My Least Favorite Cats and Why by Dewfeather

Dewfeather lists their least favourite cats. Do these cats have a place on your list?

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I am here to tell you my 5 least favorite cats and why in this article that is more of a rant. Please keep your claws in because I know that most people love the cats I hate. Just to say, there are spoilers, and these are in no order because I am crazy that way.

Tigerstar the Second.

This guy has problems. First he takes a mate from another clan and he is DEPUTY! I do not remember this part but I have heard that he hides Dovepaw and lets Ivypaw get caught. Now, I will start with Tigerheart’s Shadow. First, he hears that Dovewing is expecting kits. Dovewing wants him to go with her but he doesn’t show up. He then doesn’t go after her either. He thinks she can handle it but we all know, expecting queens aren’t the same as warriors. Then, he joins her later and throws away his clan. I am contradicting myself but Tigerheart should take Dovewing in and put her in Shadowclan. There are more problems but I am going to continue with Squirrelflight’s Hope. Geez, that book is good! So Tigerstar is now a lot like who he was named after. He learns that the Sisters are on land that SkyClan could possibly have. So he thinks “Ah, Tigerstar what will you do? The Sisters will leave in a moon or so, or you could attack them and risk the lives of every cat. Hmmmm, this is hard! I will risk the lives of every cat! Hooray!” So he learns that Thunderclan and Windclan called off their borders. So RiverClan wanted to do the same. He blames Thunderclan and blames all border problems on them. He forgets his gratitude when Thunderclan sheltered him! Then he commands his warriors to dig at the cave. He learns that there are kits inside there and yet he doesn’t call off his warriors. This results in Thunderclan warriors and kits being endangered. Leafpool dies because of this. The warrior code says “Help kits even if they are from a different Clan.” Tigerstar has learned there were kits but still makes his warriors dig! So I blame him for Leafpool’s death. You should too. I personally think Cloverstar would be great! (If she ever makes it to leader I want her to be guilty about the kits and Leafpool and how she caused their death). These points are about family and why he is not the best father or the best leader. Whenever something happens it’s always “Is Dovewing okay?” When antfur got hit by a branch Tigerstar ignored him. He goes straight to Dovewing who is fine. This adds to Dovewing’s brattiness. Then he insists that Antfur should go on patrol. He doesn’t listen to his medicine cats who know what’s best for him. He thinks he knows what to do. That caused Antfur’s death. So far Tigerstar has killed two cats and severely injured another.


She is so whiny! She takes a mate from a different Clan. Bumblestripe is crushed because of this. I think Dovewing is what makes him want the code to be obeyed and one reason he was a spy for Bramblestar the Fake. Bumblestripe cared for her and she didn’t see it because she was so obsessed with Tigerheart. She leaves the Clans when she was expecting because of some stupid dream. Bumblestripe could have been the fake father. She knows she is going to have kits and leaves, which makes it more dangerous for her. When she loses her powers she keeps trying to get them back. Honestly she should just learn that she doesn’t have powers! All the great warriors don’t have extra senses. They just have what they have. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next points are about her being a mother. In the city, other cats are constantly watching over her kits. She is then left to stare at a wall or sleep. There are cats with FOUR kits who are the best mothers because they actually take care of them. I honestly think she is not the best mother. She is very self centered and not interesting. The only time she starts caring for them is when she is in Shadowclan. That’s probably where she learns that warriors have stuff to do and have no time to take care of her kits! She is bland, whiny and bratty and that is why I don’t like her.


I hate him. When he has his powers he thinks about battles and how he could win, and how he’s the greatest. Then he loses his powers and is very surprised. He goes into a battle or something, and Cinderheart warns him about the injuries. He comes back moaning about the pain and gets attention. I don’t think he was the most injured. He is self centered and annoying.

So far we have seen Tigerstar, Dovewing, and Lionblaze. Tigerstar has the perfect mate, they’re both so self centered. I do not understand how Jayfeather could put up with the other two in the Power of Three prophecy, or his siblings because I hate Hollyleaf too. Cinderheart is a great cat and only StarClan knows how she turned out to be Lionblaze’s mate. Next we have…


First, she whines about the code too much. Then she breaks it. It is so annoying because every warrior has broken the code at least once. Mostly crossing borders or eating before kits and queens. Next, she is bland. She whines about everything and has no character. She is not troubled with anything until she kills Ashfur. She never cracks jokes and is always too serious. I will lay out a scene before you, and you have to agree if it is Hollyleaf.

Hollyleaf is on a hunting patrol in leaf bare. The queens are starving to death. She notices a plump squirrel. It would feed all the queens and kits. She chases it. It crosses over the border. She stops right at the scent line. It stops and eats a pine cone. She doesn’t stalk it again because she would be breaking the code. A kit starves and dies and Hollyleaf does not blame herself.

Does that sound like her? So the total right now is…

Tigerstar and dovewing are perfect together, because they are both self centered
Cinderheart shouldn’t have Lionblaze as a mate, she is too good for him
Two thirds of the Three are the worst, I’m surprised Jayfeather handled them
Jayfeather is the only good dude out of his litter, the rest are boring. Last cat is…


Don’t kill me yet. I like her as an apprentice with her adventures and Sorreltail. As an adult she gets a little bland. I am now liking her and she may be taken off the list. She is nice though there is one thing wrong at her vigil.

They say she was the one who helped Briarlight. I remember Jayfeather treating her and making exercises.

I like her, I just think it would be nice if she has more problems, joked more, had adventures, and kept her apprentice relationship with Sorreltail.

And there you have it! My least favorite cats!

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  • My least favorite cat is Firestar. *goes on a rant* Firestar was already in one prophecy. Then he got to be the fourth cat! Also it is infuriating how calm he is. Its called warriors for a reason! Fight some battles already! *Stops ranting*

    • Q-Q why? He’s the greatest cat and he saves all of them. The reason he is so calm when the other leaders are declaring war, is because he doesn’t want cats to die for an unnecessary reason.

  • Lionblaze and Leafpool definitely shouldn’t be on here. But I can see why Tigerstar the second and Dovewing are on here they get on my nerves. And Hollyleaf also annoyed me. When she came back in the fourth series I did end up liking her but before that I wasn’t a fan.

  • I do not really get the point with hating Lionblaze. He is overreacting becuase he has never been hurt before. I have no opinion about Hollyleaf, Dovewing. But I get the point with T th S. And I really dislike Leafpool(and crowfeather) and I think I do not have to explain why becuase everyone knows the reason.

  • I agree with the Leafpool one; I do NOT like her at all and I think she is overrated. But I disagree with Hollyleaf. Should she break the code and cross the border just because there is a chance that a kit may die? It is not necessarily her fault because the life of the cat isn’t just her responsibility, it is the responsibility of everyone in the clan. And also, what’s wrong with being serious and never cracking jokes? It’s just a part of Hollyleaf’s personality.

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