Who is Sorrelstripe’s Mate? by Dewfeather

Dewfeather takes it upon herself to find missing mates for queens.

Art by Dawnheart101

Warning- I know nothing about genetics

I am looking for Sorrelstripe’s mate. The small family has pelt colors of
Sorrelstripe- Dark Brown
Bay paw- Golden tabby Tom with white splotches
Myrtlepaw- Pale Brown

Just to say Honeyfur is yellow with white splotches. So Sorrelstripe’s mate may be related to her.

Toms- There is no leader, kits, apprentices, medicine cats or elders.

Dew nose
Fern song
Fin leap
Shell fur

Now I am going to take away cats with mates, crushes, and her family, thanks to my handy dandy family tree I made. Here is the revised list.

Dew nose
Shell fur

Finleap left SkyClan to be with Twigbranch. That means he left his family and friends to be with her. I took him out because of that.
Stemleaf declined being mates with Bristlefrost for Spotfur instead. So I took him off the list.

That leaves these guys

Mousewhisker- big gray and white tom
Bumblestripe- bulky, pale gray Tom, black stripes
Molewhisker- large brown and cream Tom
Dewnose- gray and white Tom with amber eyes
Stormcloud- gray tabby Tom
Shellfur- tortoiseshell and white Tom

These are the pelt colors of the small happy Sorrelstripe family again.

Sorrelstripe- Dark Brown
Baypaw- Golden tabby tom with white splotches
Myrtlepaw- Pale Brown

Sorrelstripe and Myrtlepaw are both brown. So I think all we need is a golden and white cat. The only cats with a bit of that coloring are

Shellfur- white
Dewnose- white
Mousewhisker- white

As I mentioned above, Honeyfur is yellow with white splotches. So there is a possibility that the cat is related to her. Honeyfur has relations to
Lilyheart- her mother
Snowbush- her father
Leafshade- her sister
Larksong- her dead brother

Lilyheart has no other family members that are around the same age as Sorrelstripe.

Snowbush is related to
Dewnose- his brother
Whitewing- his sister

Snowbush also has two elder parents and a dead sibling.

So my conclusion is Dewnose is the father of Sorrelstripe’s kits. He showed up in all the lists of available toms and is related to Honeyfur. He is related to Honeyfur because…
Snowbush was his brother who had Honeyfur as his daughter.

I have no idea how genetics work. It is possible that Dewnose is the father of Baypaw and Myrtlepaw. Dewnose showed up in all the lists so it is possible. I have no memory of romantic interaction.

Dewfeather has solved the missing mate mystery.
Tell her if she is wrong, because she has no idea how genetics work.

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  • I just recently found out Sorrelstripe’s mate, and at first I had believed it would have been Molewhisker due to genes! Shellfur wasn’t a bad guess either, and I know usually some she-cats choose younger mates, but I believed Molewhisker would’ve been a better option in my opinion.
    But, I still believe that Molewhisker, or any of the other free toms, could have a mate, too!
    We’ve still got Honeyfur, Hollytuft, Flywhisker, Thriftear, Cherryfall, Leafshade, and Finchpaw ( when she’s old enough, of course ).

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