2020 BlogClan Art Collab

After 4½ months, it’s finally here!!! 😀🎉 Enjoy:

Full resolution version

A HHUUGGGEE round of applause to Mapledrift for designing the background! 😄❤️ It’s absolutely breathtaking! The art collab wouldn’t be possible without it!

In total, we had 101 participants. (That’s nearly triple the number of participants from our last collab! 😛 )

And they are:

Archkit, Asp, Asterstorm, Beaconlight, Blackshade, Bluebellpaw, Blueheart, Brackenlight, Bramblefire, Brambleheart, Briarpaw, Brightfur, Butterflyflower, Cakestar, Cheetahspark, Clo, Cloudy, Crystalshine, Crystalstream, Dapplemoon, Darkpaw, Dewfeather, Dewlight, Doe, Eagleflight, Echomist, Emberblaze, Emberblossom, Emberdawn, Emberspirit, Fallenshadows, Falling Feather, Fawnspots, Flamecloud, Fluttering Ivy Leaves in the Spring Breeze, Foxpaw, Foxtail, Frostfire, Galaxia-Lifey, Goldenberry, Goldenfawn, Gooseshadow, Hawkthornclaw, Iceflower, Ivystone, Junipermoth, Kat, Lightcloud, Lightningkit, *deep breath* Lilyfrost, Lionfire, Loneheart, Lupinetail, Mapledrift, Mistystream, Monkeyfur, Moonbreeze, Moonleap, Moonpaw, Moonspirit, Moonstar, Owlfeather, Pastelblossom, Pearkit, Pebblepaw, Petalstream, Pineblossom, Pinestripe, Plumeflake, Puddleshard, Purple Dusk, Purplesky, Quietstream, Rainshine, Ravenmist, Red, Rosepelt, Sandfrost, Shadefrost, Shadowmoon, Sheeptuft, Shiningpool, Silverfrost, Silverlight, Snowbreeze, Spiritpaw, Spiritsky, Starblossom, Stormberry, Sunbreeze, Sunwhisker, Swanfeather, Swiftnose, Treelight, Turtlepaw, Viperfrost, Wavesplash, Willow that Sways with Breeze, Willowkit, Willowstep, and Winterbreeze

Not sure who’s who in the collab but curious to know? This handy guide should help: click here!


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