Breezepelt and Crowfeather’s Trial – My Opinions by Butterflyflower

Butterflyflower shares their opinion on Breezepelt.

Art by Kytes

“You must punish all the cats who have committed unpunished and unforgivable crimes.”

Haha… so yeah, anyway, about Breezepelt.
I don’t hate Breezepelt, and I do kind of like him as a character. I just have some issues with how he was written (specifically his redemption arc).

In the Power of Three series, he wasn’t that bad. He was just moody, grumpy, sassy, and snarky, but he wasn’t really bad or evil.
However, this changed in Omen of the Stars, when he actually became evil and attempted murder (multiple times of multiple cats). Then in Dovewing’s Silence, which takes place right after OotS, he didn’t feel any remorse for his actions at all.

Bramblestar’s Storm takes place around six months after DS, and Crowfeather’s Trial takes place sometime in between BrS and DS.

So let’s talk about Breezepelt’s “redemption” in CT.

It wasn’t really much of a redemption. The book starts out with Breezepelt pretty much just being a different cat altogether. He’s a good person now, despite not that long ago being really bad and having no remorse for what he’s done. He didn’t go through any character development to become good. He was just all of a sudden good.
He wasn’t even portrayed as if he had ever been bad. It was instead like he had been good all along, even though he wasn’t. He was portrayed as a good person who was always good, instead of a bad person who became good.
He didn’t even really take responsibility for his own actions. He was portrayed as an innocent, misunderstood baby, and all his bad actions were blamed on his father.

I think the book should’ve started out having Breezepelt acting the same way he did in Dovewing’s Silence, then throughout the book and throughout certain things happening, he could’ve gone through development and eventually become good by the end of the book (which was around 425 pages long).
And he should’ve been portrayed as a person who was bad but then became good, and on top of that, she should’ve taken responsibility for his own actions and owned up to them.

I definitely didn’t hate Crowfeather’s Trial because of its issues with Breezepelt. I really loved and enjoyed reading the book, and I also love Crowfeather and the way he was done (in fact, he sort of had his own, well-done, redemption arc in the book).

And despite my problems with Breezepelt and his redemption, I did enjoy reading about him in the book. He was quite funny and cute, and his relationship with Heathertail is really cute and sweet (I would actually consider it one of my top five favorite Warriors ships), and the scene at the end with Crowfeather playing with Breeze and Heather’s kits is just – YES!

I just think Breezepelt and his redemption arc could’ve been done better.


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  • Crowfeather’s Trial is one of my favorite Warriors books, and Crowfeather is my favorite cat after Crowfeather’s Trial because he made all of the decisions I would’ve (as he was SUPER relatable), had good character development and perhaps even a form of a redemption arc like you said, was sarcastic, was interesting, mended or patched up so many relationships (and I live for stories like that), and was just all-around a relieving POV when there are so many “Meh” ones in Warriors and especially when most cats in the series do things I don’t agree with 1/4 of the time or more… but Crowfeather was always spot-on. 😀

    Yet I agree. Breezepelt’s redemption arc, due to his behavior and how others basically thrusted redemption or no redemption upon him, was written TERRIBLY. And this is coming from someone who now appreciates Breezepelt. (I am actually awaiting an article of mine to come out which is titled An Analysis of Breezepelt and Crowfeather, so, yeah; that tells you all you need to know, I’d think!) 😛

  • Really nice article! 😀
    I want Breezepelt to die, go to StarClan, have a Super Editions where he is seen as being good, then possess his dad (Crowfeather) after he becomes a leader. But we won’t be surprised because he never said he was sorry…

  • This is a great article, and I totally agree!
    The way Breezepelt just changed so fast, was a bit strange but I loved Crowfeather’s Trial because of the small, wholesome touches in it, like Breezepelt and Heathertail becoming mates, Nightcloud and Crowfeather not hating each other and I think it was pretty cool that Breezepelt wasn’t a full-on villain and had a redemption arc. and found love 🙂
    Anyways, cool article 😀

  • I wouldn’t consider Breezepelt is out of character per say, but I agree his redemption is still poorly executed. He actually spending the majority of Crowfeather’s Trial doing questionable actions that set him more, than actually redeeming himself.

    To summerise: He declares he doesn’t care about anyone else multiple times, endangering his clanmates by attacking the stoats against orders (Does this three times), almost attacks every non-Windclan accuser (Once at a gathering), claims those innocent accusers are as “bad as the trainees” and threatened to kill Pickle. By far the worst, is lying about his motive and Windclan/Moonpool attacks.

    Even with Lionblaze, Breezepelt spends the whole book; acting aggressive, insulting and dismissive of his bother. The only time he decides to help, all he literally does is scratch two stoats and immediately leave again. Then once questioned about it, Breezepelt never directly acknowledges his crime or says sorry. Even Crowfeather’s PoV points out it’s not a proper apology: “I should never have listened to the Dark Forest cats,” he mewed stiffly. “You’re a Clan cat, and my loyalty should be to the Clans.” Crowfeather realised that this was as close as Breezepelt was ever going to get to an apology for attacking Lionblaze during the Great Battle.”

    Post-Omen of the Stars, Breezepelt has returned to his old attitude. Sure, he’s not killing anyone, but that’s such a low standard, it shouldn’t count. Despite being a senior warrior, he still needs supervision, so he doesn’t attack anyone prematurely. Often Fans give Onestar slack for hogging the Yellowcough cure from a dying Shadowclan. However Breezepelt also supported this notion, even aggressive towards Medicine cats.

    Breezepelt has added hypocrisy to his list of deeds in Vision of Shadow and Broken Code. He demanded the exile of Kin repenters, including a pregnant Yarrowleaf. With Bramblestar’s imposter, Breezepelt always insisted on the most extreme methods. Such Camp invasions, not caring if it lead to war and immediate execution of the Imposter, when Bramblestar could still be saved.

  • yeah,many cats agree on your opinion.and i LOVE Crowfeather and HATE Breezepelt and Nightcloud.why?hmmmm if i say………………………..Nightcloud is too mean to Crowfeather,she only wants his attention to her.yes,i get her that she’s jealous of Leapool but just talking as another clan’s med cat is not so bad,is it?(ik they are mates,but after they broke up now theyare just thunderclan med cat and windclan warrior relationship..)and bout breezepelt…..i hate him cause he attacked a pregnant queen and a blind med cat.and of course,i repect your opinions.^^

      • Her mate WASN’T cheating on her. In fact, Crow and Leaf were togther BEFORE Crow became mates with Night!

          • Crowfeather’s forbidden relationships were public knowledge, he even asked to be named after Feathertail openly at his warrior ceremony. Nightcloud would of had some awareness of what she was getting into. Specially, it’s reckless to get immediately pregnant at the start of relationship with a tom who’s been heartbroken twice. That put way too much unnecessary pressure on the relationship.

            Cheating is specially when someone is in two separate relationships, without one or both partners permission/awareness. Just because someone doesn’t want to tell their current lover about a pervious relationship for personal reasons,

          • sorry,but Crow X Leaf is before Crow x Night.He couldn’t have changed the past…and if he had told her he would have been well,banned and he wouldn’t like that UwU

  • I love Crowfeather! Mostly because he’s Jayfeather’s dad and I ship Leaf x crow!! I love Crowfeather’s Trial. I might wright a fanfic about who Crowfeather picks in Starclan! I don’t hate Breezepelt.. I get why he was so mad. His father didn’t talk to him, or care about him, his father loved Leafpool better than his mom, Crowfeather loved Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf more than Breezepelt, and more. So what I’m saying is that yes I didn’t like Breezepelt in Omen of the Stars and the Power of Three, but he is a good cat in CT. Although I do ship Breezepelt with Ivypool :(. But… I don’t like Heathertail.