shoulder. Honestly, if my sister was girlfriend with someone I hated, I would support her because I love her. If Ivypool doesn’t support her sister and silently encourages her to not be together with him, what type of sister is she? The last reason why Ivypool can be a jerk is that she hardly ever told Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Dovewing, Firestar about what was going on in the Dark Forest. She was supposed to be the spy, and she always didn’t tell them anything! When Lionblaze and Jayfeather were asking her what was going on in the Dark Forest, Ivypool said, almost every single time, was “It’s not important; I’ll tell you if it’s important!” And she said it in a snappy way, as well. Aren’t you supposed to be more helpful as a spy?
    And Dovewing isn’t a mary-sue because why would she be so bad at accepting that her powers are gone? Her super sense are kind of like her normal sight and hearing. Honestly, I would freak out 20 times worst than she is if I lost my super sense.


  • I don’t hate Dovewing, but I love Ivypool. Ivypool was brave enough to turn her back on the dark forest and spy for her clan. Though, I disliked when she re-killed Antpelt. She kinda had no choice, either way. Dovewing wasn’t Ms. Perfect, when she left her clan to be a traitor. But almost all of us like Twigbranch and she went back, forth, back, forth between clans. At least she mated with someone who stayed with her. It wasn’t Twigbranch’s fault entirely, though. ANYWAYS.
    Ivypool took on a mate in her own clan and betrayed the dark forest when she realised their true intentions. Keep in mind, she thought they were making her a great warrior BECAUSE of Dovewing and Hawkfrost. Dovewing always got everything right because of the powers, which, mind you, she didn’t ask for. Dovewing helped save all the clans with the beaver thing and Ivypool was left wondering if she’d ever be good enough. Hawkfrost took advantage of the fact that Ivypool was in Dovewing’s dust and told her she could be a great warrior.
    That’s all I gotta say. No hate for Dovewing, glad she decided where her heart lied, with SC and Tigerclaw clone number two-bajillion.

  • Why does everyone think IvyPool is such a bad person? She is REASONABLY jealous of her SISTER who is now a super-cat. The dark forest takes advantage of IvyPool, seeing her frustration and offers her a chance to be a better warrior. When she tells DoveWing, trying to make herself feel less inferior, DoveWing says she is a HORRIBLE person for training in hell. Then LionBlaze and Jayfeather (ONE OF WHICH LITERALLY CAN’T BE INJURED) send IvyPool, a young warrior, BACK to the dark forest, to be a spy? Where she gets hurt on a daily basis, and is STILL ridiculed by her clanmates, and her sister.

  • I honestly think that both are important, and if Ivypool and Dovewing switched would you like Dovewing because she had to make hard choices? Or dislike Ivypool becuase she was sad over losing the powers she had been born with. FORBIDDEN ROMANCE IS COOL! IT DOES NOT MAKE A CAT A MARY-SUE! Sorry, I get really upset that people get mad at them, its not them, the authors wrote them so people would like them and relate to them.

    • I get it. Forbidden love does nto equal mary sue.
      In my opinion, it is a mix of things:
      -Flawless 20% (not including humain traits like jealousy which everyone has)
      -Good at everything 20%
      -Everyone likes them (romantically) 20%
      -Physically perfect 20%
      -They describe themselves as one thing (bland, boring) when they a the opposite (beatiful, zesty) 20%
      1/5: Barely an MS (Mary/Marty Sue/Stu).
      2/5: Accused acationally of being an MS.
      3/5: MS, but not the worst.
      4/5: It’s a feild day when a 4/5 comes into the mix.
      5/5: Everyones knows it. Everyone seems to agree on some level.

  • This article is awesome, I really agree with this and see why a lot of my friends changed their opinions after reading this and they were the ones who showed it to me! I love this article.

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