A Month’s Round-Up in Cats: It’s Almost June!

May’s Round-Up in Cats is here!

why does this cat look so judgmental

May I interest you in a Round-Up? I know it’s weird to ask, but I just don’t want to spring it on you.


Guys, it’s almost June. What? What? That means, like, HALF of 2020 is over!? What?!

it is hard work to be a kitten I guess

Don’t freak out. Does your housecat care that the year is almost over? No, cats just go about their business and pursue their little cat dreams to their hearts content with no worry about what time of the year it is.

the context for this image is people couldn’t decide whether she looked like Yoda or Dobby…thoughts?

Maybe you’re thinking that the year is half-over, and you haven’t gotten to your New Year’s Resolutions. Well, folks, you still have half a year. Start today! Start RIGHT NOW! Make a list of what you’d like to have accomplished by the end of the year, or the end of the month, or the end of the season, and start building a plan for achieving it! We’re right here with you!

pretty kitty in sunlight

Back to cats. A quick search of “Cats” on Google to see if there’s anything cat related in the news still confronts me with that wonderfully oft-forsaken product from December 2019 which I will not go into. So let’s give you some cute non-CGI, non-singing kitty cats to pass the day.

more kitty with flowers

That’s it for this month. Share your thoughts and your goals for the rest of the week, month, summer (or winter…whatever hemisphere you belong to), or year in the comments if you’d like!

You know, just a normal picture of a cat, because, y’know, this is the round-up in cats, and Kat wouldn’t be dumb enough to put a dog in a cat round-up…right?


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