• HAPPY CLANNIVERSARY BLACKIE!! ❤️❤️ I love talking to you and you’re just super fun to hang out with!! Here’s to lots more years to spend with you 😀❤️

  • fsdgdsf so since its my clanniversarry i probably spelt that wrong rip today i want to thank some awesome people 😀 (don’t worry if you’re not on the list, i’m probably just being too lazy to list everyone lol 😛 also i should be working so im trying to type as fast as possible) i’m going to try to go in alphabetical order but im probably going to faill ripp 😛

    aquila(eagiee)- ahh you’re great at drawing and i loveee your styleee 😀

    bellaaaa- i love the spongebob memes thats all im gonna say 😛

    cakestarr- thank you for starting the blog kate, my life wouldnt be the same without it, also warriors is awesome 😀

    crookedmoonnn- ahh i don’t get how you’re so kind and i love seeing you reply to the people on the hug page with your positive comments ahhhhhhhhhh 😀

    darkieee- you’re so awesome at drawing floof and i dont know how you do it ahhhhh and for some reason your paws are so smooth like howww 😛 also you’re a great person in general 😀 apart from the fact you’re a bad lawyer

    eeeeeeeembix- eeeeee you’re a wonderful moddo and deputy 😀 and i you’re somehow amazingggg at writinggg

    falling featherr- ik youre quite new to the blog but i just like the style you draw in!! also your superr kind i dont know how people can be always so kind tbh 😛 😀

    fawnyyy- i basically dont understand you draw tbhh hhhh your eye guide thing is greatttt ahhh 😛 sdfcbffdsfg also sopep is good >:[

    frostoo- frosto somehow you can actually write stuff hhhhhhhh can you somehow teach me

    laneee(crystal)-– oof tbh you got me into firegray lol also i loveee your drawing styleeee 😀

    pineee- ahh your amazing at coding and you’re guide on it is awesomeeeee also soot will fight padme for pepper >:[

    rainieeee- nta nta nta how do you nta hhhhh also you’re awesome at drawing as welllllllll

    and everybody else that i missed- thank youuuuu blogclan wouldnt be the same without ALL of you!!!! also thank you for all the comments on my clanniversary article thing i appreciate it so much

    aaaanddd to celebrate i have a new link in my name 😀 so enjoyy

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