Observing Ashfur: StarClan or the Dark Forest? by Spottedpaw

Spottedpaw explains why or why not Ashfur should have went to the Dark Forest instead of StarClan.

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Spoilers will arise, if you haven't read the last two books of The Power of Three at least. You've been warned.
Hello, everyone! If you're viewing this, thank you so very much! It means a lot to me that you are willing to take time to read this article! I know that it's very long, but hang around for a while, I worked very hard and it'll be worth your time. Now, there are many arguments and viewpoints on this topic, as well as more than a hundred articles. Be ready for many viewpoints and arguments to arise, for I am listing supporting details for each argument. I will share my opinion in the end.

Why Ashfur is deserving of StarClan:

So, as many of you know, Ashfur attempted murdering Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. This happened in Long Shadows, when there was a forest fire. He backed the three siblings to the edge of a cliff, and burning trees and branches fell, blocking their escape. Squirrelflight was with them, and she just narrowly avoided their deaths by revealing them not to be her kits at all. Ashfur, as we probably know, was delighted to hear that! He’d not have to murder anyone, but reveal Squirrelflight’s secret and tear her apart worse than death ever could! Now you’re probably thinking “What? I thought this was supposed to be the part where you support him being in StarClan!” It is! So, now that we’ve covered that, forget it. Yes, forget it. Don’t remember this, I know it’s hard, but don’t. Remember when Tigerstar unleashed the dogs in the old forest? And they murdered Ashfur and Ferncloud’s mother? Who led himself and his sister toward danger to defeat the vile creatures? Who grieved as any cat would for her death? Who supported his sister though he was grieving just as bad? Hmm . . . I wonder . . . oh! Oh, wasn’t it Ashfur? Maybe? Yes! He did all of that, and not just because of his mother being murdered by the dogs, but his Clanmates were terrified! He obviously wanted to do something to ease their suffering and destroy the dogs forever! That, my friends, is one purrfect cat! Also, think of this: Ashfur was driven cray with love for Squirrelflight! So, all of you saying “Squirrelflight, most amazing, wonderful Squirrelflight, you are harmless and innocent in this!” are wrong. She’s not. She was all cuddly-cuddly, snuggle-snuggle with Ashfur while she was mad at Brambleclaw. Then, oh, suddenly, they made up and she’s thrown Ashfur to the dirtplace. Now, I’m not saying Squirrelflight should have been his mate because he wanted her to be, I just think that she should’ve been more kind and gentle in telling Ashfur she didn’t love him as she did Brambleclaw. Also, I love Squirrelflight character, so I’m not hating on her. I’m just pointing out that she is just as much to blame as any cat for Ashfur’s insanity, and that she’s not just the poor cat who would do anything for her sister. Okay, last thing before I sum this up. Look at Hollyleaf. Just wanting to be a good warrior, and good Clanmate. But she murdered Ashfur, just to keep a secret. That’s ironic, though, she went to StarClan, even though she murdered another cat! Now, Ashfur may have attempted murder, but I don’t believe I read of him actually killing any cat. Now that we’re all done with this section, let’s sum it up.
►Ashfur deserves to be in StarClan because he was a truly good cat. He grieved for his dead mother, killed by the dogs Tigerstar unleashed in the forest. He wanted to help his Clan by being the best warrior he could be by volunteering to lead the dogs from camp, where they eventually fell to their deaths.
►Ashfur deserves to be in StarClan because he is no worse than any other cat that went to StarClan. Hollyleaf went, but she, again, murdered him! So, even if he attempted murder, it didn’t work, but Hollyleaf’s did. Next, we’re going into why he does not deserve to have the title of a StarClan cat.

Why Ashfur is deserving of the Dark Forest:

This one will be shorter because I won’t put Ashfur’s attempted murder story, but nevertheless full of reason why he deserves to be in the Dark Forest. First of all, he threatened four cats with death. He’d have actually killed the four cats if Squirrelflight hadn’t told him the truth. Some counteract this with the whole “He may have threatened, but he didn’t really do it!” argument. But we all have that sneaking suspicion that he would have murdered them if Squirrelflight hadn’t told the truth. Okay, so here’s one of the biggest things you may have though I forgot, but I didn’t. Remember Firestar getting trapped in the Twoleg trap? Hawkfrost and Ashfur himself set that up. Who? Ashfur. Why? He wanted Squirrelflight to feel “real pain.” So you see, Hawkfrost may have helped that get set up, but Ashfur wasn’t forced to do it—he chose to. He chose his path when he tried to murder Squirrelflight’s father. He chose his path when he also tried to murder Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather. Now we’re done with this as well. Let’s sum it up!
►Ashfur deserves to go to the Dark Forest because he tried, doesn’t matter if he failed, to murder five different cats! First it was Firestar with the Twoleg trap. Then it was Squirrelflight and her “kits.” Who would’ve been next if Hollyleaf hadn’t killed him?
►Ashfur deserves to go to the Dark Forest because he went crazy with “love,” as people would call it. He was a crazy young hag! Just because he didn’t get the girl, he thought that to be a valid excuse for trying to murder the she-cat he loved, and may still love, along with what he thought was her kits! What kind of crazy mouse-brain would to that? Let’s say . . . he was a fox-hearted, bee-brained, piece of fox-dung!

My opinion on where Ashfur needs to be:

I’m not entirely sure. What I just posted was completely hand-typed. Nothing was pasted. My sources were the books and that was it. There are some very heavy, important arguments. Ashfur was an amazing cat at first, but just because he lost his love that didn’t love him back, it doesn’t mean go crazy and become Mr. Attempted Murder. So, with that being said, I’ve made my decision. Ashfur deserves the Dark Forest. Hollyleaf, on the other hand, does not. Why? “Oh, but Hollyleaf killed! He did not!” So what? In his last moment. do you really believe he was thinking about apologizing to Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather for his actions and repenting on them? Really? No, of course he wasn’t! Hollyleaf died saving Ivypool, her Clanmate. Hollyleaf was a truly good cat. The same can not be said about Ashfur. He was once good, but he would not stay that way . . .

If you read that all of the way through, good job! It was a lot, but trust me, I’m sure you loved it! If not, tell me in the comments. I have a few questions below for you toms and she-cats!

Where do you think Ashfur belongs? Why?
If you were Ashfur, what would you have done? Why?
Did you love this article? If so, tell me why. If not, give me some suggestions, I definitely don’t mind some constructive criticism! Just please don’t barb your words with mean insults.

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  • if ashfur is in starclan, mapleshade deserved starclan too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how dare you bring mapleshade to dark forest when all he did was love?
    and mapleshade only killed because his dreams and thoughts have his kits crying!!!
    I hate you starclan.
    you gave mapleshade those dreams, then you punish him for his love for his kit…

    P.S. I love mapleshade

  • I think the Dark Forest, because Squirrelflight tried VERY hard to let Ashfur down gently. Also, grieving your dead mother does not make you a good cat. Many evil cats would too. I agree Ashfur was a good cat once, but so was every other evil cat. Even Brokenstar, there are several scenes in Yellowfang’s Secret while he was still a kit, and he was a great cat! But that doesn’t mean he stayed that way, much like how Ashfur didn’t stay good. He did succeed in killing Firestar. Firestar did come back to life, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t kill him. And with Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze in the fire, that would count as attempted murder, which is still a very bad and wrong thing. Also, I am so tired of hearing “Ashfur loved Squirrelflight,” because he never did. When you love someone you never want to hurt them, no matter what they do to you. The whole reason Ashfur tried to kill the cats he did was to hurt Squirrelflight. And the whole reason he didn’t end up killing them was he found a way to make Squirrelflight’s life worse. When you love someone you NEVER want to do this. Ashfur felt something for Squirrelflight, but it was not love. About your Hollyleaf point where she got to go to StarClan, well I never said she should have. I am a bit torn on Hollyleaf for complicated reasons, but if StarClan could make such a big mistake as letting Ashfur in, it very well could have been a mistake to let Hollyleaf in as well.