My favorite/least favorite cats by Shadeleaf

Shadeleaf lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series. Do you like/dislike these cats?

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Hi guys! This is my first article on BlogClan, so I hope you like it.
Least favorites:
6. Darkstripe.
So, we already know that he tried to kill a bunch of cats. He literally poisoned a kit, and fought Stonefur because of who his parents were.
5. Tigerstar.
I know some people say he was the worst cat in the whole series, but I don’t really think so. He made a lot of bad decisions, one of which lead to Scourge killing him, but I honestly think he was trying to follow the warrior code.
4. Ashfur.
I think he was one of the worst because he tried to kill three young warriors and he killed his leader. He was going to let Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze die in a fire even though they hadn’t done anything to him except be adopted by his ex. And he actually admits to working with Hawkfrost to hurt Firestar. Meanwhile, Hawkfrost is working with Tigerstar, who happens to have killed Ashfur’s mother. 3. Onestar.
He was one of my favorites in The Prophecies Begin, until he becomes leader and decides he hates ThunderClan. Firestar was only trying to help them, because he was a good friend.
2. Brokentail
Yeah, I decided not to put his leader name. I dislike him so much. Everyone knows he killed his father. Well, he killed tons of kits. And blamed Yellowfang.

First, he tried to kill a pregnant queen. And he attempted to murder Jayfeather (who is blind and his half brother) and Lionblaze( also his half brother). He was angry at his father for loving someone else, and for “ignoring him” even though Crowfeather said he always loved his son Breezepelt. Also, unlike 80% of cats that were training with Tigerstar and the others, he said he wanted to fight for the dark forest cats.

Now, let’s move on to the best cats.
6. Hollyleaf!
Even though she killed Ashfur, Hollyleaf has always been one of my favorites. She was extremely loyal and brave. She cared so much about the warrior code, and I do not think she should have told everyone who her real parents are, everything worked out well. She was in love with Fallen Leaves, and I think they were probably together after she joined StarClan when she saved Ivypool’s life.
5. Whitestorm
Honestly, he is so underrated but he should have been leader. He was one of the smartest and sweetest cats even when he was older, he supported Bluestar and Firestar. I felt so bad for him when Snowfur died.
4. Half Moon!!🌓
Half Moon is really cool and I knew I had to add an Ancient cat to my list. I sorta wish there was a Super Edition or something about her or one of the other cats from the Tribe a long time ago.
She was soooo awesome. She is sassy and smart. I think she was definitely the right choice for deputy. She’s good at fighting and hunting. She was a great mother to all of her kits (including her adopted ones).
2. Briarlight!
Honestly I love this character because she is a great cat and a great sister. She kept persevering and I want to be like her because she never gave up.
And finally…
Jayfeather is my absolute favorite forever. I really think he’s misunderstood because when you read the books he is actually super sweet. He took amazing care of Briarlight and cared about everyone in ThunderClan. He also jumped into a lake to save another cat who was from another Clan even though Jayfeather is blind. And if you have seen the official (and fan) art, he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s really smart and sarcastic like me, and probably the best medicine cat ever (tied with Cinderpelt). Jayfeather and Half Moon are my OTP.
Love you Jay!

Honorable mentions:
Gray Wing

Thank y’all for reading!

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  • My favorite cats, are Jayfeather, Half Moon, Fallen Leaves, Gray Wing, Thunder, and Firestar. My least favorite cats are, Tigerheart, Dovewing, Tigerstar, Brokentail, Onestar(not Onewhisker, Onewhisker’s awesome), and Darktail.

  • Cats that I hate:
    (Just remember, I wont put any number because to me im just gonna act like theyre all terrble and they are (for me.)

    Thistleclaw. I hate tigerstar, and tigerstar wouldve probably been like lionheart and been a good leader just if it werent for thistleclaw!!!!

    Snowfur. I hate her, when I was reading bluestars prophecy like when moonflower died i felt kind of like bluestar (actually bluepaw at that time) like when she thought why isnt she mouring for Moonflower instead of hanging with thistlepaw at that time
    best cats: sorry this short i wanna do something
    sorry, thats about it!

  • I hate Hollyleaf! She ruined 2 relationships! Why do people like her? She ruined Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw’s relationship and Leafpool and Crowfeather’s. The only thing I like about her is that Firestar didn’t sit vigil for her. And by the way Firestar is my favourite character.

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