Looking into Breezepelt by Falling Feather

Falling Feather takes a look at Breezepelt and his actions throughout his life.

Art by Miauzen

Disclaimer: do no take the title literally
This article is about who Breezepelt is and whether his actions are justified.
To start us off we will look into family life. I think that Breezepelt’s family is just plain sad and unfortunate. His entire family was crumbling from the beginning. It is like trying to build a house on a foundation of sand. First, I doubt Crowfeather truly loved anyone after Feathertail. He might have loved Leafpool, but in my opinion, it was just a sad substitute for someone like Feathertail. Leafpool’s personality was so close to Feathertail’s but not close enough. The fact that Leafpool never fully replaced Feathertail just seemed to weaken Crowfeather’s morale more because he was faced with the problem that no one could live up to Feathertail in his eyes (I mean c’mon, who do you think Crowfeather will spend the most time with in StarClan). Then Crowfeather meets Nightcloud, a cat who cannot compare to Leafpool or Feathertail. Crowfeather only likes Nightcloud to prove his loyalty to WindClan. Nightcloud tries so hard to please Crowfeather because she is desperate to have at least one kit. This combination of desperation, not actual affection (unlike Feathertail and Crowfeather) is very damaging. So already this family is off on the wrong paw. Now imagine poor Breezekit being born into this family. Nightcloud wants to have a kit she can be proud of, and with only one (and that Crowfeather probably won’t want to have any more kits), she desperately loves Breezekit. This coddling and the constant influence of his bitter mother leads Breezekit to desperately seek Crowfeather’s praise. Breezekit probably got into trouble to get Crowfeather’s attention. When Crowfeather never truly gives him recognition (instead of responding with annoyance, much to Breezekit’s dismay), Breezepaw is angry and confused, Breezepaw is an easy target for the Dark Forest. There he actually gets praised for his anger and desperate brutality. During the day Breezepaw is trained by a mentor he has no respect for and glorified by his mother. At night, Breezepaw is praised for unleashing his resentful, angry attitude. This helps the Dark Forest gain more of Breezepaw’s trust than his family ever would.
Another influence in Breezepelt’s life that shaped him to who he is today, is his clanmates. I don’t think that Breezepaw’s clanmates really supported him. Breezepaw was unruly and rude because no one truly cared for Breezepaw (except his mother) and if he succeeded or not. His clanmates probably knew him as the kit who got spoiled by his mother. They might have already been annoyed by his antics, thus not being able to see him in a new light.
Breezepelt, annoyed by his daylight clan and resentful of his father’s lack of affection, learns that his father has kits from another clan. Breezepelt is instantly jealous of these new cats. Perhaps they have been the ones stealing his father’s love? I can imagine that Breezepelt is in a fit of rage knowing that there are other cats, half clan ones no less, with the love and affection he never got. I can imagine how Breezepelt felt. Are these cats the reason my father never paid attention to me? Are these cats occupying my father’s mind more than me? These thoughts of Breezepelt’s led him down the dark path of insecurity. When Breezepelt acts impulsively I imagine him to be constantly comparing himself to Lionblaze and Jayfeather (I know about Hollyleaf). Then with Breezepelt’s insecurity, combined with his arrogance, he found himself trying to kill Crowfeather’s other kits multiple times.
After The Great Battle, Breezepelt knows that his clanmates are distrusting and disgusted of him. He feels he has something to prove. Then, when Nightcloud is supposedly dead, we see another side to Breezepelt, the side that is fiercely loyal to those who are loyal to him. His reckless determination to “kill every stoat” is surprising and strangely endearing. We also find out that Heathertail and Breezepelt are now a thing. All I could think was, “What happened to Lionblaze (I personally think Cinderheart was a kinda lame mate)?” I am happy that Breezepelt can try to be a better father than his own. This whole new “redemption vibe” from Breezepelt makes me proud. He has come from a hard life and is ready to fix it. You go Breezepelt!
I could believe that Breezepelt’s actions are not justified. I think everyone (if in his place) would react similarly to how he did. Breezepelt just took things to far. His whole life is rather unfortunate. I am pretty sympathetic to Breezepelt. Overall, I am satisfied that Breezepelt is changing his life for the better.

My impression with Breezepelt’s father character is that he might get to be boring and that would be very frustrating. I hope for a kit of his to have some prominence (like Bristlefrost of Ivypool) in the main story. I also hope that he would get to be deputy, maybe if he succeeded Crowfeather (I would love to see Crowfeather as a leader but I think his age will catch up to him). After all Crowfeather’s family have all proved themselves in the deputy position.

I hope you have an amazing day!
falling feather

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  • I actually wrote this.
    I finally understand why the people on here cringe after reading something they wrote a couple months ago 😂

  • Awesome article! I sympathize with Breezepelt but don’t think his actions were morally right. Even though I do sympathize with him, I don’t think he should have turned against the Clans, nor should he have tried to murder cats. He took it a little too far.
    Nightcloud coddling him wasn’t justified, like Breezepelt’s crimes, but I think it was totally understandable. Crowfeather shouldn’t have used her as a tool to prove his loyalty. I think Nightcloud was a decent mother. At least she CARED about her kit. She was just overprotective and doesn’t deserve this much hate from the fandom. It is, again, understandable that she coddles her kit, and it’s also understandable that she resents Crowfeather. Crowfeather in my mind was an “eh” father, considering that he exhibited rather Spiderleg-like behaviour. He kinda, not really, neglected his kit. Nightcloud was trying to show Breezepelt that at least one person/cat/parent cared about him, and in her eyes Crowfeather was neglecting his mate and kit.
    That’s it! Thanks for reading through my defense of Breeezepelt and Nightcloud!

    • thanks!
      I agree that Breezepelt definitely shouldn’t have turned against the clans. But if I’ve learned anything from reading Warriors, it’s that all of the cats with one parent that spoils them, sad backstories, or are teased as kits, turn evil 😛
      I also agree/think that Nightcloud could’ve been a decent mother if she actually had a mate who liked her.
      I think Crowfeather just treated Breezekit/paw with a “whatever” attitude.
      nice article! 😛

  • I argree with everything in this article, except that Crowfeather loved Feathertail more than Leafpool. ( I kinda don’t like Feathertail, sry)
    Amazing article, Falling Feather !!!

    • awww thanks!
      I don’t really like Feathertail either, I just think that Crowfeather imagines Feathertail is more than she actually is.

  • I HATE Breezepelt! He has no heart! I loved Heatherpaw but NOT Heathertail. I mean, what the heck, Heathertail? U mated with one of the Clans most evilest traitors! (I know Goldenflower did, and I love Goldenflower, she’s pure good, but she didn’t know that Tigerstar was evil until after she had Bramblestar(kit) and Tawnypelt(kit)!!!) Though I do like Brindlewing, and she’s one of their daughters… but I don’t really know much about Smokehaze. Okay, I don’t know much about Brindlewing either, but I just like her. Anyway, boo Breezepelt! U have no heart! Heathertail is the worst too! (I actually think that Breezepelt’s Warrior name should of been Breezeclaw or Breezetail. And I think that Heathertail’s Warrior name should of been Heatherfeather(lol) 😀 ) Whoa, it looks like I wrote a whole article. 😛

  • I feel bad for Breezepelt…I hope he can be happy with Heathertail…Welp, that’s all I have to say! Dawnpaw out!

  • I disagree with one thing in this article. You said Crowfeather would take Feathertail in StarClan and that he loved her more. Here is why this statement is wrong. Crowfeather would choose Leafpool in StarClan. Feathertail and Crowpaw’s “relationship” was just a mutual crush, and they barely knew each other. When Crowfeather and Leafpool fell in love, it was actual love. They ran away together to have their own clan. They only came back because Leafpool could never leave her job as a medicine cat. Crowfeather understood and let her go. Before they ran away though, they snuck out during gatherings or at night to go see each other. Then, they had kits. Which Feathertail and Crowfeather never had. He never had a special bond with her like he did Leafpool. He truly loved Leafpool, and their kits, and at some point even Breezepelt. He understood he could never be with Feathertail because it wouldn’t work out. He knew he couldn’t be with Leafpool, but he loved her so much that he asked her to run away together so they could finally be mates and have kits, without the troubles and codes in Clan life.