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Potential Mates for Bristlefrost by Silverfrost

Silverfrost lists some potential mates for Bristlefrost. Spoilers for the Broken Code books!

Art by fiftysevensky

After finishing The Silent Thaw, I have a lot to say about our newest she-cat protagonist. Bristlefrost is brave, loyal, compassionate, and maybe a bit of a perfectionist. (We can really see Ivypool in her, can’t we?) Anyway, here are some toms who I believe really have the potential to be the perfect mate for this spunky she-cat.

1. Rootpaw (Rootspring)
Ahhh, yes. Rootpaw. The kind, sweet, compassionate yellow apprentice who does seem to have a bit of a crush on Bristlefrost. Some people may think otherwise, but they are actually very similar to each other. Rootpaw and Bristlefrost both have insecurities. Rootpaw is worried that he’ll turn out like his eccentric father tree, and Bristlefrost worries whether or not she’s good enough to become a warrior, especially after she failed her assessment. These two have had rocky patches, like when Rootpaw completely mortified Bristlefrost by bringing her the vole in front of the entirety of ThunderClan, but overall these two are rather cute together! Although they are in different clans, what’s a new series without a little forbidden romance, right?

2. Stemleaf
Next, we have Stemleaf. We can see Bristlefrost swooning over this white and orange tom in Lost Stars. Stemleaf befriends her, and grows to admire and respect her. He compliments her about how well they work together, and they do have some chemistry. However, after Bristlefrost’s warrior ceremony, she confesses to him that she wishes to be mates with him, but Stemleaf reveals that he only wanted to be friends, as he was in love with Spotfur. Bristlefrost is crestfallen, but after a few awkward interactions, they rekindle their friendship, and Bristlefrost grows to respect him. Stemleaf does like Spotfur, but if he’s looking for someone else, I think he’d be great with Bristlefrost!

3. Snaptooth
Finally, we have this young warrior. We don’t really see much of Snaptooth during the Broken Code arc, but he and Bristlefrost show that they have quite a bit of chemistry in Lost Stars, when they are on a hunting patrol. Bristlefrost sees a fat rabbit, and Snaptooth sees it at the exact same time. They work together well to catch it, and when Bristlefrost makes the kill, he praises her catch. After they show it to Berrynose and Mousewhisker, the older warriors praise Bristlefrost, and she says Snaptooth helped, at which he ducks his head, pleased. While he may not be the perfect match, if Rootpaw and Stemleaf don’t work out, Snaptooth would be a good mate for Bristlefrost.

I can visualize all of these toms as good and worthy mates for Bristlefrost, but there may be some better ones out there! What do you guys think? I have an inkling that Bristlefrost is going to be getting a mate very soon, so cross your paws!

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