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Graystripe: The One and Only Innocent Traitor by Lightningkit

Lightningkit explains how some of Graystripe’s actions in the series make him a traitor. What do you think?

Art by LLoryz

Hi. It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m Lightningkit. I am also known as a nerd.🤓 I am also known as weird. I am also known as… I-I’m…

Sooooo, if you’re a fan of Warriors (which I’m assuming you are otherwise get off this website cos it’s all about Warriors yaddah yaddah yaddah you probably noticed the topic of BlogClan already and just ignore this whole brackets thing cos it’s too long already), you all know about the not-so-plot-driving-mechanism-of-forbidden-love-cos-it’s-an-everyday-thing-in-Warriors-as-it-happens-in-pretty-much-every-book. Phew. 😌 That was a long time without using the space button. Anyway, back onto the subject at hand. In Fire and Ice (I think 🤔), I think Graystripe seems to have heard of a certain RiverClan warrior (😉) and shows Brackenpaw how to hunt a water vole, falls through the ice and Silverstream, the certain RiverClan warrior, saves him, asks what on Earth he is doing on her territory and why he couldn’t drown in ThunderClan territory and Graystripe says, Ah, but who would save me there? or something like that. Soon Graystripe and Silverstream begin meeting up at sunningrocks etc, etc. Yet another annoying forbidden romance. Fireheart(-star) works out who Graystripe is disappearing off to visit and tells him to stop. They get into a fight as Graystripe thinks Fireheart doubts his loyalty and Bluestar was probably like, What? Ya like BFFs or something. and told them to stop.
That’s like all you need to know, wait actually not true. Later, during Silverstream’s kitting, she dies and Graystripe joins RiverClan to be with Featherkit and Stormkit. HE LEFT HIS BFF FOR HIS KITS AND HIS FORBIDDEN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! MENTAL!!!!!! When Firestar became ThunderClan leader Graystripe was appointed deputy after Whitestorm’s death. After all Graystripe’s betrayal, Firestar still believed he was good at heart. Firestar should‘ve said,“No more mister nice guy,” and exiled him from ThunderClan (yes I know that’s a bit extreme but y’all get the idea. Maybe he could’ve just hated him forevermore. Still extreme).
Why Graystripe is incredibly lucky:
– He has an ever-forgiving friend who always thinks best of him.
– Through all of Graystripe’s ‘treachery’ Firestar always saw the best in him.
– Fireheart risked severe punishment whilst covering for Graystripe and even though he refused to stop seeing Silverstream Fireheart kept covering up his secrets.
– Graystripe became DEPUTY even after all he had done to Firestar – ignored his advice even though Fireheart was trying to help him, ATTACKED his BFF after everything they’ve been through. There’s probably something I missed.
That’s also why Firestar deserves the trophy for literally being the best BFF to Graystripe, as well as Ravenpaw, and sticking with them for as long as he could.

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