5 Hated Queens Who Really Don’t Deserve the Hate That They Get by Brightkit

Brightkit lists some disliked queens from the series. Spoilers for The Broken Code!

Art by Rikatuu

Brightkit has returned with an article about some hated mothers in Warriors and why they don’t deserve as much hate as they get. Now, what are waiting for? Let’s dive right in! *** SPOILER WARNING!⚠️***

5. Daisy
Okay, I have to admit, I’m pretty neutral on this character. Daisy can get a little, well, how do I put this nicely? Hysterical sometimes. Like when Berrykit/paw/nose was caught in the fox trap, Daisy didn’t really help matters when she kept insisting that Berrykit had been eaten by a badger, and she was kinda annoying, but she’s not useless. I mean, I’m an older sibling. I know what it’s like to have to look after mischievous young troublemakers. And it’s as hard as getting a hedgehog quill out of your foot, believe me. Daisy is just overprotective of her kits. That’s a sign she cares about them and other queens’ kits as well as her own. Raising kits is a huge part of the Clan, so that’s all for this character!

4. Millie
Okay, Millie gets a LOT of unnecessary hate. First of all, she had a DISABLED DAUGHTER who didn’t have any appetite when she was first injured and Briarlight is well, traumatized. Of course Millie’s worried! Secondly, Blossomfall had no right to get angry and train in the DF just because Millie was paying more attention to her sister! Millie definitely is one of the most hated queens, both by the fandom (I think!) and by BlogClanners. She’s just worried about her injured kit, okay?

3. Dovewing
As a ThunderClan cat and a character in general, sometimes even as a ShadowClan queen, Dovewing is overall hated. In OotS, Dovepaw and Ivypaw are gradually separating, (please don’t kill me fandom!) and, if anything, Ivypool was kinda bratty. I mean, Dovepaw tried. She wished she could tell Ivypaw. But Ivypaw is jealous. Her sister feels uncomfortable with powers, every cat starts treating her differently, yet Ivypaw is still jealous. She acts like her sister doesn’t exist and ignores Dovepaw, She thinks her sister is a show-off, and says that to Dovepaw’s face! That’s just rude! Okay, I’m done ranting.

2. Squirrelflight
Okay, you might be thinking, What?! People hate on Squirrelflight?! Yes, they do. There’s even an insult, Squirreldope, that sometimes pops up when you type Squirrel if you’re enough of a Warriors fan, on your keyboard, directed right at Squirrelflight. I completely disagree; it was brave and selfless to take Leafpool’s kits in as her own. She cared deeply for her sister and I loved her fierce yet mature personality, and her fieriness.

Now…….my favorite hated queen of all time is……..
1. FERNCLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, Ferncloud’s not a kit machine and she’s not lazy and uncooperative. She hunted sometimes, she fought in battle sometimes, and she died a noble death, protecting Brightheart and Brightheart’s kits from BrokenTAIL and Dust X Fern is cuteeeeeeeeee!

I hope you enjoyed this article!
Brightkit out!

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  • I agree with all except Millie cause she gets rightful backlash for neglecting her other kits for Briarlight. And yes we understand that Briarlight had a disability but that doesn’t give her mother the right to neglect her other kits. I mean frostfur’s kit Cinderpelt was disabled but Frostfur still paid attention to her other kits as well as attending to Cinderpelt so Millie had no excuse to neglect her other kits for Briarlight.

  • Lol when you said “Brightheart and Brightheart’s kits” I thought for a second that you meant that Ferncloud was protecting Brightheart’s kits twice instead of Brightheart and her kits 🙂