What would have happened if Graystripe and Silverstream never got together? by Echomist

Echomist wonders what would’ve happened if one of the first forbidden couples we read about never got together.

Art by lokidrawz

Hi! Echomist here! I just want to remind everyone that I used to be Moonmist so we are the same person. Ok.
I’m going to write a theory article that will drive you nuts. What would happen if Graystripe and Silverstream were not mates. Let’s see how Graystripe meets Silverstream. He falls into the water, she rescues him, and they fall in love. Let’s say that Graystripe does not fall in the river. What are the effects?

Effect 1
Stormfur and Feathertail. This is the most obvious one. If Graystripe and Silverstream didn’t have kits, Feathertail and Stormfur wouldn’t be alive. Silverstream however would be alive and she would have kits with another tom in RiverClan. They could have a kit that is basically another version of Tigerstar and that wouldn’t be good.
Effect 2
Sharp tooth. If Feathertail was never born, then the Tribe cats would be terrorised by Sharptooth forever more and they would all be killed. If they were all killed then no one would have given the Clans shelter on their journey to the lake.
Effect 3
The trial. Stonefur, Featherpaw and Stormpaw’s trial for being halfClan would be different. Without the two apprentices, Mistyfoot would have been killed as well. Killing Stonefur was only to scare Stormpaw and Featherpaw, but Mistyfoot wouldn’t have been scared. So the only other option is to kill her. If Mistyfoot hadn’t lived past TPB then there would be no Mistystar. So we would be left with a Hawkstar which wouldn’t be good. Tigerstar would give him more lessons on how to run a Clan and then we would end up with another Tigerstar.
Effect 4
Another one about the Tribe Of Rushing Water. If Stormfur was never born he would never had kits with Brook therefore Lark That Sings At Dawn, Pine That Clings To Rock, Breeze That Rustles The Leaves and Feather Of Flying Hawk would never have been born. It’s not a very big difference but who knows? Maybe in TBC Feather Of Flying Hawk stops an enemy?
Effect 5
The battle. In a battle with RiverClan, Fireheart let Silverstream go unharmed. Tigerclaw sees and is now suspicious of him. And that’s not great.
Effect 6
In Forest Of Secrets, Fireheart and Graystripe goes to find out more about Redtail and Oakheart’s deaths. The only reason Silverstream helps them is because she is mates with Graystripe. If she wasn’t mates with Graystripe she would never had helped them and Tigerclaw would have killed Bluestar. And then we would have an earlier Tigerstar, changing the story completely.

Therefore, it would not have been good.
Thank you for reading this! Goodbye!

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  • also to add to what I said I love the art it is amazing it is in my photos now, the art is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the best art of Silverstream and Graystripe also Silverstream can be Feathertail and Graystripe can be stormfur

  • Well there could be a different cat acting as a substitute for Feathertail, but overall awesome theory)!

  • Well there could be a different cat acting as a substitute for Feathertail, but overall awesome theory!

  • Well there could be a different cat acting as a substitute for Feathertail, and the Tribe could have had a different way of defeating Sharptooth but overall awesome theory!

  • lol hi I’m GoldLeaf of Mistclan also poor SilverStream! she should have been able to raise her kits butt Starclan had another fate….

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